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How To Make Money On 86W.Com, Is 86W.Com Same As 86FB Football

Here is how to make money on platform. Also, note that is the same as 86FB Football if you do ask so. is their official website while 86FB Football is the brand name.

Are you asking to know about Or, asking if 86W same as 86FB Football? How to register on 86w Football? Is 86w Football Scam or Legit? How does works? How to place bets on 86Fb Football. This review is all you should know about 86FB Football before joining.

If you landed on this page while searching to know about in respect to know if is a scam or legit then, you’re on the right page.

After reading this guide, you’ll have full insight about so as to take your decision joining.

Today, am going to review all you should know about this online betting platform known as

Register here with my promo code. Drop your message in the comment box for further information or assistance. (To get the company’s own games 3 times daily, join my 86FB Whatsapp group here where you will be getting 3 games daily. Please, do make sure to play the company’s own games to avoid loss without a money refund back.

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Note, be wear of scammers claiming to be an agent on 86FB.

I will be answering the following questions such as; Review, Is a Scam? Is Safe to join? Is a scam or legit? How does works? Who is the founder of What is the official website? How to register / signup, login / sign in, and is a legitimate company to do business with?

In this Review, we are going to discuss over these questions and other topics related to

How to make money on

Now, let’s get started and find out now before joining and making money playing games 3 times daily.

How To Make Money On 86W.Com

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What is 86W.Com all about?

First of all, 86w is a great platform to join. 86w is the same as 86FB, it is an online betting platform where all registered members have the opportunity to earn money by participating in betting games on website.

Making money with is so simple that anyone can sign up and start making money right now. You’re set to go once you have a smart phone and good internet connectivity.

After successful sign up, and depositing the minimum of N5,000 into your account, you will be offered the chance to play up to three games each day when you join up for the platform.

How does works? work by allowing you to register as a member then to be qualified to participate in the 86FB Football betting. After registration, simply logging into your account and complete your account setups.

On the setup process, your required to deposit a minimum of three thousand five hundred naira (N5,000). But if you wish to deposit more than the minimum amount, you’re free.

Therefore, you’re to note that the amount of money you earn on is solely dependent on the amount of money you recharge on your account. But don’t worry; you can still update the amount if you wish so. If you started with the minimum amount.

If you watch from the above paragraph, you can see that the greater amount of money you deposit on the platform, the greater the bonus and commission you receive from them if place a bet.

Another good news is that you can also earn money from the website if you refer someone who joins the platform and deposit into his/her account using your referral link.

Note: As of 7th April, 2022, the minimum amount deposit on changed from N3,500 to N5,000.

What do I need to register account?

If you ask what is the requirement to join platform. They are as follows:

  • Your full Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Smartphone with internet access.
  • Banks ATM card

How to register with / sign up process

Are you ready for the registration process? The following information is required of you to register or sign up for an account with

  • Go to here
  • Enter your preferred USERNAME in the first field.
  • Enter your preferred PASSWORD in the second field.
  • To register under me, leave my promo code 85898348 if you see it upon registration in the field. With my promo code, I will be able to guide you as my downline. (Please message me in the comment box after registering using my promo code. Or Join my 86FB Whatsapp group here.
  • Next, enter your mobile phone number.
  • Check the box that read “I am over 18 years old and agree to betting related regulations and Terms of Service” if’s not mark. Please mark it.
  • Lastly, click on “Register”.

Register 86FB Here and get help on other processes. Join my 86FB Whatsapp group here.

What should I do after registering with 86FB Football?

After a successful registration on website, update your personal information and other required information before depositing into your 86FB Football account. To help you out on such information and what to do, be sure you register using our promo code. Register here.

After registration on 86FB, do the following:

Update Personal Information

On your Personal Center dashboard, click Personal Information, set withdrawal password, and enter your actual name (note, the actual name should be the name on your bank account).

Update 86FB Card Management

Click card management on your Personal Center dashboard and follow the instruction.

How to Log in my account on / sign in

To log into your account, the following information is required:

  • Firstly, make sure you correctly have your username and password handy.
  • Then, to gain access to your account, click on LOGIN.
  • Enter your username and password in their respective field.
  • Tap on “Login”.

