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2021 Access Bank Mobile App Review

Access Bank Mobile App makes mobile banking easy; it’s convenient and easy access to carry out any type of transaction. It is the mobile version of Access bank internet banking.

With the Access mobile app, you can transfer funds, pay bills, or topping up airtime for friends and family on the go. That’s to say the Access mobile banking app makes everyday banking easier.

Access bank app can only be accessible by those with smartphones but nevertheless, non-smartphone users can also bank conveniently using the Access bank USSD code.

So if you’re among those asking “Does Access Bank have mobile app?” YES, they do. When you are done reading this article, you’re going to learn and understand everything about the Access bank mobile app.

What is Access bank mobile app?

Access bank mobile banking app is an application that gives you real-time access to your accounts in Access Bank Plc account. It is subjected to all Access Bank account holders and they are eligible to subscribe to this service.

Subscription to Access mobile banking is at no cost. After subscribing, in three simple steps, you can have immediate access to your Access bank account.

Access Bank Mobile App

Also note that before performing any banking transactions on this app, you’ll be required to use your authentication token issued to you by Access Bank.

But should in case you do not have an authentication token, please you’re advised to visit any Access Bank branch to obtain a transaction PIN.

Features of Access Mobile App

Below are some of the benefits and services you can enjoy from this mobile banking app if in use:

  • Transfers money to Access Bank accounts and other banks in Nigeria
  • Bill Payments like Cable TV, electricity bill, salary etc
  • Purchase Airtime
  • Request for Cheque books, confirm cheques and also cancel / Stop cheques,
  • Locate any Access Bank branches, ATMs standpoint and much more

Access Bank App Download

Asking “How do I download a mobile access app?” To download Access bank mobile app, Android users are to get it on Google Play Store while iOS users should download it on the App Store.

If you’re a BlackBerry user, then you can get it on BlackBerry World.

Using the Access bank app download apk is another way to install the app on your device.

How to install Access mobile banking app

In most cases, upon download you’ll be prompt to start the installation immediately but if you don’t want to do so, after installing, close the installation window and follow the guide below to get your Access App installed on your device.

Simply navigate to your smartphone App Menue, click to open File Manager, and then click on Apps, there you’ll see the Access bank app you previously download, click on the App and click on the install button next to it to start the installation.

Requirements to activate Access bank app

You will need the following to register the Access bank mobile banking app:

  • Download Access bank mobile app
  • Access bank account number
  • The mobile phone number link to your Access bank account
  • Your Access bank Debit Card (ATM)

Asking “How do I register for Access bank mobile app?” See the section below for a detailed explanation.

How to register the Access mobile app

At this point, I believe that you’ve already downloaded the app if not, use the above instruction and get done. Now register / activate it using the following steps:

  • Launch/open the Access mobile app
  • Change your location to be your country
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button to begin the registration
  • Open account as a new customer
  • Already has the registration code, click the button that says initiate account opening
  • Choose between “Savings” or “Current” accounts
  • Provide your first name, last name, and date of birth in there required field. Lastly, select gender
  • Click the “Next” button to proceed
  • On the next page, enter your mobile number, email address, National ID number and city in their respective field.
  • Again, click the “Next” button to proceed
  • You’ll have to provide your next of kin details such as name, mobile number, title (father, mother, brother, or sister)
  • Next, select your preferred Access bank branch
  • Click on the create account to complete the process

For Access mobile banking app sign up for an existing customers, follow the steps below:

  • Open the app
  • Type in your 10 digit account number
  • Then, click continue
  • Enter the authentication code sent to you via email or SMS to the mobile number used in registering the Access bank.
  • To wrap it up, key in your personal details like:
  • Your preferred user ID
  • Preferred Password
  • Confirm password
  • Enter your registered phone number
  • Type in your referral
  • Select your secret question and a secret answer
  • Click the “Continue” button to complete the registration

Isn’t it so simple?

Access bank mobile app login

Asking “How do I log into my Access Bank app?” See steps below

  • On your smartphone, launch/open the app
  • Enter your Login ID and Password
  • Lastly, click the “login” button

How to transfer money using the Access mobile App

The following steps below will guide you on how to transfer funds from your Access mobile banking app:

  • Open the access mobile banking app
  • Login with your mobile banking login details
  • Select transfer option
  • Choose bank you are transferring to, input the owner’s account details and amount to be transferred
  • Generate one time password (OTP) for the transaction
  • Next, you’re to verify the transaction with either token or OTP
  • Lastly, click on submit button

Your transaction will be carried out and you’ll get a debit alert for the transaction.

Access Bank mobile banking app transfer limit

During account opening, customers who provide a valid means of identification such as valid ID and Utility bill can effect transactions of up to ten thousand naira (N10,000) per transaction and up to N100,000 per day.

According to Access Bank Plc on their official website, account holders can perform transactions of up to N100, 000 per transaction and a cumulative of one million naira (N1M) per day.

Therefore, using the Access mobile app, you’ll have your daily transfer limit to 1 million naira only.

How to increase Access bank App transfer limit

To increase the Access mobile banking limit, login to your Access bank app using the correct login details, tap “Payments and transfers” >> next, click on “Payment limits” from the menu to increase it.

How to unlock access bank mobile app

Are you asking “How can I unlock my Access mobile banking app?” The answer will be given in this section. This usually happens whenever you change to a new device and trying to login into that device. Don’t worry the solution is here now.

To unlock the Access mobile app, select the option “unlock device” on the entry page of the app. Next, enter your Access bank account number, username and input your transaction PIN.

At this point, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, your new device will be unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about the Access bank mobile app at all times:

Check balance using Access Bank App

To check the balance on Access mobile app, simply login with your login details, click on “My Account” your account balance will be displayed.

I forgot my Access bank mobile app username and password

For username click “Forgotten Username” while for password click “Forgotten Password” then follow the onscreen prompt to complete the process.

Note, ensure you’ve your account number, debit card, and mobile number used in registering the Access bank account in place.

For more inquiries, visit Access Bank’s official website at


I believe that I have answered all your searches about Access Bank Mobile App and that you find very information on this page helpful.

Thanks for reading and please never forget to share to help others also.

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