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All MTN data bundles 2021, Price, Activation & Subscription Codes

The MTN mobile network is the giant telecom network in Nigeria now. It can be adjudged as one of the best networks for providing quality internet service nationwide. The MTN data plans are for everyone. So whether you are in need of a data bundle for a day or more, you should trust them to deliver with no hassles.

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So if you are looking to have an MTN data bundle whether monthly, quarterly, weekly, or daily then this network has got you covered. Before now MTN used to have data bundles that were separately used by iPhone, android, blackberry, and other device users but no more now.

All MTN data bundles have been merged into one, so you can now buy any data from them and use it on any of your devices. This piece is here to furnish you with all the latest MTN data bundle plans that are available now and how to subscribe to each.

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List of All MTN Data Bundles Codes 2021

To get the list of any data bundle you want from MTN Nigeria, simply dial *131# first to get the list of all data plans featured by MTN in Nigeria.

mtn data bundles

MTN Daily Data plans

These are plans you can use for only 24 hours and you can rollover at expiration if you are subscribing again the next day. You can subscribe by Dialing *131*1# and then follow the on-screen prompts.

Price of MTN Daily Data Plans

Are you an MTN subscriber looking forward to knowing the price of daily MTN data plans for 40MB, 100MB, 3500MB, 200MB, 1GB, and 2GB respectively.

Daily MTN Internet Plan, subscription code and Price

See the tables below for MTN daily data plans:

1 day (24 hours) MTN data plans

This MTN data bundles valid for only one day. See the table below for guide on how to opt-in to these plans:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N5040MB24hours (Daily)*131*114#
N100100MB24hours (Daily)*131*104#
N3001GB24hours (Daily)*131*155#

2 days (48 hours) MTN data plans

This MTN data plans valid for only two days. The table contains USSD codes on how to opt-in to the plans:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N5002GB48hrs (Daily)*131*154#
N5002.5GB48hrs (Daily)*131#

3 days (72 hours) MTN data plans

We only have one plan on this section. See table below for subscription guide.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N2002GB48hrs (Daily)*131*113#

MTN Weekly Data Plans

These are MTN data bundles that you can enjoy for 7 days only. There is also room for renewal and roll-over for the weekly MTN data plans if you’ll like too. You can subscribe by Dialing*131*1*2# then choose your preferred plan. See price below:

MTN Weekly Data Plans

MTN has weekly data plans for its subcribers. This plans can be one or two weeks. Contains in these sections are all MTN weekly data bundles:

Weekly MTN Data Plan Codes, Data allowance & price

If you want to subscribe to MTN weekly data plans, the table below will be your guide:

7 days (1 Week) MTN data plans

The subscription plans on this MTN weekly data plans valid for only 7 days. You can also roll over once it expires or got exhausted.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N300350MB7 days*131*102#
N5001GB7 days*131*142#
N1,5006GB7 days*131*143#
N1,0002GB + 2GB Bonus7 days*131*105#

14 days (2 Weeks) MTN data plans

These MTN data plans valide for 14 days which is weeks:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N500750MB14 days*131*103#

MTN Monthly Data bundles

These are MTN data plans that when you opt-in, you will using your MTN data for only 30 days before expiration, this might also terminate based on usage. You can subscribe to this plan by *131*1*3# and choose your preferred option.

Monthly MTN Data Bundle Code, & Price,

In this section are all MTN monthly data plans, data allowance USSD codes, & validity period:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N10001.5GB30 days*131*106#
N12002GB30 days*131*130#
N15003GB30 days*131*131#
N20003.5GB30 days*131*110#
N25006GB30 days*131*147#
N3,50010GB30 days*131*107#
N500011GB30 days*131*116#
N10,00025GB30 days*131*117#
N15,00040Gb30 days*131*150#
N15,00040Gb30 days*131*150#
N20,000110Gb30 days*131*149#

MTN 2-Months Data Plans

If you are a heavy data user but you need a cheaper MTN data plan that would serve you better, both in price and durability then you should consider going for this bundle.

The plans under this MTN 2 months data plans are a lot better. You can use it for 2 months or 60 days. To subscribe, you simple dial *131*1*4# and choose your preferred option. See price below:

2 Months Months MTN Data Bundle Price and Codes

Here, we’ll show you all the MTN 2 months data plans, their price, data allowance, validity period, and USSD codes:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N20,00060GB60 days*131*118#
N30,000100GB60 days*131*138#

3 Months MTN Data Plans

If you can afford this plan, then go for it. You would just pay once and forget about buying any data bundle on your MTN SIM for the next 3 months or 90 days.

The durability period is just fine for busy executives who will need data on their devices at all times. To opt-in to this MTN 3 months data plan, simply dial *131*1*5# and pick your preferred choice.

