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A Complete Review Of Generator Set

The world has evolve from the traditional way of using a lantern and other local means when there’s a power outage from the grid, a more convenient means of having a power backup is here and it is the generator set. These machines are of various brands, sizes, and KVAs. In this review, we will be getting full insight into the generator sets and what they have to offer.

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What is a Generator Set?

the portable generator set
This Image Shows Some Portable Generator Set

A generator set otherwise known as a Genset is a piece of portable equipment that has mostly an alternator and an engine used to provide electrical energy. These equipment are mostly used as a secondary source of power (back-up) but some areas of no power supply, it can be used as the primary source.

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Features of a Generator Set

  • This set of generators are reliable
  • Most are fuel-efficient
  • They have a robust construction
  • Comes in either manual or automatic paralleling
  • Have automatic loading control
  • Comes in a scalable design
  • Have a remote or local operation
  • Some have low emission

How Does a Generator Set Work?

Generator set works by converting chemical or mechanical energy into electrical energy, it doesn’t create electricity. It captures the power of motion and then converts it in electrical energy by putting electrons through the external source via an electrical circuit.

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What is a Generator Set Used For?

Generator sets are first and foremost, back-up power supply sources. They aid in converting fuel supply which could be gasoline, diesel, and propane into electrical energy. When once there’s power outage they become the primary source of power supply. They help in charging appliances and keep working tools and equipment power on.

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Sizes of the Generator Set

Generator set comes in different sizes such as portable (medium), small and big Genset, the following are the sizes of the generator set:

Portable Generator Sets:

Portable generators aid in providing temporary power during a power outage. They can be powered with either diesel fuel or gas. These generators can power tools and appliances.

Small Generator Sets:

These are generator sets that are smaller than the portable generators and can be a saver in the case of an emergency. They can be used to power small electronics like camping lights, laptops, phones, and cameras. Examples of these generator sets are WEN 56125i, Honda EU1000i, and Yamaha EF1000iS

Big Generator Sets:

These are the heavy-duty generators that can carry as much load as possible. These kinds of generators are mostly the diesel-fuelled engine generators. These generators come with high KVAs and there expensive to purchase, maintain, and repair. The Lister petter diesel generators sets are typical examples of the big generator. They are mostly used to power industrial areas, for powering heavy tools and equipment.

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The Prices of Generator Sets

The prices of generator set vary according to their brand and sizes, the following are the popular brands in Nigeria and their prices in Naira tag:

Honda Generator Sets:

The smallest Honda is about 2.0KVA and can be up to 8KVA. The price range from 205,000 – 1,255,800NGN

Thermocool Generator Sets:

The smallest Thermocool generator is about 1.75KVA up to 7.5KVA. The price can be as small as 75,000 and as high as 320,000 NGN

Firman Generator Sets:

The KVAs sizes range from 1.2KVA to about 70KVA. The price ranges from 67,000 to 210,000NGN. See the current price here.

Mikano Generator Sets:

The smallest KVAs for the Mikano generator set is about 9KVA and as high as 100KVA. The price range is between 1,650,000NGN to 3,100,000NGN

Elepaq Generator Sets:

The smallest size of this generator is about 1.2 KVA and it goes up to about 10KVA and the price ranges from 75,000 – 230,000NGN. See the current price on Konga.

Sumec Firman Generator Sets:

Sumec Firman generator has low size generators that can be small as 6KVA and its prices range from 35,000 to 270NGN

Luitan Generator sets:

The price range for Lutian generator set starts from N39,000 for its 1KVA generators and as high 310,000NGN. See the current price here.

Elemax Generator Sets.

The Elemax generator has a size range of about 2.2KVA for small ones and 20KVA for big ones. Their prices are about N193,000 for small ones and N3,350,000 for big ones.

Tiger Generator Sets:

Tiger set of generators has a size range of about 1.2KVA to 10kva and their prices range from 35,000-150,000NGN.

Lister Generator Sets:

Lister petter generator set has big KVAs up to 250KVA for heavy load. The price ranges from N295,000 to N30,550,000.

