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If you are here in search of all DStv subscription methods, your search ends now. I this article, you will learn all the possible ways to get your DStv subscription.

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Dstv Subscription Packages

DSTV is by far the best Satellite cable TV service in Nigeria which also cuts across the whole African continent. DSTV Nigeria services is controlled by Multichoice and offers one of the cheapest pay-TV subscriptions in Nigeria.

Dstv HD channels, Dstv HD PVR decoders, and DSTV mobile TV service are just some few services added for DSTV Nigeria by Multichoice.

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List of all the DSTV subscription packages

DStv currently has six (6) subscription packages and three (3) addon subscription packages. See them below:

DStv Subscription Methods

List of DSTV Complete Subscription Packages

  • DSTV Premium package
  • DSTV Compact Plus package
  • DSTV Compact package
  • DSTV Confam package
  • DSTV Yanga package
  • DSTV Padi package

List of DSTV Addon Subscription Packages

  • DSTV French Plus
  • DSTV French Touch
  • DSTV Indian

DSTV Subscription Price

See below for a brief review on all DStv packages, and their subscription price:

DSTV Premium package Subscription

This is the full package that gives you access to all available DSTV SD/HD video, and all audio channels.

This particular package is the best as channels exclusive to the DSTV premium package are M-net Movies 1&2, History channel, all DStv HD channels, and much more.

This is the highest-priced DSTV package as well as the most complete, subscription price for DStv premium package cost #18,400.

The premium bouquet provides full access to 178+ channels which fall into several categories, the most popular are the documentary, sports, entertainment, news, and children categories.

DSTV Compact Plus package Subscription

The DSTV Compact Plus package shows 90% Premier league matches, Spanish La liga, Bundles liga, covers an array of sports, and loads of channels which are available in this DSTV Compact bouquet.

The DSTV Compact Plus bouquet gives you all 155+ DSTV Compact channels with two sports channels as an addition, providing access in total to 174 channels.

This package offer sport lovers wider access to different kinds of premium sports against the expensive DSTV Premium bouquet.

In subscribing dstv compact plus package, the subscription price cost N12,400 monthly.

DSTV Compact Package Subscription

This package has over 135+ TV/Audio channels. It is also good for sport lovers and is cheaper than the Compact Plus package above.

The prices cost for subscribing DStv compact package is #7,9000 for monthly subscription price.

DSTV Confam Package Subscription

DSTV Confam is among the cheap packages of Multichoice under DSTV network and it has over 120+ channels for subscribers.

Subscription price for DSTV confam package goes for N4,615 monthly.  

DSTV Yanga package Subscription

DSTV Yanga is a new cheap package that contains 95+ channels and has its subscription price to be N2,565.

DSTV Padi Package Subscription

DSTV Padi subscription package is the cheapest of all DSTV packages and subscribers to this plan can watch more than 40+ channels.

To be part of the DSTV padi subscription, the subscription price cost N1,850 monthly.

Also, note that the DSTV Access and DSTV Family package has been discontinued/replaced by Padi, Yanga and Confam respectively.

DSTV Subscription Methods

To know the different methods to pay DSTV Subscription online or offline, see guide below:

DSTV Subscription Using Banks USSD Codes

You can now pay for DSTV subscription by dialing a code on your mobile phone, via your banking app or on the official website of DSTV.

As a matter of fact, Africa’s leading Cable TV provider has improved several services, the ease with which customers can renew their subscription is one of such improvement. 

And one of such is through USSD banking code. Here, you will find all banks USSD code in subscribing DSTV.

How to pay for DSTV subscription using USSD banking code

  • Dial the USSD banking code for your bank (The code varies from bank to bank. For GTBank it’s 737).
  • Select the option that says Pay for Cable TV
  • From the list of Cable TV providers, select DSTV.
  • Choose the DSTV Package you wish to pay for
  • Enter your Smart Card number
  • Confirm your transaction using your USSD banking PIN.

