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GenGuide (GG) is by far Nigeria’s largest blog on tech and finance. We are a consumer-focused a generation blog that informs our readers about the latest technology and how the latest generation can be implemented in the environment. That makes our platform the right place to tell your service, or brand’s story.

We give you a great forum for online advertisement and promotion of your goods and services. In order to advertise your products and services to our esteemed readers and fans, we have created a number of Ad channels.

GenGuide is a leading Nigerian tech/finance site with a wide following in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, the USA, South Africa, Pakistan, India, and more. We currently have over 1 million unique monthly page views with an impressive social media presence on Facebook, with over 96,000 fans and over 12,000 Twitter followers.

Advertise on GenGuide, and have hundreds of thousands of our readers view your Ad every month. See our SimilarWeb Analytics or Alexa Traffic Rank.

GenGuide Ad Rates

GenGuide has diverse advertising resources. Below is their price run down.

Contact us directly at or call Valentine Ernest (Admin) on 08100744533 (Business Time: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Saturday). The prices of the GenGuide sponsorship and business promotions are shown below:

Sponsored Posts

Do you want to launch or relaunch a product or service or do you want more exposure to a successful, yet underperforming product? You can now forward your posts, press releases and special feature stories for publication to GenGuide.

Price: Naira 55,500 per item (Published within 48 hours). Price covers VAT.

Note that the above-mentioned prices are just for publishing your content on our blog, the content is expected to be provided (500 + words with images) by you.

However, you pay 70,500 Naira if you prefer us to do the writing. Your item is delivered within 4 days.

We can also review and write about your product, software (or app), or service, on our blog. Cost: Naira 85,500. The review is usually published in 10 days time. We accept powering equipment like generator sets, inverters, solar panels, etc for review for keeps without payment.

The post will be published on our website and also amplified through our community on social media. Also power, electrical-related articles will be published as that will resonate well with our audience and get the best result for your company.

Header Slot Ad

This Ad Unit appears on the GenGuide logo header area to the right. On any GenGuide page it appears including the homepage, group pages, tag pages, and archive pages. This Ad slot is on Desktop for 725 x 90 pixel units and on Mobile for 300 x 250 pixels.

Pay for Flat Fee

Monthly price: Naira 350,000 (about 1. million impressions)

Quarterly Price: Naira 790,000 (about 3 million impressions)

1 Year Sponsorship: 2.3 million Naira (more than 12 million impressions)

Inside Ad Slot Content (Top)

This is on GenGuide’s prime Ad slot. It appears before the first paragraph of each GenGuide article, and will be viewed only on content pages. It means that on the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages, it Ad slot does not turn up. This is for units of 300 x 250 pixels.

Pay for Flat Fee

Monthly price: Naira 250,000 (about 1 million impressions)

Quarterly Price: 550,000 Naira (more than 3 million prints)

1 Year Sponsorship: 1,950 million Naira (more than 12 million impressions)

Within Ad Slot Content (Within)

On GenGuide this is another prime Ad slot. It shows up within the article itself. Two slots are available after paragraph two and the other after paragraph four. It only shows up on GenGuide’s web pages. This means that this Ad slot does not appear on GenGuide’s homepage, category pages, tag pages and archive pages. This is for units of 300 x 250 pixels.

Pay for Flat Fee

Monthly Price: 200,000 Naira (more than 1 million impressions)

Quarterly Price: 450,000 Naira (more than 3 million impressions)

1 Year of Sponsorship: Naira 1,560,000 (over 12 million impressions)

Within Ad Slot Content (bottom)

This Ad slot appears at the end of each article and displays only in web pages like the Inside Site Ad Slot (Top). This is for units of 300 x 250 pixels.

Pay for Flat Fee

Monthly price: Naira 150,000 (about 1 million impressions)

390,000 Naira (over 3 million impressions) Quarterly Price.

1 Year Patronage: Naira 1,200,000 (over 12 million impressions)

Ad Sidebar Slots

On the sidebar of all GenGuide pages including homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages, this Ad units appears. This is the most affordable Ad slot, available for units of 300 x 250 pixels. There are currently two sidebar slots underneath the GenGuide Sponsors heading to our sidebar. Also we will soon add a 300 x 600 pixel unit to your options.

Pay for Flat Fee

Monthly price: Naira 80,000 (about 1 million impressions)

Quarterly Patronage: Naira 180,000 (over 3 million impressions)

1 Year Patronage: Naira 540,000 (over 12 million impressions)

You’re responsible for making creativity available. The banner has to be in picture format. We do not accept Flash based banners. Use .gif, or HTML5 if you want animated banners. Notice that you banner and landing page must meet our quality requirements before we approve your Ad and provide payment instructions.

Reviews of the items Have you got a great powering equipment product that nobody seems to notice on the market or are you planning to launch a new product on the Nigerian market, you can send it to us for review now. Let us tell our Nigerian audience and the whole of Africa and the world at large how good or bad your product really is.