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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone 12 Mini

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone 12 Mini in review, after researching, the pros we’ve found so far regarding this phone is that it’s the cheapest in the iPhone 12 series. iPhone 12 Mini is the most compact flagship smartphone you’d find today at a friendly pocket price.

It has an attractive design with great grip and its specs and features are well equipped. In this guide, we’ll be looking into some advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 12 Mini.

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Advantages and Disadvantage of iPhone 12 Mine

Below are the advantages and disadvantage of iPhone 12 Mini you should know before going shopping for the smartphone:

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 mini Pros

The advantages of iPhone 12 mini are as follows:

Small and comfortable to hold

The iPhone 12 Mini, as already known, is a small device, more like being very portable. So with its small frame, you can quickly slip it into your pocket or held it around. So it is a lot easier to use it one-handed and fits in smaller slots.

Improved Camera

This device camera app is relatively intuitive and straightforward, producing a very sharp, crisp, and precise result. So with this device having a dual 12-megapixel camera on the rear and another 12-megapixel selfie camera on the front, only excellent photos should be expected. It has the night mode feature:

It has the night mode option, which you can use anytime you need. You can as well use this feature on all cameras.


You can’t expect less from iPhone 12 mini when it comes to water resistance. It can be immersed in water up to 30 minutes. So you are good to go with this device.

MagSafe System

The device comes with Apple’s new MagSafe system, so you can either used it for your wireless charging or with another range of snap-on accessories. So you will be enjoying this option on your iPhone 12 mini too.

Face ID

iPhone 12 mini comes with the face identification feature. You will enjoy privacy with your phone. AS you use the face ID as your unlock code, which will make it difficult for others to use your phone without your permission.


The iPhone 12 mini gives a class-leading performance; despite its small size, there are no compromises. So there’s no sacrificing of power or speed for its small size or frame.

Great Screen

The iPhone 12 mini has got a 5.4-inch screen that stretches from edge to edge. So though the screen is small, it is comfortable to hold, and of course, you will easily reach all comers of the display.


This device has a prolonged life span you will enjoy. So taking care of it properly is just the route of having a long-lasting phone.

5G support

It supports the 5G bands on all networks. So with this, the iPhone 12 mini makes it a generous 5G value device. So you can expect phenomenal speed anywhere you go.

Long software support

The iPhone 12 mini comes with great connect for long software support, this is one striking thing about owning this device.

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Apple iPhone 12 mini Cons

See the following iPhone 12 mini disadvantages:

It has no USB-C, needs one’s charger.

It doesn’t come with any charger or USB-C. So charging the phone is by the buyer’s choice.

It has no telephoto camera.

Despite the fantastic camera that iPhone 12 Mini comes with, but it still lacks a telephoto camera. So this means there’s no option or feature for an optical zoom, which is disappointing.

The base model is low.

The base model has only 64GB storage compared to other models that have as high as 128GB. So have insufficient space for many photos or videos.

Screen is too small.

This is one disadvantage of having this device. The screen area is small. So it might be painful to keep scrolling or zooming to work on a document. So not much might be done with this device because of its screen size.

iPhone 12 mini Verdict

One of the most exciting new updates to the iPhone 12 models, in my opinion, is the Apple iPhone 12 mini. This indicates that it can perform nearly all of the functions of more costly or larger phones. The reality is that the iPhone 12 mini crams all of that functionality into an impossibly tiny device.

With the introduction of the 5G band, which has required phones to be much larger in order to accommodate more storage space, larger batteries, modems, and antennas that will enable a lot of support for newer generation networks, iPhones have become more costly to cover the cost of all these new components and technologies.

However, it appears that the Apple iPhone 12 mini will assist in bringing all of these to customers at a lower cost, albeit in a smaller frame (a small-sized phone). So opting for this smartphone, which starts at $699 on contract but still provides good content as a small premium iPhone, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It wouldn’t make any sense to keep buying the 6.1-inch iPhone 12, which is more expensive, starts at about 64GB, and still comes without a charger or wired headphones in the box, while the iPhone 12 mini offers the same for a lower price.

As it stands, the iPhone 12 mini is among the best small phones available right now at Apple store. This device has a lot of packaging and no real competitors in terms of functionality.

Yes, indeed! There are currently devices under $700 that are solid, pocketable, have a comparable camera, and have excellent 5G connectivity, but none compare to the iPhone 12 mini.

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