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Complete Review On Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

The Ikeja electric otherwise known as IKEDC is the largest Nigerian power distribution company. This company is in Ikeja the capital of Lagos State, Nigeria. The company has its own prepaid meter for residents of Lagos state, who will like to own their own prepaid meter and dump the idea of post-electric payment. This piece is going to take you on all you need to know about the Ikeja electric prepaid meter so that you can take advantage of it if you have the need for it.

About Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

Review On Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

The Ikeja prepaid meter is an electric prepaid meter distributed by the leading electricity distribution firm, Ikeja electric in Lagos. So to make getting power supply hassle-free the company has decided to give individuals that need the machine opportunity of owning one. Prepaid meter is for an individual or a household and it can be used at the individual discretion.

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Token

To activate your Ikeja electric prepaid meter, you must first get the activation token.

  • So you visit the website of Ikeja electric on http://www,
  • You then type in your meter numbers to generate the token
  • Enter your Ikeja prepaid meter number and press the submit button
  • The activation token will be displayed on your site instantly

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Activation

Now to load your Ikeja electric prepaid meter token after generating it, you do the following:

  • Enter the first 20 digits and click the enter key on your meter
  • Your meter will show success
  • Then you punch in the next 20 digits and press enter. The meter will show success again
  • You can now buy your energy and it will be successful.

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Application Online

You can complete your Ikeja electric prepaid meter application online by completing or updating your details on or you send an email to the customer service at But for further information, you can call 0700-022-5543

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Registration

You can register online for your Ikeja electric prepaid meter on and you will be asked to fill an online form with your correct details. When once you are done, just click on the red button beneath the form to submit.

How To Make My Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

There are various ways to aid your Ikeja electric prepaid meter read slowly. You can do the following below:

  • Use mostly energy-efficient appliances to help conserve energy
  • If possible use more of solar water heaters or other solar-friendly gadgets
  • If you can dump your LCD television and use LED television
  • Use more of LED bulbs
  • Try to conserve energy, shut down gadgets and appliances that are not in use
  • When traveling, off your meter to avoid it still running or you leave only essential appliances on.

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Online Payment

You can make your Ikeja electric prepaid meter payment online in different ways, so you just choose your preferred method and go ahead with it. These are self-service online channels to help you pay I IKEDC online:

  • Go to the Ikeja electric payment portal to make your payment using your debit card or
  • Visit (quick teller) to pay still with your debit cards
  • Use internet banking: this is made available by the different banks you bank with.
  • Use the banks mobile apps, you can download from the google play store or other
  • You can also use the USSD: i.e *565*6*0013*meter no/account no#

How To Check Debt On Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

If you repaying a debt via your Ikeja electric prepaid meter and you first want to know your debt balance you can do the following:

  • Put your key and click the blue button
  • Your screen will be taken to either 8 or S
  • The amount you owe will show


  • You can check it online visit:
  • Enter your 10 digits ikedc account number
  • Type in your password to login
  • Access your dashboard and press the bill checker to assess it.

Steps To Recharge Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

To recharge your Ikeja electric prepaid meter, you will first need to configure your smartcard that comes with your meter. So make sure you have taken your smartcard to Ikeja electric company for configuration. When once you have configured, you can then follow the below steps to recharge:

  • Go to Ikeja electric outlet
  • Present your card and pay for the credit units you need
  • Your account will be credited and you will be given a 20 digit codes along with your receipts
  • Go to your meter and punch in the codes for activation, if correctly done the screen will display accepted.
  • You can remove your card after completion; your Ikeja electric prepaid meter has been recharged successfully.

Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Price

The price of Ikeja electric prepaid meter is N38,850 to N49,500 for single-phase, then for three-phase is N70,350 to N82,500. These amounts are inclusion of VAT.

How Do I Check My Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter Balance?

To check your Ikeja electric prepaid meter balance, go to your meter and press “07* on the keypad. Next, move and press the blue button and the balance will be displayed instantly in a format like this 110.32

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

The following below are the advantages and disadvantages of using IKEDC electric meter:

The Advantages of using Ikeja electric prepaid meter are:

  • No receiving of any bills, because you will be paying in advance
  • You have the freedom to top up when you like and you control how much to purchase
  • You wouldn’t worry about build up electric debts and no estimation of bills
  • You will hardly have a disconnection of power.

Disadvantages of using Ikeja electric prepaid meter

  • It is expensive
  • You will be without light when your credits or units are exhausted
  • You will recharge more during certain time of the year.


The benefits (pros) of having your Ikeja electric prepaid meter outweigh the cons associated with it. Well, you would have to weigh your options and see if you will prefer to install one after reading this review. You now have the right information about Ikeja electric prepaid meter at your fingertips.

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