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Why Is Facebook Not Opening – How Do I Fix Facebook Not Opening Lite

Asking why is Facebook not opening? Is Facebook Lite down? Why is Facebook stuck on loading? And how do I fix Facebook not opening Lite? Or you got a message saying we had a problem with the page you tried to reach Facebook Lite.

If Facebook lite refused to open and you’re asking how do I fix Facebook not opening lite? Am assuring you that after going through this guide, you’ll get your answer on how do you fix the Facebook Lite app loading issue.

If Facebook lite can not open on your phone, at first, most people thought that is an internet connection issue. But after checking the internet connection and discovering that’s not the issue causing Facebook stuck on loading, they start working it getting it fixed.

Why Facebook Lite Can not Open? What Should I Do If Facebook not opening?

Is Facebook Lite down on your device? There are some reasons why Facebook Lite can not open. And now that you’re looking for the solution on how to fix Facebook Lite app not opening, I will tell you why is Facebook stuck on loading.

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Step 1: How To Fix Facebook Lite App Not Opening

If you want to solve Facebook Lite can not open, Facebook stuck on loading, or Facebook Lite not working, let’s discuss it below:

1. Check if you’re connected to the internet

If you’re connected to the internet, here is some solution to help you fix the problem of why is Facebook stuck on loading.

  • Assuming you have the correct login email and password (and you are connected to the internet), the following factors could be causing your problem with Facebook lite not opening:
  • Is there an error message? If this is the case, go to the Facebook help page for explanations and solutions to the issues at hand.
  • Check to see if you have any extensions or antivirus programs that are blocking Facebook from loading.

2. Clear Cache on the Facebook App

If Facebook stuck on loading, try clearing Cache on the Facebook lite app. If you still have issues loading the Facebook lite app, also Clear Storage, after clearing Cache. Asking how do I clear my Facebook cache? Do the following below:

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Click on Apps & notification or Applications.
  • Tap See all apps.
  • Select Facebook.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Clear Cache first and reload the Facebook app. If it still does not open, follow the steps again and Clear Storage and if it didn’t work this time, Uninstall the Facebook App and install it again.

3. Check Network Status

Network might be the cause of Facebook not opening. This network issue is common in a variety of other social media applications. Not only on Facebook, but also on applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and other lines of apps.

A network speed test tool can be used to check the internet network and know it is the network that’s causing the Facebook lite app to stuck on loading. You can, for example, use the website or download the speed net application.

If your internet speed is slow, then the network in your area most likely does not support opening the FB lite application thereby making it stuck on loading.

4. Turn ON Airplane Mode then turn it OFF again

There was a time I ran into Facebook loading issues, after waiting and trying, I decided to turn ON my Airplane mode, and after some time, I turn it OFF. To my greatest surprise, I load the Facebook Lite app and it opens one time.

In some cases, activating airplane mode does not guarantee you to solve the network problem while launching Facebook Lite. This function is engaged when boarding an airline, make no mistake.

However, you can use it after the signal and network strength is not stable. Turning ON airplane mode, your network will be briefly lost, then if you enable airplane mode OFF, it will be restored back the network with more browsing strength.

The airplane mode can then be turned off causing the signal to be turned off, it will reappear with a different IP address that will help strengthen your network even more.

5. Restart your Device

If Facebook lite not working on mobile data when turned ON, turn OFF mobile data and restart your smartphone. This is because the network you’re on is still slow and sluggish.

Then you won’t be able to use it to open the Facebook lite app. To get the best on the smartphone, you can reload the phone. To do this, push and hold the Power button on your smartphone.

After a few seconds of pressing and holding the device Power button, the option Reboot / Restart and Shut Down will come on the screen. Tap restart, reboot, or reload the phone.

6. Update the Facebook Lite application

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get Facebook logged in, there’s a solution. The FB lite program can be updated on the Play Store or App Store (for Android or iOS users).

You can get bug fixes if Facebook not opening by downloading an update from the Play Store or App Store. Then you won’t have any issues using Facebook Lite again on phone.

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How do I update Facebook App?

To update your Facebook lite app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Play Store.
  • Swipe right to open the menu on the play store.
  • Then select My Apps & Games.
  • Search for Facebook and then select the Update button.
  • Done.

Why my Facebook Lite is not opening

When it comes to Facebook Lite not being able to enter when using cellular data, this is a problem caused by an internet connection error. This is frequently due to a number of factors, one of which is that the network in your location does not provide maximum speed access.

How to fix Facebook lite not opening on wifi

If using wifi, such as at a wifi corner or via a hotspot. However, you are unable to access the FB lite program. You can first unplug the wifi network, and then reconnect it to the previous wifi.

Why Facebook Lite continues to load without opening

If Facebook Lite continues to load without opening the app, the problem is caused by a weak network or an out-of-order internet network. One of the most common reasons for social media issues is network issues.

Android smartphones such as infinix, Vivo, Tecno, Samsung, HP, Oppo, Asus Zenfone, Lenovo, Realme, and others can be used using the aforesaid method.

Step 2: How to resolve FB Lite not opening on android

The Facebook Lite application cannot be opened for a number of reasons. The occurrence of internet network difficulties is the first cause.

Then there’s an issue with the Facebook app itself, and finally, there’s an issue with your phone. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

1. Change the APN

Then, by replacing the APN, you can make even more improvements. Many Facebook Lite users have been able to use the app after changing APNs, despite the fact that this is rarely detected. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap Network & Internet.
  • Tap on SIM Cards.
  • Then, look for “Access Point Name” or “APN” in short.
  • After that, make changes to the APN settings by writing to “Internet” or another APN according to your provider.
  • Lastly, check again by opening the Facebook Lite app to see if the issue is resolved.

2. Enter Airplane Mode

Actually, activating Airplane Mode appears to be a pretty simple and straightforward solution to solve this problem. Despite its simplicity, this strategy turns out to be pretty effective in terms of enhancing your internet network.

All connections to Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot, and the internet network will be severed when the phone is switched to Airplane Mode. Its goal is to improve the network’s performance by updating it.

Return to normal conditions and open the Facebook Lite application if you’ve gone into Airplane Mode.

3. Clean Application Data

The next method is to delete application data, including cache data, which is related to the affected application. The procedure is straightforward. To get started, go to “Settings”, “Installed Applications”, and look for “Facebook Lite”, “Storage”.

Tap the words “Clear Data”, next to the button “Clear Cache” to open it up. Even better, press and hold the “Force Stop” button while reopening the Facebook Lite app.

4. Reinstall the Application

Uninstalling the Facebook Lite application is an additional option. A system failure in the application is frequently the cause of an application not being able to open. As a result, the only way out is to remove and reinstall data from your device.

Reinstalling an application with a new version allows the application to get system updates and smooth running.

5. Update the application

Not only on Facebook Lite, but on any application, you may run into issues where it refuses to open or crashes. This problem is usually resolved by updating or updating the application.

If you are unable to open the Facebook Lite application, you can try this method. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS.
  • Tap on the search field and type “Facebook Lite”.
  • Tap on the top search result.
  • Then, look for the words “Update” and wait for the process to complete.

Restart the HP to make Facebook lite work

The problem of Facebook Lite not opening can also be resolved by restarting or rebooting the phone. Usually, the HP RAM is full or there are too many applications operating at the same time.

The HP system will be refurbished and revitalized in this manner. As a result, it will be able to run the application without any issues.


As a result, my quick evaluation of my Facebook cannot be opened on Android due to issues with the FB Lite application.

Some of the steps to fix Facebook that won’t open have been detailed above. Thank you, and I hope it proves useful for the above reviews.

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