A Comprehensive Review About Generator

This comprehensive review about generator gives you all the insight you need to know about electric generator set. Power supply for some regions is so epileptic and sometimes non-existent that a backup power device will be needed.

The benefits derived from having constant light can’t be overemphasized but unfortunately, most regions especially in Nigeria don’t have the luxury of this. So with this situation electric generators are manufactured to meet the need of this. In this article, you will be furnished with all the information you need to know about generator set.

Meaning Of A Generator

When it comes to power generation, a generator can be described as a device or machine that converts mechanical power or motive power into electrical power for use in an external circuit.

Generators work by capturing the power of motion and in turn flip it into electrical energy. By doing this, it provide electricity (light) used in powering applications.

There are different sizes of generators and they also come in different capacities, these capacities range from 1.5kva, 2kva, 3.5kva, 7 KVA, 8 KVA, 10 KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, and more. There are gasoline generators as well as diesel generators. Genguide offers different models from different top known and reliable generator brands worldwide.

Genguide provides and reviews the best generator product in the best pocket-friendly price with a stress-free payment option and quick delivery of item to any location in Nigeria as well as other countries.

The Characteristics Of A Generator

Generators can be identified according to their different capability, size, features and specifications. So their outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • A generator is for power generation.
  • Different generators use multiple fuel options which are; gasoline (petrol), diesel, natural gas, and LPG alongside the fuelless generator.
  • They can easily be moved around, some generators have handles fitted on them or wheels’ so moving from one point to the other is very simple and easy. So move-ability with them is said to be possible.
  • It can provide both low and high power requirements as needed by the user.
  • Some generator models are less noisy because of their noise-reducing technology.
  •  Noise pollution is reduced with some generators.
  •  The noiseless generators can be kept in close proximity to a home or office.

Parts Of A Generator

Wanting to know the parts that make up the generator set, the following are the parts that you can find in a generator:

The Engine: This can be said to be the powerhouse of a generator. Generators are powered by a natural gas or diesel.

Alternator: This is the part of the generator that turns the mechanical energy into electricity

The fuel system: This is like the vital part of the generator; this is because without fuel or diesel, the engine will not operate. So fuel like natural gas, diesel and propane are used here to power the generator.

Control panel: The control panel can be said to be the interface of the generator. This interface allows the generator operator to monitor the different system of the generator.

The battery charger:  Just like a vehicle, a generator is started first with the help of a battery but not all, so since this battery needs to be charged then the generator will come with a battery charger that will charge the battery, when the generator is still in operation.

Voltage regulator: the job of the voltage regulator is to control the voltage of the current and it changes it from A/C to D/C current.

The main frame or skid: This is like the housing of the generator; it holds on it all parts and other components. This mainframe can be designed to allow the generator to sit on a concrete pad or ground. It can be mounted to a trailer which can aid with transportation.

The lubrication system: Generators have moving parts and will have a lubrication system too. The lubrication system aid in ensuring that moving parts do not create excessive overheat or friction

Types of Generators Available in the Market

At present there are different types of generating sets available for sale. You can go for any according to your taste and style. Generators come mostly with different features and specifications, like KVAs, power rating, and so on.

The Diesel Generator Sets

The Diesel generator can be described as total generator systems that are made to be operated with diesel fuel. These diesel generators are good for remote locations. Diesel generators need minimal maintenance, are reliable but run efficiently but sometimes release harmful gases when used.

The truth is that emissions policies are tightened now but the advances in technology indicate that diesel can be burned cleaner than before.

The Natural Gas Generators

These are generators that are great for construction sites and worksites. These generators are made to run on natural gas. There are mostly left on gas lines since they can easily hook up to existing lines.

Natural gas units tend to be cheaper than their diesel counterparts but they still depends on existing supply lines. As they receive gas from existing pipelines, their fuel storage doesn’t pose a problem. Natural gas tends to burn cleaner than diesel fuel.

Portable Generators Set

These are generators used on various sites as well, these are generators mounted on the trailers to be moved from one place to another. These kind of generators range from size of 8KVA to about 2,500plus kw. These generators can run on diesel or the natural gas.

Marine Generator Sets

These are generating sets that are built specifically for use around bodies of water that may experience unpredictable weather patterns or high seas. These are designed mainly for use on offshore oil rigs and boats. These types of generators meet all the strict requirements for marine use.

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Mostly when people visit www.genguide.com.ng, they always leave a questions in the comment box behind which genguide site admin have decided to answer in glance in this article below:

What size generator is needed to power a house?

If your question is “what size of generator is needed to power a house”, you’re in the right place for genguide is going to give you all the things you need to know on what size of generator is needed to power a house.

The size of appliances used at home is different from the one use at business place. For you to get the best out there size of generator you need, calculating the appliances in the house and going for the size of generator watts or more above the calculated appliances. This is because the size of the generator is based on the type of appliances you’re using. For more information, see what size of generator is needed to power a house

What are generators used for

How do generators work

How much does a generator cost

The price generator varies as they come in different brands, models, sizes, colors, features, and specifications and as such, generators in market and same are applicable to its price as well. From our research, the small size of a generator goes for about N25, 000 depending on the brand and can be high as 400,000NGN and even above.

Will a 9000 watt generator run a house?

Will a 7500 watt generator run my house?

Things To Consider When You Need To Buy A Generator

Consider the following when looking out for a generator to buy:

  • What is the generator wattage capacity, if the wattage capacity in good by you, will it support your needs?
  • Check to see if the generator has enough outlets to plug in all of the items that you want to power
  • Observe the noise of the generator if it ok by you?
  • Do you prefer a recoil generator or both (i.e electric start generator).
  • How easily the generator to be transported
  • Do you prefer diesel or a petrol-powered generator
  • What capacity of the fuel tank are you looking for and how many hours of operation will it last
  • What accessories/appliances will you need to run on the generator
  • Its outlets and power output
  • Features and specifications
  • The wheel and handle kit for portable movement
  • The lift hook bar
  • Price tag

Best Brands Generator in Nigeria

Searching for the best generator brands, you search ends now. Below are the list of all types of best generator brands in Nigeria:

  • Sumec Firman Generators
  • Thermocool Generators
  • Elepaq Generators
  • Honda Generators
  • Hyundai Generators
  • Elemax Generators
  • Maxi Generators
  • Jinling Generators
  • Tiger generators
  • Tigmax Generators
  • Shinlon Diesel Generators
  • Lutian Generators
  • Daewoo Generators
  • Omaha Generators
  • Sunshow Generators
  • Scanfrost Generator
  • Denyo Generators
  • Lister Generators
  • LG Generators
  • Yamaha Generators   

Advantages of Having a Generator

The following below are the advantages of having a generating set at home, office, business or elsewhere:

  • It can provide constant light when there is power outbreak
  • It can help to power all electronics at home, making everywhere comfortable in an emergency failure of power
  • It can be used during power outage for a long time power supply.
  • It is great either as a standby power generation or a substitute for light from the grid

Disadvantages of Power Generating Set

The following are the disadvantages associate with having an electric power generating set:

  • Some generators are very noisy and can pollute the environment
  • It can cause death if left unattended to
  • Their emission is dangerous to health

Top Brands of Generators in the Market

  • The Wen brand of generators
  • The Briggs and Stratton brand
  • The firman brand of generator
  • The sumec brand of generator
  • The champion power brand of generator
  • The DuroStar brand of generator


Here you have it, the comprehensive piece on all you need to know about the generator. You have the information now at your fingertips. Making your decision will be very easy now.