All Gotv Error Code, Causes & Solution

Are here looking for all gotv Error code, causes and the solution in clearing them, you are on the right page. In this article, I bring to you gotv error codes their causes hence possible ways in clearing such errors.

If you have GOTV cable TV, you are bound to encounter some errors. But the good thing is that you can correct these errors and continue with viewing. This piece will give in detailed in each gotv errors, it causes and the remedy.

Please ensure your gotv decoder is powered on when clearing error codes. Here is how to clear error codes on GoTV easy and fast.

Let’s get started!

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GOtv error code, causes and solution

Why is GoTv Showing E16 Error

E16 Error on gotv occurs mostly when expiration is due and subscription is required. This error that pop-up on your gotv screen is an indication of expiration of your subscription.

Note: Again, you can subscribe and still get this gotv error message this means that your cable box was disconnected when you renewed your subscription. So to fix this gotv E16 error you can do the following:

How To Fix Gotv Error by SMS

One of the basic way of fixing gotv errors is by using text message, you can do this by sending the word RESET and your IUC number to 4688

So simply go to the SMS on your mobile phone and type “RESET IUC Number and sends to 4688”. But before doing this ensure you have an active gotv subscription, without this your error will not clear.

Fixing Gotv Errors using the Official Gotv Website

The step-by-step guide below will guide you on how to clear gotv errors via gotv official website:

  • Visit gotv official site at https://www.gotvafrica.com/en-ng
  • And go to the clearing error section
  • Enter your smart card number (IUC number), and then press E16 for error code
  • Enter the Captcha code
  • Then click on clear code

My Gotv Showing E48-32 Error

 When you notice your gotv showing E48-32 error, this is an error that is cause by signal problem in your gotv cable box. This error comes up during or after a downpour or windy hours. These conditions affect the cable signal and bring out this gotv error code.

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How to fix Gotv Error E48-32

To fix the gotv error code E48-32, the first thing you need to do when you notice this error on your gotv screen is to wait it out.

Let the atmospheric condition becomes stable. The signal might return on its own as the weather improves. But if it still doesn’t return on its own, you can do the following to help:

  • First check if your antenna is rightly positioned, then check too to be sure is correctly connected
  • Press the power ON button on your remote to display the signal information
  • Next, go to the menu, click on advanced then installation then click on automatic scan
  • To know that the problem isn’t general channel 48 and 52 will show
  • Complete your search and you will see channel 99. But if it doesn’t appear, you need to re-search to be able to access all the channels on your gotv package.

Gotv Error 30

The Gotv Error 30 means that the decoder of your GOTV has been put off or has been unavailable for a while. This mostly affects those that have the gotv E48-32 Error code that wasn’t corrected.

To Correct this Gotv Error E30

You have to first make sure that you have paid fully for a gotv subscription. When you are done, then put on the cable box and the send a resetting SMS to 4688. That is you type on your mobile phoneRESET your IUC number then send to 4688 to clear the gotv error code E30.

Way To Clear GoTV Error Codes Using USSD

The following steps will be guiding you on how to clear gotv error messages using the USSD code. See steps below:

  • On you mobile phone, Dail *288*1#
  • Reply with option 1 to select the Existing GOtv Customer option
  • Then, input your gotv IUC number
  • Reply with option 2 to select the fix errors option.
  • Lastly, select the error message you want to clear.

Aside from just allowing you to clear the gotv error message. With the Gotv USSD platform, you can also check your subscription balance, pay, change your Gotv Channel package, personalize your gotv profile, and also contact the customer care center.

How to Fix Error on Gotv Using MyGotv App

MyGotv app gives access to do so many things like making a payment, viewing your payment history, you gotv details, fixing errors on gotv and much more. If you want to know how to fix gotv error via MyGotv App, see steps below:

  • Download and launch MyGotv App on your smartphone
  • Click on Menu or look down the app
  • You will see Fix Error, click on it
  • Click the drop down menu to select the error on your screen
  • There, you’ll find two options stated Select an Error Code

HINT: E16 Error on Gotv means Service is currently scrambled while E30 means checking the subscription status.

  • Select any and the Error will be cleared your viewing will be restored.

Note, you can get to download MyGotv App on Play Store for android devices or App Store for IOS devices.

Fast Link on How to Clear Gotv Error Message

Fast Link on How to Clear Gotv Error Message

Follow the steps below to enter your details so as to clear the errors on your gotv:

  • Click Here > Enter IUC Number > Select GoTv Error type > Type-In the Captcha code > Click on Fix Error and that is all.

NOTE: If after doing the above solution for clearing gotv error code and is still not cleared, kindly contact GOtv customer care on following for maximum support on how to go about it:

Gotv Customer Care Contact Details

  • Call: 08039044688, 012703232 and 08039003788
  • Email: GotvNigeria@multichoice.co.za
  • USSD: Dial *288*1#
  • Gotv Office Address: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Gotv office opening time

  • Mondays – Fridays: 08:00 – 19:00
  • Saturdays: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Sundays: 10:00 – 17:00


If you have any of these GoTv error codes on your screen, you don’t need to panic. All you need do is to apply all the listed remedies here for each and you be back to viewing your favorite programs on the gotv network.

That’s all I have to show you regarding how to clear error codes on GoTV cable network. I hope you found this guide helpful.

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