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How To Get Bangladesh Hexing Prepaid Meter Codes

Are you seeking for Bangladesh Hexing prepaid meter codes? On this page, we’ve got them covered.

The Bangladesh Rural electrification board authority has been receiving prepaid electric meters from the Hexing electricity company in Chinese. The Hexing prepaid power meters operate similarly to other prepaid electricity meters.

Bangladesh used to typically pay for their energy bill after consuming a month, a practice known as postpaid metering, but now that prepaid meters have been introduced, people must recharge their prepaid meters in order to use electricity.

You can use the quantity of electricity you have purchased after having your Bangladesh Hexing prepaid meter recharged. After having your Bangladesh Hexing prepaid meter recharged, you can utilize the number of power units you have paid for.

Let’s verify all the Hexing prepaid meter codes. Let’s examine each code for a Hexing prepaid meter in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Hexing Prepaid Meter Codes

How To Get Bangladesh Hexing Prepaid Meter Codes
Bangladesh Hexing Prepaid Meter Codes

Hexing Meter Codes Updated

Although Hexing prepaid meters are utilized practically everywhere, different countries may have different Hexing prepaid meter numbers. Prepaid Hexing meter codes are fixed in Bangladesh.

This page seeks to evaluate all of the Hexing meter codes used in Bangladesh to perform various tasks, including checking the balance of the meter and obtaining energy credits.

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What is the Hexing Prepaid Meter Reset Codes?

You can reset the Hexing prepaid meter to get it working properly if you discover that the settings are not operating correctly or the meter is experiencing a common error.

You can reset the prepaid meter on your Hexing device by dialing a shortcode from the keypad. The Hexing prepaid power meter reset code is 008 to begin.

Hexing Prepaid Meter Tamper Code

Keep in mind that your Hexing prepaid electricity meter may have entered “Tamper Mode” if it suddenly stops supplying current or power yet you still have money in your Hexing prepaid meter.

Additionally, you require the Hexing meter Tamper Code to resolve the Hexing prepaid meter tamper issue. You must speak with your electricity supplier to obtain the Hexing Prepaid meter tamper code in order to fix this.

That could be your nearby Palli Bidyut Samiti in Bangladesh.

Hexing Prepaid Meter Balance Check Code

Dial 801 to check your Hexing prepaid meter’s balance, and 800 to view the total amount of energy used on your Hexing prepaid meter.

  • To check the total energy usage, the Hexing meter code is 800.
  • To check the credit balance, the Hexing meter balance code is 801.

Hexing Prepaid Meter Emergency Balance Code

You have a chance to acquire an emergency unit if your Hexing prepaid meter runs out of credit. Dial 00 to acquire credit for your Hexing prepaid meter in case of emergency.

You must dial 810 to check the emergency balance on your Hexing prepaid meter.

  • Dial 810 on the meter keypad to check the emergency balance on a Hexing prepaid meter.
  • Dial 00 to obtain Hexing prepaid meter emergency credit.

Please take note that you are not required to make a payment on the day that your main balance or emergency credit expires while using the Hexing prepaid meter. As a result, you may pay after the official holiday.

Other Hexing Prepaid Meter Codes

Since there are numerous varieties of Hexing prepaid meters accessible nowadays, this essay covered all of their codes. One of the prepaid meters used in Bangladesh is the Hexing HXE110-KP.

Other Hexing HXE110-KP prepaid metered codes are shown below. Here are several examples:

  • Emergency balance take code: 00
  • Total lifetime used unit: 800
  • Present month used unit: 814
  • Last time recharge amount: 817
  • Present month used BDT: 922
  • Industry meter present bill per unit rate: 886
  • House meter present bill per unit rate: 887
  • Present token sequence: 889
  • To know the date: 802
  • To see the time: 803

Hexing CIU-EV-KP prepaid meter codes

The following are Hexing CIU-EV-KP prepaid meter codes:

  • Total energy consumption: 800
  • Meter number check: 804
  • Cancel alarm: 812
  • SGC number: 805
  • Last charging amount: 817

Please be aware that the two prepaid meter codes can be identical. To be certain, we advise you to try the codes.

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