Perkins Generator Sets:

These diesel generator sets have big sizes generators. Their KVAs size can be as high as 250KVA. Their prices vary too ranging from N2,800,000 to 30,650,000NGN

Parsun Generator Sets:

Parsun generator has KVAs as low as 2.3KVA; their prices are from N74,000 to N125,000.

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Kipor Generator Sets:

These are sets of diesel generators and have low KVAs of about 4.5KVA and high ones up to 17 KVA. The prices are between N550,000 and N4,650,000

FG Wilson Generator Sets:

These are diesel generators that have KVAs ranging from 4KVA and as high as 20KVA. The price ranges from N2,420,000 to 4,800,000NGN

See the current price of generator set on Konga store.

Generator Set by Fuel Type

Generator set can be identified via the type of fuel that can be used with it. The following are the type of generator set by fuel type.

Diesel Generator Sets

A DG (Diesel generator set) is a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator set to create electrical energy. A diesel compression-ignition engine is made to run on diesel fuel. These genset comes in a KVAs that ranges from 8 to 2500KVAs. Examples are Durostar DS7000Q diesel generator and pulsar PG7000D diesel generator.

Gasoline Generator Sets:

These are generator sets are powered with the use of gasoline (fuel). They can be described as gasoline engine generator set. The KVAs of gasoline generator range from 10KW up to 2500KW. Gasoline generator work  by an internal combustion engine injecting a mixture of fuel and air into a combustion chamber and a piston compresses the mix from there a spark plug ignite the fuel for power supply.

Inverter Generator Sets:

These set of generators use an engine connected to an alternator to produce AC power. These generators use electronic circuitry. They are lightweight and little. It can be fitted into a car or boat.

Gas Generator Sets:

These are generator sets that use gas and are used by some auxiliary power units to power electrical powers and some hydraulic pumps. Gas generators cost between $500- $3k.

Propane generator sets:

These are propane fuelled generators. Propane fuel is limitless it doesn’t degrade or evaporate over time like the gasoline fuel. With propane generator sets one is still able to refill the fuel tanks even when power is out. Examples of propane generators are DuroMax XP5500EH propane generator and Generac -6000 propane portable generator.

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Benefits of a Generator Set

What are the benefits of owning a generator set? They include the following benefits:

  • Generators sets power homes including cooling system, computer, and appliances and heating system.
  • They deliver power very fast and some automatically during a blackout
  • Gives users a level of comfortability and safety level during emergencies
  • Generators set protects appliances from dangerous voltage fluctuations as well as surges when the power is returned
  • It can be operated safely even during natural and man-made disasters
  • They can run for long hours especially for project sites that need constant light for work
  • They are great for urgent use and during any form of emergencies.

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Generator Set for Home, Office and Business

Home, office or business generator sets should be silent or low noise generators that wouldn’t disturb your sleep at home or level of concentration in your place of business or office. Some good generators that can be good for these places at a glance are:

  • Hondon EU3000is
  • Prymax portable solar generato
  • Champion 100263 dual fuel portable inverter
  • Champion portable generator remote start
  • A-ipower SUA 1200E  gasoline powered generator
  • WEN 56200i super quiet inverter generator
  • Champion 7500 Watt Generator with electric start

Why Home, Office and Business Generator Set

  • These generator sets are less noisy
  • Their build are sturdy and reliable
  • They are long lasting and dependable for use
  • It wouldn’t disturb you at work or home
  • They have some level of steel frame that guarantee that they are not easily affected by bad weather
  • These generator sets have the capacity to carry the loads at home, business and office
  • Their fuel efficiency is top-notch

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Parts of a Generator Set

These are the major parts of a generator set

  • The engine: every generator has an engine which can be called the machine’s prime mover. This is the part that uses fuel of any type to generate mechanical energy before the generator changes it into electricity.
  • The fuel system: this is the component that stores and also pumps fuel to the engine
  • The Alternator and voltage regulator: the alternator component changes mechanical energy created by the engine into electrical current. The voltage regulator regulates voltage to create a constant current fit for practical use.
  • Cooling, exhaust and lubricating systems: A generator set must have a component for regulating and preventing overheating during use and this is the function of this system. It regulates the temperature of the generator while the lubricating system keeps the generator well oiled.

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