3 Months MTN Internet Data Plan

Here is the MTN 3 months internet data plans for MTN subscribers:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N50,000120GB90 days*131*133#
N70,000150GB90 days 

MTN Popular Data Plans

This is a plan you randomly opt-in, to get more megabytes for less.  You also can roll over, buy it as a one-off or buy it for your friends. It comes with a different validity period as it will be indicated per plan. To subscribe, you dial *131*1*7#

Price for MTN Popular Data Plans

  • #100 – Data value 100MB (This is a daily plan, it last for 24 hours)
  • #500 – Data value 750 (This is a 2 Week or 14 days plan)
  • #1000 – Data value 1.5GB (The validity period is 30 days)
  • #1200 -2GB (The validity period is a month or 30 days)

MTN Hot Deals Data Bundles

These MTN data bundles are plans that give extra value per plan. These are called the New xtravalue plans. They all come with a Talktime.  You can subscribe by dialing *131*1*8# to choose your preferred option.

Price for MTN Hot Deals Data Bundles

  • #500 – Data value 750MB +500 Talk time (the validity is for 14 days)
  • #1000 – Data value 1.5 GB + 1000 talk time (the validity is for 30 days)
  • #2000 – Data value 4.5GB +2000 TALKTIME (the Validity is for30 Days)

MTN Social bundles

If you are a social media freak, then you enjoy this bundle, because you can enjoy all your social media platforms for less. To opt-in dial *131#, select the option “Social Bundles” and choose the preferred social bundles you’re to subscribe to. See below for all MTN social media bundle prices.

MTN Whatsapp Data Bundle

If you’re a lover of Whatsapp, the MTN Whatsapp Bundle.  See below are the MTN Whatsapp Data Bundle and their price in Nigeria alongside their duration.

MTN Whatsapp Bundle Price

  • Daily #25
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly #150

Facebook MTN Data Plans Price

  • Daily #25
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly 150

MTN Data Bundles Price for Instagram

  • Daily #25
  • #100 – 250MB
  • #200 -1GB
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly #150

Price for MTN Ayoba Data Plans

  • #25 for 25MB (This is for 1 DAY)
  • #50 -50MB (This is for 7 DAYS)
  • #150 -150MB (This is 30 DAYS)

Other MTN Social Bundles Price in Nigeria

  • Daily #50
  • Weekly #100
  • Monthly #250

Opera Mini and News MTN Data Plans

  • #20 – 25MB (This is for1 DAY)
  • #50 -100MB (This is 7 DAYS)
  • #100 – 300MB (This is for 30 days)

2GO MTN Data Bundles

  • Daily #25
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly #150

MTN Data Plans for Wechat

  • Daily #25
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly #150

Eskimi MTN Data Plans

  • Daily #25
  • Weekly #50
  • Monthly #150

Top deal/Hot deals MTN Plans

The MTN network also gives a good deal for those that can’t afford the above-mentioned data plans. To opt-in to this plan, you just Dial *131#, select the option “Hot Deals” and follow the screen prompt.

  • 1.5GB – #300 (This is for 7 days)
  • 2GB – #500 (This is for 7 days)

Recharge4me MTN Data Offers

  • Recharge 500 and get free 50MB
  • Recharge 200 and get 1000

MTN Data4ME Offers

  • 1.5GB – #300

COMBO4ME MTN Data offers

  • GET 24 mins for Calls and 200MB to browse
  • Get 18 mins for calls and 150mb to browse

MTN Data Plan FAQs

  • Q: Who is to subscribe to MTN Data Plans?
  • A: MTN Customers only are to subscribe to all MTN data plans.
  • Q: How to cancel auto-renewal?
  • A: To cancel auto-renewal on any MTN data plan anytime, send “opt-out” to 131.
  • Q: How can I check my MTN Data Plan balance?
  • A: To check your MTN data bundle balance, either of the following can help; text 2 to 131 or dial *131*4# or *559*63# for data bonus balance.
  • Q: Can I buy two (2) or more MTN Data bundles at the same time?
  • A: Yes, you can, each one will have a unique expiry date and your data balance will be the sum of both plans, the one with the nearest expiry date will be used up first.
  • Q: Can I Borrow MTN Data? If yes, How can I Borrow Data on MTN?
  • A: Yes you can. Just Dial *606# and follow the on screen instructions to borrow data, terms and conditions apply.
  • Q: Can I rollover my unused data bundle on MTN?
  • A: Yes, you can roll-over all your unused data bundles on MTN so far you buy another bundle before the current one expires, unused bonus data, however, cannot be rolled over please note.
  • Q: Can I share your MTN Data bundle?
  • A: No, MTN data bundles cannot be shared currently to anyone.
  • Q: How can I opt-in for Pay As You Go browsing service?
  • A: To opt-in for PAYG browsing, dial *131*200# or send RESET to 131, you will be charged at 3 Naira per MB. To opt-out of MTN PAYG service, dial *131*201# or send SUSPEND to 131.


This article aims to give you an insight on all MTN data bundles. MTN network has a lot of data bundle for all your needs, you can also get a pay as you go browsing if you desire at 5 kobo per kilobyte, in case you don’t want to buy any bundle at all.

The network also offers 4G LTE connectivity in some areas so users can also enjoy fast internet browsing. This is for users with 4G enabled phones.

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