All GoTv Subscription Methods

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The Nigerian entertainment scene is getting lively not with the numerous cable TV we have now. One of such major cable TV in Nigeria is the GOtv. It is one cable station that is offering family all the entertainment they really need.

So if you are looking for a cable station with a difference maybe it’s time you try out this cable station.  Information you would need to know about its subscription packages and how to subscribe for each in several ways is discussed below. So keep reading to find out.

All GOtv Subscription

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All GOTV Subscription Packages

GOtv cable network has different subscription packages, the whole essence is to make sure everyone is part of the show, so the company knows that people will need cheap subscriptions, they try to make the packages as affordable as possible.

So anyone can subscribe for the package they deem fit. This is mostly according to the individual’s budget. The packages for Gotv subscription are:

Gotv Max Package

Gotv Max subscription package as the name implies, this package is maxed out. I.e. it contains the maximum channels that are offered by GOtv.

It is the highest package and it cost higher than every other packages on the GOTV network. Gotv Max has about 75+ channels and gotv max subscription price is NGN3,6000.

GOtv Jolli Package

The Gotv jolli bouquet is another nice Gotv subscription package that is family-oriented. The package has about 68+ channels on it. This is the package that comes after the max package. Gotv jolli package subscription price #2,460.

GOtv jinja Bouquet

The gotv jinja package is a package that can be described as the mid-range package in the gotv subscription series.

It comes in between the gotv max and gotv jolli package, it has about 47+ channels on it and it really affordable has the subscription price is low (NGN1,640). So those on a medium budget can afford this.

Gotv Smallie Package

Gotv smallie package also known as gotv lite package why because its a replacement for GOtv lite. This is for gotv customers that need cheap Gotv subscription. Gotv smallie package is very basic and has three (3) subscription plans. They are as follows:

  • Gotv Smallie Annually: This is an annual (1 year) gotv subscription package with about 30+ channels. Gotv smallie annually subscription price is #6,200.
  • Gotv Smallie Monthly: Here, you will one month gotv subscription with about 30+ channels. Gotv smallie monthly subscription price goes for NGN800.
  • Gotv Smallie Quarterly: This is a six months gotv subscription that cost #2,100 with 30+ channels.

How to Subscribe GoTv

Subscribing gotv can be done in several ways, the various ways on how to pay for your gotv subscription online or offline is outlined below:

Gotv subscription using all banks USSD code

You can do you Gotv subscription using your bank USSD code. It is one of the easiest ways of renewing your Gotv package.  Just select your bank below and use the code. It is very fast and quick.

GTbank: dial this code *737*37*amount*GOTV IUC number#

First bank: dial *894*Amount*IUC NUMBER#

Diamond bank: *737*37*amount*Gotv IUC number#

Wema bank: *945# select pay bills, select the preferred option, respond to option and make payment

Fidelity bank: *770*1099*smartcard number*amount#

Access bank: dial *901# reply with 4

  • Choose 1 for bill payment and enter your Gotv IUC number
  • Confirm your input and you are done

Gotv Subscription Using Bank App

You can also make your Gotv subscription through your bank app. the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about making payment for your GOtv. There are many avenues. So check below on how to use your bank app and pay Gotv.

Pay Gotv using First Bank App

  • Login to your first bank mobile app
  • Tap on bills, then hit cable tv bills
  • Select GOtv
  • Enter your IUC number and select your package
  • Confirm your details and move further to pay
  • Your conferment receipts will be send and your viewing restored

 Gotv Subscription using Access Bank App

  • Launch Access bank app on your internet enabled device
  • Tap on bill payment and choose GOTV
  • Enter your smart card number and choose the bouquet plan
  • Confirm your details, key in your mobile pin and make payment
  • Viewing will be restored at once

Gotv Subscription with Zenith bank

  • Launch your current zenith bank app
  • Select bill payment and choose cable services
  • Choose GOtv and enter your IUC number
  • Click to pay to be charged from your account.

