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Know About Computer Village Abuja

The computer village Abuja sits in Lungi Barrack Mammy market 111, Federal capital territory, Abuja the capital of Nigeria. This popular market which is for information technology houses above 2000 SMEs (shops).

This is like a haven for trading all kinds of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and repairs of all kinds of gadgets. The Computer village Abuja is always full of activities from 8 am-5 pm Monday through Saturdays but under lock on Sundays.

The computer village Abuja plays host to a lot of people ranging from traders to technology enthusiasts, IT service providers, gadgets/equipment sellers, and other major industries. Now people in Abuja and its environs have a new place to repair, sell, buy, and exchange gadgets.

The Computer Village in Abuja is an emerging technology hub in Nigeria and it is estimated to generate about 5 million each day. So it is a daily go-to technology place for not just Abuja residents but for other nearby states in Nigeria.

There are numerous retailers in the market that provide IT support to individuals, residents of Abuja, large organization and small/medium enterprises.

Computer Village Abuja

They help in repairing computer and laptop motherboards, upgrades both software and hardware, also do data recovery, and also sell, buy and swap laptops. There is the apprenticeship culture practice here as well. Anyone can learn about the repairs of gadgets from this market.

The Computer village in Abuja is dotted with major technology firms with their different brands and models of products. The outstanding brands that are prevalent include computer and phone brands like HP, Samsung, Toshiba, tecno, dell, and Nokia etc.

Although, the technology hub is mostly for technology-focused users but it is a great place for a good number of non-tech businesses as well. So little merchandises can also be bought from here.

As a visitor to the market, the market can help you achieve all your family, business, personal related computer needs. If you are looking to buy a new laptop, want to sell your old one, and need to buy its accessories then you would be in the right place being in this market.

You can have repairs for both any hardware or software issues. The hub has three functional division which are business service, gadgets repair service, and business centre.

Computer Village Abuja Address

The official address of the Computer village Abuja is at Lungi Barrack Mammy market 111, Federal capital territory, Abuja, Nigeria. They can be contacted by phone on 07032571917. Its email to be accessed is

Abuja Computer Dealers and Suppliers

Aside being in the computer village Abuja, there are other extension in Abuja where you can buy gadgets such as computers, laptops, tablet, phones and all their accessories. Such places, you can repair your gadgets as well.

Here, you will get other Abuja computer dealers and suppliers that reside in Abuja environments.

List of All Abuja Computer Dealers and Suppliers

See the link below for a complete list of all Abuja computer dealers and suppliers, their business name, office address, and contact number.


The Abuja residents and its environs have a quick accessibility to the number one location in Abuja where they can easily trade and repair their IT gadgets.

The Computer village Abuja is a one-stop haven where everything computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones and its accessories can be bought and sold.

So when once a solution is needed for your technological problem all what you need to do is to visit the technology hub. It will be totally sorted out here with no hassle.

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