How to deposit on 86FB

To deposit on 86FB after successful registration, do the following:

  • Note, if you’re not on the Personal Center after login, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left, then select Personal Center.
  • Then, tap the Deposit button but if you’re on the Personal Center already, proceed by tapping the Deposit button without following the above step.
  • Select Bank card (if a Nigerian paying in naira). Else, select USDT (if not a Nigerian paying in dollar).
  • In the Bank Card option, you will see different payment options like Opay Digital Services Limited, Nigerian, Gmspay (Nigeria), StarsPay, Wepay etc.
  • Select any payment method of your choice and proceed.
  • Enter your ATM card details (16 digits number, expiration date, and your card CVV at the back of your card).
  • Follow the onscreen steps to complete 86FB recharge (deposit).

Can I top up my deposit on 86FB the second time?

Yes, if you wish to add up your deposit sum, you do so. This will enable you to earn more. Depositing into the second time adds to your current amount and will also increase your interest amount. That is to say, if your balance is N100,00, 3% of that will be N3,000 on each game that won. Now, think of it when you deposit the second time N100,000, making N200,000 which will now give you 3% of it N6,000 on each game you played that won also.

Is paying?

As of when writing this post, YES, is paying all its users accordingly. Referral Commission

Inviting family and friends to join the platform using the referral program, any member that registered using your referral link is an additional method of earning money from 86FB Football platform.

Conclusively, when anyone got registered and successfully deposits into their account, you will be rewarded with a commission by the platform.

You’re in line of earning more on when you refer more people to join the 86FB Football platform. This is to say, the more the referrals you accumulate, the more reward you get from

How much will 86FB pay me if I refer people?

When you refer 5 people to join, you get N7,000. refer 10 people to join, you get N14,000, and so on.

How will I place a bet on 86FB Football Website?

Before placing a bet on platform, note that if play the company’s own prediction will get a money guaranty on loss but if you wish to play your own, any loss in the bet you placed is at your own risk. The company will predict 3 games daily for you to play with 3% interest on any successful played.

The following steps is use to place s bet on

  • Log in to your account (using your Username and Password).
  • Tap on the 3 Horizontal Line at left top.
  • Click on Market List.
  • On the list, if fund the game you want to play, tap on it.
  • Next, check out the predict and tap Place Bet button in red colour.
  • In the transaction amount field, enter the amount you wish playing the game with. (if playing the company’s own game, I will advise playing with all amounts on your account). To do so, Tap All. Don’t worry your money is safe, if the outcome of the match is loss, the company will refund back your money but if the outcome of the match is won, you’ll get 3% interest on the money in your money.
  • Lastly, click OK.

You’re done! To play again, tap keep playing. To see details of the game you just played, tap go to transaction.

What time does release the game to pay?

As earlier stated, 86FB Football gives 3 games daily with money-back guarantee if lost the game. The following is when released games:

  1. First Game: 11:00am.
  2. Second Game: 4:30pm.
  3. Third Game: 9:00pm.

If you register through our blog, message me in the comment section below for more information.

How to withdraw from withdrawal process is very simple. You can make withdrawal on the 86w platform any amount on your account at anytime and get paid directly to your registered bank account with them.

Before you can make a withdrawal on, you need to provide them your account details and personal details on the platform (note that your actual name must match the exact name on your bank account and valid ID).

Note that upon withdrawal, placed a 5% charges on each withdrawal you make on their website. Read more about How To Withdraw Money On 86w.

Is scam or legit?

As of when am writing this post, cannot be called a scam or been legit at the moment as no proof of not paying members has been recorded yet. Therefore, joining at the moment will be a personal risk.

I will advise intending and already registered members to bet wisely and make sure they don’t invest what they can’t afford to lose.

Who is the Owner

For now, no information about the founder of is known to be publically available.

Frequently Asked Questions on

The follow are questions people also ask about

Why am I not getting my withdrawal on

Please note, anytime you Withdraw and you see pending for sometime or failed, most at times the problem is from your bank network. Exercise patience, you will be paid. But if it shows failed, your money will be refunded back to your wallet.

You can withdraw again later when network improves. You don’t need to start panic. You can rather chat online customer service. But in all I said, patience is key.

Is a Scam or Legit?

I can’t tell if is scam or legit but for now, I can say that good business to invest on. Please, do invest wisely.


Thanks reading our review on I believe now you can tell little or more about if scam or legit also the process to get started?

Do feel free to share your personal experiences with in the comment box below.

Find out Now before Joining. Join my 86FB Whatsapp group here. If you have any questions about 86w, let me know using the comment box.

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