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2021 Guide On UBA Internet Banking

UBA internet banking makes banking more easily as you have to perform all your UBA bank transaction at the comfort of your home without visiting any it bank branch.

The UBA internet banking service also known as UDirect is available to both old and new UBA account holders.

UBA online banking and the UBA mobile app banking seem to be different but both are accessible online with the help of an internet-enabled device.

In this article, you’ll be learning how to perform UBA online banking transactions using the udirect UBA platform as well as UBA mobile banking app. Aside from this also, I will mention the UBA internet banking code.

While the UBA online banking and its mobile app banking are for users with smartphone devices (like Android or iOS that features internet connectivity), the UBA USSD code banking is for users with a non-smartphone device (like the button phone without internet).

A good advantage for those with internet-enabled devices that both can be carried out on their device.

Let’s get started!

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UBA internet banking home page

Requirement for Registering the UBA online Banking Service

Before taking the steps to register UBA internet banking service, the following requirements are outlined to be in place:

  • You must have an account with UBA bank (either current or savings)
  • The phone number and email address you use in registering the UBA bank account must be in place and must be active
  • You’ll need an active UBA ATM card
  • Lastly, an active smart internet-enabled device

Now that you have the above requirements at hand, let’s proceed to how to register for UBA direct internet banking.

How to register UBA Internet Banking

Even with the above requirement, you’ll have to register with the Udirect UBA platform to start banking online.

I know your question right now might have been “How do I register for UBA internet banking?”. That’s never a problem, you don’t have to worry I have the steps below:

  • Go to UBA Internet Banking Instant Self-Registration Page by visiting
  • After above step, you will get to see a page with beautiful display, on it at the right-hand side (for desktop users) will see a box that requires your UBA online banking login if you’ve already registered. Mobile phone users are to navigate their page down to see this.
UBA internet banking registration and login page
  • Below the box, click Instant Self-Registration button
  • You’ll see a message saying “To register, please select the user type”, you will have to check the box “Retail or Corperate” and click Continue button to proceed.
UBA Internet Banking Instant Self-Registration
  • To continue the UBA bank internet banking registration, please provide your UBA account details alongside your debit card details and click on continue to move on.
UBA internet banking registration form
  • After this, the next step is to create and confirm password (please ensure you choose a strong/secure password that you can easily remember anytime you’re to make use of it).
  • Lastly, you’ll get message/display saying your registration has been completed and confirmed.
  • Successful

Uba Online Login

The UBA online login is your USER ID in which you can use to access your UBA internet banking account. To login UBA internet banking, follow the steps below:

UBA Online banking code

With the improvement in the banking sector, things have become so easy that you don’t have to visit the bank branch or have an internet connection (device) in order to carry out a transaction.

Aside from using the UBA online banking/app, the UBA internet banking code is another means of performing transactions from your UBA bank account.

This service is highly recommended for those that don’t have an internet-enabled device. Hence, they are to register with the UBA USSD code banking service to carry out this process.

What is the UBA bank USSD code? The UBA USSD code is *919# and you can do a lot of UBA banking transactions with this code.


UBA Internet Mobile App

The UBA internet mobile app is another great way to bank and manage your UBA account online.

Most UBA account holders prefer using it mobile app to access their account online rather than the UBA internet banking

The only difference between UBA ebanking and UBA app banking is that using the UBA online banking, you don’t have to download any app while using the UBA mobile app, you’ll have to download the bank app.

If you don’t already use UBA mobile app and want to try it out. You can go on to download the mobile app to start using UBA mobile banking.

Android phone users can download UBA mobile banking app on Google play while iOS users can get the ‎UBA internet mobile banking App on the App Store.

UBA internet banking Features

With UBA online banking service, you will have access to a ton of features and some of the basic features you’ll be enjoying using UBAGroup internet banking include:

  • Transfer to local banks both Inter and Intra
  • International transfers known as FX Transfer
  • UBA bank account monitoring
  • Getting digital receipts for proof of payment
  • Pay utility bills, airtime recharge for yourself, friends, or family as well as renewal of subscriptions.
  • Booking flights online
  • Generating UBA account statement
  • Also to view, download, and print your statements of account
  • Your UBA account personalization/updating some personal information
  • Banking 24/7 at your finger tips.
  • Maximum account protection with the help of top-class security

How to reset your UBA secure pass on Internet banking

Always secure your UBA pass online. The following steps below are used to secure your UBA online banking secure pass:

  • Click on Menu
  • Select More
  • Click on General Services
  • Select Reset Token
  • Enter Response 1 and 2
  • Lastly, click Submit button

UBA customer care Service

The UBA customer care service is always there should in case you’ve any issues while setting UBA online registration done or accessing your UBA internet banking.

UBA customer care has different departments at each and every UBA bank branch you visit and they’re committed to helping customers solve their online banking challenges.

To get in touch with them anytime and anywhere. See their contact details below:

  • UBA Head Office: No. 57 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State.
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Phone Numbers: (+234) 07002255-822, (+234) 01-6319822, 0700-CALL-UBA)


Whatever you called it, UBA internet banking, UDirect UBA, UBA online banking, all means the same thing. I have talked lengthily on this topic so as to ensure you get the rightful information you’re seeking for.

Also, I mention the UBA mobile app internet banking and the UBA USSD code banking in detail, strongly believe you’ll find them helpful.

Let’s get your feedback and know-how to serve you better. Thanks for reading through.

FAQ About UBA Online Banking

Below are frequently asked questions on UBA internet banking;

How Do I Reset My UBA Online Banking Password?

On the UBA Internet Banking Instant Self-Registration Page, search and click on “Forgot password”

You will be asked to enter your Internet Banking USER ID on the next screen that displays and submit.

Note, if you’ve any security questions, you’re to provide an answer to that security question before retrieving your USA password else you’ll have to visit the bank branch.

After this, a new password is automatically generated and sent to your registered phone number or e-mail address.

How do I find my UBA user ID?

If you’ve forgotten your UBA internet banking ID and want to know it, you’ll need to visit the home page of the bank’s internet banking at

Now, click on the “Forget User ID” option. You have to input your UBA account number and click on the “Submit” button.

After this, your UBA User ID will be forwarded to the phone number or email address you use to registered with UBA bank.

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