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Get Your Hexing Prepaid Meter Activation Guide Today

Are you in search of Hexing prepaid meter activation guide? The hexing prepaid meter is a new generation smart prepayment meter. This meter performs both the migrating STS and AMI functions.

You would need to activate the hexing prepaid meter to be able to have full access to its functionalities. So if you need this information, then this piece is for you. You would be able to activate your Hexing prepaid meter in no time.

In activating the hexing prepaid meter, you’ll need to have your tokens to be able to activate it for use. All you need do is to get to the vending station nearest to you; you need purchase some electricity credits.

After this, you would need to know your hexing prepaid meter number. To access this you can dial 804 then hit enter or # to get the number.

You can use it to make the purchase.  When you have completed the purchase, you would be given a customer card as a first timer.

Hexing prepaid meter activation process

Hexing prepaid meter activation

On the customer card, you would be given your 20-digit token through keypad.  You can now input it in your Hexing prepaid meter and wait for a confirmation before continuing.

If your meter rejects the token then you wouldn’t get a successful text. The Hexing meter will display successful when the recharge is completed and the meter activated.

But if not Pay attention to the numbers that would show on your LCD screen to ascertain what is wrong with your token. Now any of these could be the reason, so look at the numbers:

Hexing Prepaid Meter Error Codes

The following error codes will be displayed on your Hexing prepaid meter during activation:

  • 01 shows the token has been inputted wrongly
  • 02 means the token has been used already
  • 03 means the token as expires
  • 04 this shows that the security key expires
  • 05 means that the charging amount exceeds the accumulated charging amount limit

To rectify these issues two things can be done

Method 1:

  • First clear the meter credit
  • Then clear the event status
  • Then switch from prepayment mode to post –payment mode
  • Then change from the post payment mode to prepayment mode again

See if this will help.

The second method is using management token to modify the security key. This comes with two tokens. So one is inputted before the other one.  

It doesn’t matter which ever will be used first. So one can just input the first token and follow up with the second token at 2 minutes internal.

This duration is the default setting though. If this duration it isn’t followed, the first token will become invalid.

After putting the second token the security key should have been modified successfully. This will enable the activation process.


The hexing prepaid meter providers are here to offer power services that are of premium value. So you wouldn’t be wrong getting a hexing prepaid meter for your home.

It is easy to operate, just get your meter and activate it then you are good to go.

So if you wondering how to activate your hexing prepaid meter you have it right here. Just follow the steps outlined above and you would be using your prepaid meter without stress.

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17 thoughts on “Get Your Hexing Prepaid Meter Activation Guide Today

  • Hi please I need a help with my hexing,my light finished and I tried putting another token but it came with failed and I noticed I can’t even check balance or even meter number .it all came back with failed response,I don’t have light for the past 3 days,I don’t know what to do again.please help

  • George Wanjala

    My Hexing prepaid meter refused to load the token. Please assist me by messaging me through my email.

    • Ok, you receive an email from us shortly, you can still refer to our Hexing Prepaid Meter activation manual for step by step guide on how to load your Hexing Prepaid meter as well as how to activate your Hexing electric prepaid meter.

  • Ajayi Abdulwaheed

    Please, my hexing prepaid meter is accepting token is display EE 01,
    My meter Number is 14315456344.
    My load online token on before I get programmed to ibedc, ibedc have issues many KCT for me but, I was rejected
    Please, kindly assist me. ibedc have directed me to my manufacturer.
    I give converting KCT which displays 23 and 24.

    • Why is my hexing metre unable to supply light even when I have units?

    • Nahum ayieke

      I lost my CIU for Hexing wireless. I want to use my neighbours. How do i pair?

  • Solly Malasa

    My Hexing Meter ID No. 1436 3880 940 7. Is not accepting the prepaid electricity token.

    Please Call. 072 253 7781.

    To advise on what to do ??

  • My prepaid meter is always trip up, failed to supply light to my house when there is enough credit on it, it is very annoyed. I will always demand for tamper code.

  • gideon hewer

    my prepaid is in tamper mode there is light but there is no light in the house but still we see a little light from the socket in the room this is our token number 14260483046 pls what can we do we have go to there office noting pls

  • Felix

    Here is my Meter number 14249711392. I’ve finding it difficult to Recharge. No light on my meter keep displaying c.51.0. I need help.

  • Felix

    My meter keep displaying c.51.0. No light on the dashboard, also keep saying failed. Here is my meter number 14249711392.

  • Ajumobi Sunday Kayode

    My HEXING CIU EV 100 Prepaid has not bring out light since I recharge it (3 days ago). The token was loaded and show 35 units but there is no output.

    • Reach out with any Hexing staff near you, there might be power failure entering the Hexing meter from the sources and/or input error.

  • Ronnie K

    I have put token in hexing meter and showed that it is used but my ciu is at flash low out and I have no light what may be a cause now?


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