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Review Of Best Fuelless Generator To Buy

In this review about the Best Fuelless Generator To Buy, we are going to cover their features, specifications (specs), and price alongside everything you should know about them.

An indispensable factor in the progress of any economy is a power generation and distribution. This is because a lot of sectors depend heavily on the power supply but with the use of fossils and fuel generators, there’s the depletion of the ozone layer and other issues which necessitated the production of generators that will not need fuel for its generation, so here came the fuelless generators. This is a new technology and this piece is here to give you all the information you need to know about the fuelless generators.

Overview Of Fuelless Generator To Buy

Tells you the complete review of Best Fuelless Generator To Buy

A fuelless generator is a generator set that generates electricity without the use of any kind of fuel whether diesel, petrol, and other. It isn’t a solar system or wind energy and it doesn’t depend on natural source too (hydroelectricity). In most cases it uses batteries as its source of power unlike others that uses engines that burn fuel, fuelless generators don’t. The fuelless generator set comes in the form of a battery, a charger and like an inverter in a box. It performs a function just like the UPS either as a backup or as a source of power supply. Looking forward to buying a fuelless generator, here are the most popular brands of the fuelless generator set in the market. They are as follows:

Korean Fuelless Generator

These are Korean made fuelless generator and there are very efficient, reliable and safe for use. One of the best Korean products is the DOOSAN 375kva 300kw fuel less generator. The price for the Korean fuelless generator starts from 170,000 depending on the kva capacity. See features and specs of Korean made fuelless generator set:


  • It powers air conditions, water heater, television, and home and office electronics, gadgets and appliances
  • It comes with advanced generator set control system
  • It is operated with a motor battery
  • Generate power as high as 6kva and above
  • You can switch it off for 30 minutes before using again
  • It can used up to 15 hours
  • Manufactured in Korea
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • 100% tested and trusted in all application


  • Has a 12 volts 75Amps motor battery
  • Has a DC motor

Ecotech Fuelless Generator

This brand of fuelless generator is a powerful brand that supplies fuelless generators that wouldn’t need you using diesel, fuel or any means in powering it. Fuel or any solar panel it is basically powers with 1000amps of battery and the battery charges itself during operation. The beautiful aspect is that the more it works the more it charges itself and of course, the more energy is generated. See the features and specs below:

Features Of Ecotech Fuelless Generator

  • Uses battery to start
  • It doesn’t produce smoke
  • There is always increase in production
  • Less cost on generating power
  • Low risk of running out of power
  • No pollution or vibration
  • No noise or electrical shock


  • Powers with1000amps of battery
  • Capacity of kvas starts from 3.5kva -50kva
  • Battery and key used for starting

Ecotech Fuel less Generator Price

The price tag for Ecotech fuelless generator starts from 150,000NGN depending on the kva capacity needed and goes higher when the kva capacity needed increases.

Tritech Fuelless Generator

This is another powerful brand of fuelless generator that is completely reliable and safe and powerful. Tritech fuelless generator operation is entirely different from the usual generator which uses fuel, diesel and makes noise. This generator is noiseless as it has no engine, but rather has a motor driven by a battery that recharges when it is running.

The Tritech fuelless generator comes with 1 year warranty and can last for up to 6 years, the parts are available and it is easy to maintain. This generator was made in Japan, and installed by a team of experts in Nigeria.

Tritech fuel less generator set uses 1000amps battery capacity. See full specs, features and price below:

Features Of Tritech Fuelless Generator

  • It is noiseless because it has no engine
  • It uses a motor that is powered by a battery, the battery recharge while it is working
  • Tritech fuelless generator comes in different capabilities like 6kva, 10kva and 12kva
  • It doesn’t demands for fuel
  • It can be used to power pumping machine, refrigerators, air conditions, microwave oven, pressing iron, audio systems and appliances
  • It can be used for up to 20 hours


  • Uses 1000amps battery
  • Kva capacity range from 6kva, 10kva and 12kva

What Can Tritech Fuelless Generator Power

Tritech fuelless generator has the capacity to power air conditions, refrigerators, TV sets, home audio systems, pressing iron, microwave oven, water pumping machine and other appliances that a normal generators can said to be powered. The generator can work up to 20 hours a day and is advised to turn it off after 20 hours of use so it can rest.

