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How I Resolve My UBA Bank Dispense Error

How do you resolve dispense error in Uba? Yes, we have all been in this messy and frustrating situation before and we didn’t know what to do.

I mean if you’re here looking for the next step to take so you could get a quicker refund of a bank dispense error from the United Bank of Africa, then this is the right place to be.

In this article, I would be showing you how UBA bank dispense error can be fixed easily by taking you on a few steps.

Firstly, the first step to take when you are faced with the UBA bank dispense error is to get the UBA Chargeback Request Form. This form gives you the opportunity to resolve your bank dispense issue with UBA Plc.

Should in case your dispense error on UBA occur by card, then log card dispense error using the UBA dispense Chargeback Request Form.

Ways To Fix UBA Bank Dispense Error

Here are ways to log dispense errors with the United Bank of Africa (UBA).

  • UBA Card dispense error
  • UBA Chargeback Request Form

How to Get the UBA Chargeback Request Form

You can get the form from any of the UBA branches closest to you or you can also get the form online on the UBA official banking website.

In this article, I will be showing you more than one way that you can use to get your money back if you ever experience a bank dispense error or transaction error.

Did you know that you could also fix this error through UBA’s social media handle? Come on; let me guide you through these ways.

What Are the Causes of UBA Dispense Errors?

  • Poor network connectivity.
  • An old ATM debit card;
  • When the card is dusty or damaged;
  • Imputation of incorrect pin numbers.

Always make sure that the network is smooth and reliable before proceeding to withdraw cash from any ATM using a UBA debit/credit card.

To fix the UBA bank dispense error, you would be required to either contact the UBA customer care line through social media, customer line, live chats, WhatsApp, or email.

UBA Bank Customer Care Mobile Phone Number

One of the best ways of contacting UBA concerning the transfer or dispense issues is to reach them through their official customer phone numbers. The UBA customer service phone number is (+234) 01-2808822, (+234) 01-6319822, (+234) 07002255-822. You can reach them using either of these numbers.

As soon as you get in touch with the UBA customer service personnel, state your issues and they would begin working on it. The problem would be fixed within 24-48 hours of working days.

Fixing UBA Bank Dispense Error through Social Media

UBA dispense error can also be fixed through their handles on social media. For Facebook, you’ll need to contact the UBA Customer Support Service via Facebook app.

Log on to your Facebook Messenger account and Search for UBA ChatBanking, send a message to the chatbot, and follow through till you get to the point where you lodge a complaint. 

For WhatsApp, you need to add the customer care line (+232) 79919919 to your contact, and then text the number and follow a few steps till your complaints are lodged.

How I Resolve My UBA Bank Dispense Error

Fixing UBA Bank Dispense Error through Email

You can alternatively reach the customer care service via email at to log your complaints about dispensing issues. You will need to provide information about the incident and evidence that the money was withdrawn from your account.

How long does it take for UBA to reverse money?

UBA reversal will be done to your account if a dispense error occurs within 24-48 working hours when the transaction is confirmed failed.

The above methods are ways by which you can resolve UBA bank dispense errors without physically going to the bank to log your complaints.

If you do not have a copy of your declined withdrawal, it is more preferable to log your complaint via the UBA email as they have a forum there that covers that.

The online method and offline methods for fixing the UBA bank dispense error are both thoroughly explained in this article. With the information passed above, you should not fret whenever you are faced with a UBA dispense error as you already know what to do to resolve the issue.

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