Using the options above is only possible if you have registered for USSD banking.

Take note, however, that paying for your DSTV subscription using USSD banking will attract a fee of 100 Nigerian Naira only.

DSTV Subscription Using Bank App

This is rather another interesting guide on how to pay your DSTV subscription through various bank apps.

Here, I shall also highlight the requirements to pay your DSTV subscription via the apps.

Banks offer electronic payments with its internet banking services, making payments with various bank apps is instant and very flexible.

Every customer that has internet banking services can make payment using their app.

We shall take the standard bank app for example, if you have a bank account with standard bank, you are eligible to register for internet banking services.

It is exciting to know that you can have the app on both the Google play store and Apple app store.

Now, let’s see the requirements needed before you can make your DSTV payment through standard bank.

 Requirements to make your DSTV subscription Via the Standard bank app

  • Standard bank account
  • Internet banking account
  • Username
  • Password
  • The App
  • Smartphone
  • Active Internet connection

Steps to pay your DSTV subscription with Standard Bank App

  • Make sure your DSTV decoder is switched on.
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection on your mobile smartphone
  • Launch the app on your phone
  • Put your PIN to Login
  • Once you are logged in, select ‘’Transact’’
  • Choose ‘’’Pay People’’
  • Add Multichoice as a beneficiary
  • Now, select the bank account number you want to pay from
  • Now, enter the amount you want to pay (DSTV subscription price)
  • Now, swipe the button behind immediate payment to your right.
  • Then confirm your payment to complete your DSTV subscription

Subscribing DSTV Using the DSTV Self Service

This is one of the best and fastest ways to pay for your DSTV subscription renewal. It allows you to pay for yourself or for another person.

You can also make payment outside the country. That’s how convenient this platform is.

How to pay your DSTV subscription using the DSTV official website

  • Visit the official website of DSTV using your computer or mobile phone. Nigeria will be already chosen as your country, you can change it if you are not from Nigeria using the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the button that says ‘’pay or pay now’’
  • Enter your Smart Card number of the decoder you want to pay for.
  • Enter the Captcha text and click the verify button
  • Once account has been verified, click/tap on view balance and pay.
  • You will be directed to the payment summary page that contains the date and amount due for payment.
  • Click on pay
  • You will be shown a payment subscription page that contains information about the account owner.

Subscribing DSTV Online Via Third Party Website

There are many platforms through which you can pay for your DSTV subscription online. Examples include Quickteller, Jumiapay, Kongapay etc.

All of the options above work perfectly well, I will only explain using JumiaPay and Quickteller.

Pay DSTV Subscripting Using JumiaPay

Jumia is Africa’s leading E-commerce store. Aside from services involving online product purchase, customers can also use its payment Gateway services to pay for their cable TV subscription.

How to pay for your DSTV subscription via JumiaPay

  • Visit JumiaPay portal using your mobile phone or computer
  • Sign up for a Jumia account or Log in to your existing account with your email address and password
  • Next, select TV from the list of services and then select DSTV
  • Enter your DSTV Smart Card number and select the package you want to pay for
  • Complete your payment using Mastercard/Visa Card

How to Pay DSTV Subscription Using QuickTeller

  • Visit the quickteller official website for DSTV payment using your mobile phone/computer
  • Select the DSTV plan you wish to pay for
  • Fill in your Smart Card number, email address and phone number in their appropriate boxes. Then click on ‘’continue’’
  • Sign into your Quickteller account with your phone number and password.
  • Complete your payment using your linked Credit/Debit card.

DSTV Offline Subscription

If you are not comfortable with paying for services on the internet or subscribing your DSTV on the internet or online, you can also pay for your DSTV packages offline.

You can pay your DSTV subscription offline via the Multichoice branches/offices or DSTV dealers that are close to you in your local environment.


There you have it guys on the different DSTV subscription packages and also the different methods of Payment for DSTV subscription, everything you need to know has been highlighted in this article.

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