How To Use Opay Cardless Withdrawal

Want to know if Opay do cardless withdrawal or asking Can OPay do cardless withdrawals? Yes, they do! With the Opay USSD withdrawal service, merchants can easily help their customers make cash withdrawals without using their debit cards.

So, if you do ask “can I withdraw money from POS without ATM card?” The answer is yes. With the Opay POS, merchants can conveniently make cardless withdrawals for their customers with the OPay USSD Withdrawal Service using their POS terminal.

When the Opay POS cardless withdrawal was introduced, is only available on the Smart (Android) POS but this time, it’s now available on both Opay android and traditional POS terminal.

Using this service, don’t worry about how to withdraw money from Opay without card. Here will be everything you need to know about the OPay Cardless Withdrawal Service.

Before I digest the discussion about Opay cardless transaction deeply, know that to withdraw cash, you’re to visit a nearby OPay merchant and request to withdraw using the USSD feature. With that, the merchant will not ask you for your ATM card.

Also note that Opay USSD code feature supports 17 banks in Nigeria at N50 per transaction, can be used by anyone with a mobile phone, and no internet access is required.

What is the OPay USSD Withdrawal and how does it work?

The OPay USSD withdrawal is a service that allows anyone without a debit card to make instant and easy cash withdrawals at OPay merchant outlets. It can be used by absolutely anyone with a mobile phone and do not need internet access.

As of the time of writing this article, the Opay USSD cardless withdrawal service is only allowed by seventeen (17) banks in Nigerian.

How To Use Opay Cardless Withdrawal

Also, note that the OPay USSD Withdrawal service is not free, there will be a service charge of N50 using it. However, other charges may also apply depending on the bank service charge you operate.

What is the Opay Cardless Withdrawal limits?

Depending on the customer’s bank, the cumulative transfer limit for the Opay USSD withdrawal transfer channel is NGN200,000 per day, and only the cell phone number associated with the user’s bank account can be used to authenticate the transaction.

How to use Opay POS Cardless Withdrawal service

To use the Opay cardless service, visit any OPay merchant store and make a withdrawal request via the OPay USSD withdrawal service.

This is how to do cardless withdrawal on Opay POS with an Opay merchant.

  • Go to any Opay merchant outlets.
  • The OPay merchant is to selects the USSD mode of payment.
  • Agent enters the requested amount on their POS terminal.
  • The customer starts a USSD session by dialing the short number for POS USSD payment provided by the customer’s bank. (See All Nigerian Banks Transfer Code).
  • The customer is to confirm the transaction and inputs his/her payment PIN.
  • The customer will get debited and receives, a transaction is successful prompt.
  • Agent is to confirm the status of the transaction and generates a receipt and gives customer his/her cash.

Please, do keep in mind that each interactive screen is only active for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes expires, you must process all over again to obtain a new reference code in order to withdraw cash.

Frequently asked questions about the OPay cardless USSD withdrawal service.

Some frequently asked questions about the OPay USSD withdrawal service are listed below.

How can I access this service as an Opay Merchant?

If you’re an OPay Merchant, you can simply access this service by updating the merchant app on the OPay Android POS while customers can access this service by visiting a nearby OPay Merchant store.

What happens when I get an error message?

If you get an “invalid MMI code” message, simply retry the USSD transaction again if it is still within the 5 minutes time limit but if the 5 minute time limit elapses, the OPay Merchant would regenerate a new USSD reference code.

How do I get help From Opay Service Team If I have issues?

For enquiries and issues resolution, call the Opay support centre on 018888329 or send them an email to

See more ways on How To Contact Opay Customer Care Easily.

This is all you need to know on how to withdraw money from Opay POS without ATM card alongside how to use Opay POS.

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