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The Strong Decoder Price In Nigeria

Are you in search to know about strong decoder price in Nigeria? You are on the right page. Contains in this article are all you should know about Strong Decoder types and their various price in Nigeria.

The strong decoder is one of the best selling decoders in Nigeria. This is because it is less expensive to maintain, unlike the DSTV decoders and others.

A very good and interesting feature of the strong decoder is that it has a free-To-Air decoder filled with unique and interesting contents that could keep you glued to your seat all day long.

In Africa, the Strong decoder is known as the best FTA (Free-To-Air) decoder, this is because it stands out with its price and unique features.

In this article, I will show you the different types of Strong decoder in Nigeria and the latest Strong Decoder prices in Nigeria.

I know u might be thinking where you could get this Strong decoder but do not worry, I will also enlighten you on that aspect.

There are different popular online retail shops in Nigeria where you can easily buy Strong decoder in good price.

You have Jumia, Konga as the two biggest and trusted online shops or you can also get the Strong decoder from any trusted electronics retail shop near your environment.

That being said, let me enlighten on the various types of Strong decoder and their prices in Nigeria.

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Types of Strong Decoder Price In Nigeria

Before I show the various types of Strong decoder, there is an important feature to take note of.

The strong decoder has different models, and each of them has been designated with SRT and a four-digit code. Because of this, the features of Strong decoder defer from each other and also their price range.

The different Strong decoder and their prices are as follows:

Strong Decoder Price In Nigeria

SRT 4935

This is one of the best models of the Strong decoder and also the most expensive model. The price of the SRT 4935 Strong Decoder is a little on the high side. SRT 4935 cost N35,000 on Konga.

However, I do think the price range is fair considering the fact that it is a free-to-air satellite decoder packed with so many interesting and entertaining content or channels.

The SRT 4935, just like every other Strong decoder models is a MyTV approved receiver with 16 channels groups and a little bit above 6,000 programmable channels.

It has a Parental guide feature and also it has a 1080p high definition display feature and 17 display languages.

SRT 4672

The SRT 4672 Strong decoder has about 7,000 channels with about 16 favorite channel groups. This decoder just like the SRT 4935 also has a parental guide feature and also 17 display languages.

This decoder allows you to sort alphabetically using transponders. The current price of this Strong Decoder on Konga is N26,500.

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SRT 4940

SRT 4940 Strong Decoder has amazing unique features that differentiate it from other models of Strong decoder or rather the best model.

The SRT 4940 decoder has a video resolution of 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p time shift, record, and playback features. This decoder has about 10,000 channels and also allows auto and manual searching for channels.

SRT 4940 Strong Decoder is currently sold for N21,500 on Jumia while on Konga it is currently sold for N25,500

SRT 4950H

The SRT 4950H is also another unique and entertaining model of the Strong decoder. This decoder has about 8,000 programmable channels and also 8 favourite channel groups.

It also has amazing features such as recording, time shift, and playback through a USB external storage device. The SRT 4950H decoder has 2GB storage space with an OSD (Onscreen display) in 12 languages.

It is currently sold for N18,500 on Jumia.

SRT 4955B

This is another type of Strong decoder with interesting and amazing features. The decoder has about 8000 programmable channels with 8 favourite channels group and also a 1080p HD video resolution.

The SRT 4955B decoder also has an automatic and manual search feature for channels and other enabled features such as time shift, recording, and playback functions, also with an external USB storage device.

The SRT 4955B strong decoder is currently sold for N15,000 on Jumia.

SRT 4922A

SRT 4922A strong decoder is also a free-to-air satellite channel receiver decoder just like every other Strong decoder model.

This decoder is one of the biggest models of the Strong decoder with respect to the number of channels. It has about 10,000 programmable channels and 16 favorite channel groups.

This decoder has a video resolution of 1080p HD and also supports both auto and manual searching of channels. The latest price of the SRT 4922A strong decoder in Nigeria is N10,800.


I know that after you have finished reading this article, you will have a wide view of the various Strong decoders price in Nigeria which is exciting, right?

It is also important to note that the above prices of the various Strong decoder models highlighted varies from seller to seller.

I will also strongly advise that you confirm the features of the decoder you wish to get from the supplier before purchasing.

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