The Prices for Tritech Fuelless Genset

Seeking to buy Tritech fuel less generator, the following are their price by KVA capacity:

  • 6kva – 85,000NGN
  • 10kva – 120,000NGN
  • 12kva -200,000NGN

Mac Nelson Fuelless Generator

Mac Nelson fuelless generator is a totally secure, free and powerful new power source, the reliability and design is top notch. Like every other generator, this fuelless generator doesn’t have an engine that absorbs fuel, diesel or gas and makes noise. Rather of an engine, it has a DC motor that is powered by a motor battery of 12volts, 1000Amps and above, and recharges itself during operation.

To avoid overuse and overheating of the Mac Nelson fuelless generator, it is recommended that the generator be switched off for up to 1 hour after using it for about 20 hours so that you can continue to enjoy your safe, noiseless and power supply. This latest technology has been fabricated in Korea.

Mac Nelson fuelless generator produces 7.5Kva and above the power you would use in your home, office, or store. This is a new technology in the power supplying industry. See the full features and specs below:

What Can Mac Nelson Fuel less Generator Power

Mac Nelson fuelless generator set has the ability to power a 6hp Air condition, 3 refrigerators, Electric cooker, Electric iron, Microwave, thermocool freezer, Television sets and Audio sound systems or its equivalent alongside other gadgets and appliances.

Features Of Mac Nelson Fuelless Generator

  • This fuelless generator doesn’t use engine that will burn gas, diesel or fuel
  • It is noiseless
  • It recharges self during operation
  • Mac nelson fuelless generator can be used at home, shops or office
  • It can power and carry 3 refrigerators, electric iron, Thermocool freezer, microwave, a 6hp air condition, sound system and its equivalent.
  • It can be used up to 20 hours daily


  • It has a DC motor
  • It is powered by 12 volts and 1000amps
  • Has different variations of kVAs starting from 7.5kva
  • Output voltage: three phase
  • Power factor: 1
  • Frequency: 50herts
  • Controller : 2 wire/ remote


Looking for the price of Mac Nelson fuelless generator, the price range starts from 130,000NGN and above depending features, specs.

Godtime Fuelless Generator Ltd

If you are looking for another great brand of fuelless generator then it will be the Godtime fuelless generator ltd. The brand is noted for producing safe, efficient and reliable fuelless generator set with a good operational output.

Features Of Godtime Fuelless Genset

  • It has no engine to consume gas or fuel
  • It uses a DC motor
  • It is powered by 12 volts 1000amps and above
  • It uses motor battery and self charge itself when in use
  • It can be used to power gadgets and appliances like television sets, refrigerator, microwave, iron etc
  • It will switch off for about an hour after usage
  • It is a noiseless and fuelless power supply


  • 12V/75ah battery
  • C motor
  • Alternator
  • Connecting shaft
  • DC motor
  • Average efficiency 56.43%
  • Peak efficiency: 89.1%


The Price for Godtime fuelless generator ltd generators start from 150,000 and above depending on the specs and features it has.

Tesla Fuelless Generator

You can enjoy another good brand of fuelless generator that doesn’t consume fuel, it uses batteries where the regular ones uses engine. So you are sure of getting your electricity without spending money on any fuel, gas or diesel when using Tesla fuelless generator.

Features Tesla Fuelless Genset

  • It doesn’t produce smoke
  • It’s a noiseless generator
  • Brings increase in production
  • No risk of power outage
  • No cost on electrical power
  • More power output


  • Use a DC motor


The price of Tesla fuelless generator starts from 130,000NGN and above depending on the specs it features. Therefore, counting on Tritech fuelless power generator is a good one for the offer best in price.


Due to the epileptic nature of power supply in some regions, the need for new energy supply as led to people looking for alternatives and here we have the best fuelless generator review you can go for when seeking for a that doesn’t depend on fuel, gas, diesel or any other means for its operation. So you can pick your choice now out of the above mentioned.

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