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How To Make Money On, Is 86z Legit Or Scam? See Full Review

If you ask what’s 86Z all about? When was 86Z created? Is fake or real? How can I find out if is a scam or legit? How does 86z Football work? How do I register on 86z Football?

Since you want to know more about, stay on this page and read through. Here, you’ll be learning everything about alongside how it works. In this review about, you’ll discover all about 86z Football if it’s real or fake.

You will also know everything about how the 86z Football referral bonus works and so on. So if you decided to go through this page to read more about, we shall see you through the information you needed to know about 86z Football.

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To know the details about, see the following information:

  • domain registration was made on 2001/06/12.
  • The minimum investment amount on the 86z platform is N3,500.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount on 86z is N3,500.
  • You can withdraw 1 time a day on 86z.

What is is an investment platform that allows you to make money after creating an account and successfully depositing some cash into your 86z Football account. To earn money from is so simple that you can join and start making money immediately.

To make money on the platform, you should have a smartphone and access to the internet then you’re ready to go. When you sign up with 86z platform, you will be given three games to play daily.

How does work? is more of betting with an investment structure, an earning scheme where you must first create an account, deposit into your account, and start betting.

To become a registered member on, simply go to 86z official website at, complete your registration process, deposit on your account, and begin earning from 86z platform playing games.

In 86z platform, the minimum deposit amount is N3,500. After the minimum recharge of N3,500, you will start to earn daily. For those that recharge the minimum amount, note that the outcome will be very low.

Therefore, it’s recommended that deposit a higher amount to receive a higher outcome. But please, don’t put in your life savings to avoid loss.

But have it in mind that earning on depends on the money you invest on the platform. The more money you deposit on 86z platform, the higher bonus / commission you get from 86z platform.

How the earning on 86z platform work

  • When your recharge (deposit) N65,000, you get N3,200 on every successful game you played.
  • When you recharge N150,000, you get N8,800.
  • When you recharge N300,000, you get N22,000.
  • When you recharge N800,000, you get N78,000.
  • When you recharge N2,000,000, you get N180,000.
  • When you recharge N10,000,000, you get N960,000.

Note that this is a one-time claim. Additional earning will be when you refer someone to join 86z platform using your referral link.

How to make money on

To start making money with, start by downloading 86z app and registering an account with

How To Make Money On

How to download app?

To download the app, kindly go to 86z official website, at the right-hand side of the website, you’ll see the download app option. You can download and start using the 86z app.

How to register on website?

To sign up with is very simple. Upon the registration process with, you’re required to entire your details correctly.

Here is how to register on platform:

  • Go to
  • Click on Register.
  • Enter your details correctly.
  • Click on the Register button below to complete the registration. Login

After the registration on, to sign in on 86z platform, the following information is required:

  • Go to login page.
  • Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Click LOGIN to gain access to your 86z account.

Is a legitimate business to do?

As of when writing this post, I will say YES, because compensates all its users fairly. Referral Commission

If you are into already, another way to make money on this platform is by referring (inviting) new members (family and friends) to join 86z platform using your referral link.

Therefore, when anyone uses your referral link to register on the 86z Football platform, pays you a commission. That is to say you can earn more money on 86z platform by referring more people to join. The more referrals you have on, the more money you earn from them.

How to make a withdrawal on

You have earned some cash on, now it’s time to make withdrawal right? To make withdrawal on website, you simply need to provide your bank account details alongside personal information on the 86z website.

Have it in mind that each withdrawal you make on, is subject to a 5% fee.

Is a scam or a legit website to invest?

As of the time of writing this post, is not classified to be legit or fraudulent website because no proof of any form of payment has been recorded on 86z platform.

Therefore, joining platform at this time is completely at your own risk. All I have to say to upcoming and existing members on 86z platform is to invest only what they can afford to lose.

Is paying?

As of the time of writing this post, no evidence of payment had been recorded on this 86z platform.

Reasons why might crash?

Consider the following why might crash and then sees as a scam:

  • It’s not the same as genuine football betting. It’s merely a sports betting bookie takeoff.
  • They are not earning enough money. They generate money by deducting 5% of all withdrawals.
  • 86z is a platform in which everyone wins. It is a violation of the established regulations of gambling.
  • They will stop paying if 86z becomes too busy. If there is a restricted input of cash, they might crash.

With the above, I advise you invest wisely!


Thanks for reading about from us. What do you experience from 86z platform whether good or bad, feel free to share with us in the comment section below:

This way, you will help others know if is legit or a scam. It will really help others make an informed decision as well before joining

Hope you enjoy reading this review about

2 thoughts on “How To Make Money On, Is 86z Legit Or Scam? See Full Review

  • I believe 86fb to be genuine platform, as long it doest work in Europe, uk.

  • Gbenga Fashoyin

    This is a scam, don’t join it, before you know, your money is gone, you will be blocked, they becomes unreachable. It happens to me. I advice you forget about it’s a scam.


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