Step By Step Guide On How To Use RBC Mobile App

RBC mobile app takes mobile banking to the next level giving you personalized tools and insights so you can save, spend and manage your money with ease. Staying connected with your money online

In getting started with the RBC mobile app, first you’ll need to enroll in the RBC online banking, download the Mobile app, reset your Royal Bank mobile banking password and set up 2-step verification in the RBC mobile banking.

What Can I do with the RBC Mobile Banking App

Using the RBC mobile app, you should be able to do the following:

  • Check RBC Account balances
  • Money transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Cheque deposits
  • ATM locations and more

How do I log into my RBC Mobile app?

  • Open the RBC mobile app on your phone
  • Sign in to the app with your login details
  • Click on “Login”

How to download the RBC Mobile app

Before you start downloading RBC mobile app, make sure you’ve already signed up for RBC online banking and also, you will need your RBC Royal Bank Client Card or Credit Card, then your RBC online banking password.

Android users download RBC app on Google Play while iOS users should download the RBC mobile app on App Store.

Another ways to download the RBC mobile banking app is to text “RBC” to 722722 and they’ll send you the link to download the app.

How to Download/Install the RBC Mobile App Using RBC Text Message Quick Link

  • For those using the text messaging app, start by opening the text messaging app on your phone then click on the blue message button at the top. In the address field, type “722722” and in the message field, type “RBC” and then press the green arrow to send. Remember, note that your standard text message rates will apply.
  • Next, a message will come back with a link, tap on the blue URL and a new screen will appear where you can download the app. Click on “Get” to begin installing the RBC app on your phone.
  • Once you see the RBC mobile app icon on your smartphone, tap on it to launch the app.
  • Enter your client card or credit card number then your RBC online banking password and then click “Sign In”.
  • Note, for your first time signing in to your RBC mobile banking, you may be asked one of the security questions you set up when you enrolled in RBC online banking. Enter the answer to the question and click “Continue”.
  • From here, you’ll be given a brief introduction to features of the RBC app which you can review or skip based on your choice. After this, you’ll be ready to begin using the RBC mobile app.

That’s all about the step by step process to install the RBC mobile app using the text message app.

How to Download RBC Mobile App via Stores (like Play Store or Apple Store)

RBC Mobile App

Here I will be showing you how to download and install the RBC App using Google Play Store or App Store.

How to Pay Bill using RBC Mobile App

Before you begin, make sure you have already downloaded the RBC mobile app and signed in. And also, make sure you have the bill you’d like to pay handy.

Find below is the step by step guideline on how to pay a bill through the RBC mobile banking app.

  • Launch the app on your device
  • Signed in to the RBC mobile app
  • Tap on the “Move Money” envelop icon at the bottom.
  • From the “Move Money” screen, click on “Pay a Bill”.
  • Note, if you’ve paid this bill before, you may see the payee listed at the top of this screen under “Existing Payees” and if you haven’t paid this bill before, or you don’t see the name of the payee.
  • Tap on “Enter Manually” in the bottom right hand corner. Note, you’ll need to repeat this step for all new payees.
  • Now, from the “Pay Bills” screen, click on the arrow to the right of “Select Account” and a list of your account will appear.
  • Choose the account you want to pay the bill from.
  • Next, tap on “Amount” and a numeric keyboard will appear so you can enter the exact amount of the bill you’d like to pay.
  • When you’re finished, click on “Done” in the top right hand corner.
  • Next, tap on the arrow next to “Select Payee” and a list of your existing payees will appear and if you’ve paid this bill before, you should see the payee there. And if you haven’t paid this bill before, or you don’t see the name of the payee you need select “Add”.
  • You should now see the “Add a New Payee” screen. To add a new payee, click on “Search for a Payee”. Now you can search for the company you wish to pay.
  • Begin typing the name of the company then you’ll see the names that match your search start to populate on the screen. When you see the Payee you’re looking for, click on it.
  • Next, double check that payee name matches the company name on your bill.
  • Here, you can also enter a nickname for the payee (for example energy bill) this is to make it easier to find them next time you want to pay your bill. While, this is optional.
  • Enter the company’s account number. When you’re done, tap on “Save”.
  • Note, if you tap on the little question mark next to the company name, you’ll get some additional information on the length of the account number for that specific bill.
  • Here, you’ll now see a summary of the payee information. Take a moment to review that information. If everything looks good, top on “Save”.
  • Note, if you receive an error message, double check that the company name and account number are correctly inputted. The once again tap on “Save” button.
  • Congratulation you’ve added a new payee! This payee will be saved and easy to find for any future payments.
  • They will be automatically added in the “TO” section for this bill payment.
  • Now, you need to decide when you would like this bill payment to be made. If you want it to be made as soon as possible, you don’t need to do anything more.
  • Finally, is this a one-time payment or do you want to set it up as a recurring payment?
  • If it’s a recurring payment, tap on “Frequency” and choose how often you would like this bill to be paid. When you’re done, tap on “Continue”.
  • You’ll now see a summary of your bill to be paid on the screen.
  • If everything looks good, tap on “Pay Now”.
  • And if something doesn’t look right and you need to make a change, tap on “Edit” and repeat the previous steps again.
  • Then click on “Pay Now”

Great, your bill payment has been made! If successful, a confirmation screen will appear and a record of your bill payment will be available in the “History” tab. You can quickly access that tab by tapping on “View Past Payments”.

That’s all the steps to take while paying a bill using RBC mobile app.


Download the RBC mobile app today and take care of your banking needs when it’s convenient for you.

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