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How To Get The BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes

Do you anticipate learning the BPDB prepaid meter codes? You can find information on using BPDB prepaid meter codes and other BPDB prepaid meter-related topics here.

You may learn how to check the balance on a Hexing prepaid meter as well as any other prepaid meter codes from Bangladesh Electricity here. Prepaid meters were introduced by the Bangladesh government in 2017 in a smaller number of residences.

The problem was that the majority of users in Bangladesh don’t know how to access the prepaid meter easily, despite the fact that it was noted during the development of the Bangladesh prepaid meter that it makes users’ lives easier and more comfortable.

As a result, the full prepaid meter from Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) contains shortcodes. This will facilitate quick and simple usage. The shortcodes are what make it so amazing to use.

Customers can therefore learn a lot of preformatted information by contacting these BPDB prepaid meter shortcodes. In this article, we’ll attempt to provide a few key BPDB shortcodes with details and an explanation of how to use them correctly at any moment.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes Updates

Users of the BPDB prepaid meter can easily obtain preloaded data on the meter by dialing the 3-digit BPDB shortcodes. Different codes are available for this meter. Not all of these are consistently used on a regular basis. So, below, we’ve attempted to provide some BPDB shortcodes and their related details.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Emergency Loan Code

In a second situation, users reached their peak usage at midnight, for instance. In order to activate their BPDB emergency load, they can then dial 811.

What is the BPDB Prepaid Meter Emergency Balance Checking Code?

To put it briefly, the emergency balance code for BPDB prepaid meters is 810.

It’s essential to understand how to check the emergency balance on the BPDB prepaid meter in order to get ready for the final amount of electricity. No problem, simply dial 810 to quickly check the amount for emergencies on your BPDB electric meter.

For BPDB digital meters, the emergency balance code is thus 810.

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How to find All Prepaid Meter Codes BD

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes
BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes

BPDB Prepaid Meter Balance Check

The consumer must be aware of the status of the current balance on the BPDB prepaid meter in order to choose their next plan for buying electricity. Users can check the balance on their BPDB prepaid meters by dialing 801.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Number Check

Sometimes, you might forget the BPDB prepaid meter number when attempting to recharge the Hexing prepaid meter via the internet because and you’ll be unable to recharged your BPDB meter without this meter number.

Customers can easily check their BPDB prepaid meter number by dialing 804 on their BPDB Hexing meter.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Helpline Number

Please be aware that there are no shortcodes available on the BPDB prepaid meter to assist customers. Customers can contact the BPDB by phone or mail to voice their concerns. Below are the official phone numbers and email address for the BPDB helpline:

  • Tel: 02-47120224, 02-47120225
  • Mobile: 01708-149502, 01708-149503
  • E-mail address: consumer.complain@bpdb.gov.bd

All BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes

We’ve listed all of the BPDB meter codes below if you wish to learn all of their short codes and how to use them in your home:

Here’s all the BPDB prepaid meter codes

  • Date check code: 802
  • Time check code: 803
  • Meter number check code: 804
  • Meter condition check code: 807
  • Relay connection disconnect check code: 806
  • Present connected load check code: 808
  • Emergency credit start code: 811
  • Emergency balance check code: 810
  • Last day utility usages code: 813
  • Alarm sound off code: 812
  • Last recharge date check code: 815
  • Present month usages electricity check code: 814
  • Last recharge amount check code: 817
  • Last recharge time check code: 816
  • Electricity off time check code: 819
  • Last month electricity usages check code: 820
  • One month earlier electricity usages check code: 821
  • Two months earlier electricity usages check code: 822
  • Three months earlier electricity usages check code: 823
  • Four-month earlier electricity usages check code: 824
  • Five months earlier electricity usages check code: 825
  • Last recharge token number check code: 830
  • Top power load check code: 869
  • Phase current check code: 874
  • Phase voltage check code: 870
  • Phase power load check code: 877
  • Reverse power check code: 879
  • Monthly average usages check code: 881
  • Present TOU check code: 886
  • Presently used step tariff check code: 887
  • Balance check return token check code: 888
  • Present token serial number code: 889
  • Canceled token time check code: 890
  • Token take time check code: 891
  • Relay connection time check code: 892
  • Relay disconnect time check code: 893
  • Friendly mode maximum usages check code: 894
  • Friendly mode maximum use date check code: 895
  • Weekly holy day check code: 899
  • Friendly mode end time check code: 898
  • Step tariff 1 unit check code: 901
  • Friendly mode check code: 900
  • Step tariff 2 unit check code: 902
  • Step tariff 3 unit check code: 903
  • Step tariff 4 unit check code: 904
  • Step tariff 5 unit check code: 905
  • Step tariff 6 unit check code: 906
  • Step tariff 7 unit check code: 907
  • Step tariff 1 unit price check code: 908
  • Step tariff 2 unit price check code: 909
  • Step tariff 3 unit price check code: 910
  • Step tariff 4 unit price check code: 911
  • Step tariff 5 unit price check code: 912
  • Step tariff 6 unit price check code: 913
  • Step tariff 7 unit price check code: 914
  • Step tariff 8 unit price check code: 915
  • Less credit alarm level 1 code: 917
  • Less credit alarm level 2 code: 918
  • Less credit alarm level 3 code: 919
  • Usages holiday check code: 921
  • The present month used amount check code: 922
  • Last month used amount check code: 923
  • One month earlier used the amount check code: 924
  • Two months before using the amount check code: 925
  • Three months earlier used the amount check code: 926
  • Four-month earlier used amount check code: 927

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Note: If the BPDB codes indicated above are ineffective, please use the BPDB codes listed below:

  • Load: 007
  • Tariff Category: 018
  • Check Emergency Balance: 032
  • Used Emergency Balance: 039
  • Voltage: 052
  • Present Used Load (KW): 060
  • Total Kvar Reading: 083
  • Last Month Average Power Factor: 099
  • Present Month Used Unit (KW): 400
  • Present Month Used BDT: 413
  • Present Month Height Uses Unit: 470
  • Meter Indication Status: 008
  • Present Utility Rate: 019
  • Check Balance (Present Balance): 037
  • Power Factor: 051
  • Current (I): 055
  • Till now Total Import Current (KW): 081
  • Present Month Average Power Factor: 087
  • Most Recent Power Buy Amount: 200
  • Last Month Used Unit (kWh): 401
  • Last Month Used BDT: 414
  • Take Emergency Balance: 99999

More BPDB Hexing Meter Codes

Look at the image below to view more code regarding the BPDB Hexing prepaid meters.

More BPDB Hexing Meter Codes
More BPDB Hexing Meter Codes

The China Hexing Company is the sole provider of prepaid meters in Bangladesh. If the company ever updates any shortcodes, we’ll post about it on this site. See the report on Bangladesh’s hexing of prepaid meter codes.

We made an effort to clarify BPDB prepaid meter shortcodes on our website. They may now easily use shortcodes on their BPDP meter and share their experience with others.

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