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MTN Midnight Data Plans Subscription

MTN midnight data plan come as a good remedy for data bundle users in Nigerian.  So MTN knows that a lot of Nigerians love to surf the internet for whatever reasons especially at night.

So to help out, they have decided to introduce MTN midnight data bundle plan that one can use to either download or browse with at a very cheap rate mostly at night.

These MTN night plan offers subscribers more data for less money. So if you have been wondering how you can opt into the mtn night browsing train and opt out anytime you wish.

This piece will be here to educate and help you navigate all the mtn midnight bundle available in MTN network and also how to opt-in for the one you love most.

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How To Opt-In To MTN MidNight Plan

The MTN company offers subscribers three (3) mtn night subscription usage. MTN midnight browsing plans are valid from 12am to 4am per night.

But before subscribing for mtn night browsing, you need to be eligible for these plans. To be eligible is very simple: you can do the following below:

N.B: You need to be on the MTNpulse tariff  plan but if you are yet to be, you can do the following; Migrate to MTNpulse tariff plan by simply dialing *406# or you send 406 to 131. But always remember that you would need at least a minimum of #50 on your phone to subscribe for these plans.

All MTN Midnight Data Plan

Contains below are all MTN midnight data bundles and subscription method. Here, we’re going to highlight the different MTN night browsing and the process of subscribing to MTN night plans using either message or MTN night plan code.

Let’s get started!

MTN Midnight Data Plan

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125 MTN Night plan

This is one of the mtn midnight plan you can enjoy. This bundle will only cost you #25. So after migrating to pulse to enjoy this bundle at night simply text NIGHT to 131 or use the mtn midnight browsing code *406# then you can select 4 to get it.

You can even do this in the day to enjoy the plan at night. You can subscribe for this plan for about 4 times per night but not more than 500mb will be allocated to you.

250MB MTN MidNight Browsing

This is another good plan that can be activated for mtn mid night browsing. This mtn night data bundle cost #50.

You can enjoy this by also texting NIGHT to 131 or using mtn night data plan code *406#. This plan can be activated for about twice at night.  But it shouldn’t exceed the 500mb as usual.

500MB MTN Night Subscription

To activate 500MB MTN midnight plan, you would need a minimum of #30 in your account balance on your phone.

The cost price of this mtn night bundle is #25. To subscribe this you still need to send NIGHT to 131 and you would receive a confirmation text for it.

Checking the MTN Mid Night Plan Balance

To get your balance for MTN midnight subscription, you simply dial *406# then you select “4” and then “3” to get your balance.


Here you have it now, the different mtn mid night plans and their subscription prices. If you want to enjoy mtn bundle plans for less, then you have these different bundle plans to choose from.

But know you can only access them from 12am to 4am in the night. So go download those heavy files now with any of these MTN night plans of your choice.

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