GOtv subscription using the GOtv Self Service

This is the Gotv network official site that you can manage your GOtv subscription online. You can visit the self service site online to recharge at www.gotvafrica.com/en-ng to subscribe

  • Visit GOtv official website at www.gotvafrica.com/en-ng
  • If you have not registered you would need to register on the site
  • Click on your account, and then input your IUC number
  • Choose your preferred package
  • Make payment and wait for a confirmation
  • Your viewing will be restored once confirmed.

GOtv subscription using MyGotv App

You can also install the mygotv app on your smartphone to subscribe using the app. To do this, see steps to recharge GOtv subscription package with MyGOtv App below:

  • First, launch and login into your Gotv account.
  • Click on PAY NOW button at the top of your GOtv App.
  • Here, you will see all Gotv Packages with white round-ring on the left hand side, click on it to display preferred GOtv Package details.
  • Click on PAY NOW at the top of your MyGOtv App.
  • This will processes and redirect you to PayU payment gateway, then click next.
  • You will now be taken to a page to select Payment option.
  • Ensure you select once off payment.
  • Click on Next to processes and move you to a page where you need to use your ATM card and input card details.
  • Next, click Pay.
  • This will take you to your bank OTP page. You have two choice to receive OTP (via phone number/email) and check box to agreed with the infomation above, then click summit.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered bank account alert phone number/email address.
  • Insert One Time Password (OTP) once received and click summit button.
  • At this point, you should receive transaction successful message.
  • Note, if you don’t have sufficient amount of money in your bank account for the GOtv subscription you want to subscribe for, your transaction will be decline immediately.

Hint: You can download MyGotv App on App Store (for IOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices)

Gotv subscription online

There are dozens of third-party websites ( such as kongapay, quicker teller, Jumiapay) that you can also use to pay for your Gotv subscription online. The following are the trusted sites you can use

Subscribe Gotv with JumiaPay

You can pay your Gotv subscription through this site and even get #50 cash back for each subscription. See steps below:

  • Visit www.pay.Jumia.com.ng,
  • then click on GOTV from the cable stations on the site
  • fill your UIC number, indicate your package, choose a package variant
  • click on next and make payment
  • then you are done

Pay Gotv Subscription Using quickteller

  • Turn your decoder on
  • Login into www.quickteller.com/gotv
  • Choose your preferred bouquet
  • input your email, IUC number, and mobile number and click next
  • Click pay and click on debit card type, then input your card information
  • Click to pay now, make payment and viewing will be restored

How to subscribe gotv using payU

  • Log in to easy.gotvafrica.com
  • Go to the pay page and press the payU logo
  • You would be redirected to the payU payment page to enter your credit card details
  • You will be redirected back to the site and you are done

Subscribe Gotv using Konga pay

  • To use kongapay, you would need to download the app or
  • visit www.kongapay.com
  • go to the services and bills and choose TV subscription
  • choose GOtv as your subscription type
  • then input your IUC number
  • select pay and key in your kongapay pin, then the OTP sent to your phone
  • choose confirm, the transaction would be completed now and your viewing restored

Gotv offline subscription

You can also do your GOTV subscription offline. If you use the FCMB bank you can use the bank.

  • Go to any FCMB branches
  • Fill the form by the teller
  • Input your name, phone number and IUC number
  • Then you are done

You can use the self service code USSD code 2881# or you send a sms to 4688

GOtv Contact Help Center During Subscription

If you ever run into trouble during Gotv subscription, please contact the gotv customer care support using the following medium below:

  • Visit GOtv official website at www.gotvafrica.com
  • Twitter.com/GOtvNg
  • Facebook.com/GOtvNg
  • Email: GOtvNigeria@multichoice.co.za
  • Tel: +234 803 904 4688
  • USSD: *288*1#
  • Address: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that this Gotv contact addresses are for does resident in Nigeria.


Here you have accurate information about the different ways you can subscribe to your GOtv. You can use any of the above methods and your viewing will be restored in no time.

Happy viewing as you renews your GOtv subscription.

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