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A Comprehensive Review of Solar Generators

Are you searching to know more about SOLAR GENERATORS? Your search ends now. The world is evolving and it comes with the advancement in technology and as such access to renewable energy and access to green energy like the solar powered generator sets is becoming popular and most wanted in the world.

These points to the advantage of green energy being cleaner and more reliable than other available sources of power supply in the world today which the portable solar power generator has enough roles to play as one of the cleanness means of generating power supply for homes, offices, small business and lot more.

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With the disadvantages abound with other sources of energy especially not being eco-friendly a lot of people are going now going for the portable solar generators. Well, we will be reviewing the solar generators so that you can make a good choice if you decide to get one for your home, office, or small business.

What are Solar Power Generators?

Solar power generators can simply be described as the usable energy that is generated from the sun or the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This power can be gotten using different any evolving and advanced technologies which include solar architecture, photovoltaic’s, molten salt power plants, Artificial photosynthesis, and solar heating.

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With the help of Solar powered generators, electricity is made available at your home, workplace, and so on other than using the fueled, diesel, gas, or any means of generating electricity in other to power your activities any time.

There are solar generator for home, whole house solar generator, solar generator for camping and so on in which some are designed to draw their power source from sunlight while others from highly intensive backup batteries but are said to have one thing in common, which is the ability to generate electricity without fuel, diesel, gas, or any other means.

That is, they are classified under the fuelless generators and are also said to be the quietest generators ever.

Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

The answer here is emphatic Yes; the solar generator kit will have all the necessities to power a house completely which will help reduce electric bills. It is on record that a little 1.8kw solar power can go a long way in generating about 7kwh of electricity per day which is enough to completely power household activities.

With the 500 watt solar generator, think of this and you should be able to know that it has the ability to produce supply to the whole house solar backup generator given you all it takes smooth electricity power supply.

What is the Best Solar Generator for Home Use?

If you’re in search of the best solar generators for home use, you’re at the right place. There are a lot of solar powered generators now in the market that is perfect for any home use, the following three are our top rating solar generators you can make your choice from them. They are:

Goal Zero Yeti 1250

This solar generator can power all the devices in the home. It comes with a kit that has a various array of supplies and tools that excellently help harvest the needed solar energy.

So you can leave about 10 devices on at your home at a time and be sure of them thoroughly charged by its 1250 watt acid lead battery. This solar generator can be connected to other batteries to run longer and can even recharge a solar panel or Ac plugin.

Peppermint Energy Forty 2 pro+

If you are looking for a solar generator power built with only higher raw materials then this solar generator is the best bet. Peppermint Energy Forty 2 pro+ generates enough energy daily to keep large appliances and devices powered on.

One is of getting up 2000 watts of energy for power needs. With Peppermint Energy Forty 2 pro+ solar power generator that’s the ease of use and operation and it charges up quickly to faster use.

Goal Zero Yeti 400

Exceptional solar power generators can’t be mentioned without including Goal Zero Yeti 400 because it is one of the top-rated solar generators. It can help power the entire house with ease.

With Goal Zero Yeti 400 one can charge the solar generator using a wall outlet as well as solar energy. The good thing about it is that it can be connected to other Goal Zero’s generators to last longer and it comes with a surge protector for appliances

How Much Does a Solar Generator Cost?

Want to know the solar generator price? There are a lot of solar generators in the market and each comes with a different watt per charge and the same with price but from our research, a solar generator goes as high as $3000 depending on the product and as low as $1000   on the average.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Generators

The good thing about solar generators is that it has a lot of advantages over its disadvantages, the pros and cons of the solar generator are as follows:

The advantages of solar generators are:

  • It gets free energy from sunlight: Solar energy is generated from the sun free of charge which costs almost nothing.
  • Solar generators have low maintenance costs:  They have no moving parts nor a liquid fuel for use (i.e. they’re totally fuelless generators), so nothing basically to repair, even if it comes it is likely to be very little.
  • Solar generators operate quietly:  Unlike other types of generator available like fuel generators with loud noises, solar generators’ don’t generate any noise while been used as such it is environmentally-friendly (quiet generators) which helps in keeping the environment clean.

The disadvantages of solar generators are:

  • They are expensive: This is one of the cons of solar generators, most of them don’t come cheap like the fuel or fossil generator. So getting a solar generator is costly.
  • It is limited in power supply, sometimes a back up is needed especially on a wet day that generating enough power isn’t feasible. So even with solar generator backing it up other source power supply is a necessity.

Best Solar generators to Buy

Looking for the best backup generator for solar system, there is it. The best solar generators to buy in the market are compiled below.

These solar generators are all in one option which simply means that you won’t need to buy separate components of them and you can easily wire them together on your own. They are:

  • Power survival solar generator with 1,230 watt-hours per charge and cost $1159. See the current price.
  • Goal Zero solar generator with 1,250 watt-hours per charge and cost $1390.90. See the current price.
  • Peppermint Energy Forty 2 max portable solar power generator2000watt hours per charge with and cost about $2499.99. See the current price.
  • Nature’s generator solar powered generator with 720wh per charge and cost $999.99. See the current price.

How Long will a Solar Generator Last?

Note, using a higher watt featured solar generator doesn’t assure long-lasting. The duration of a solar generator will last depending on the capacity of the battery, its load, and the battery charge. So long usage will reduce energy and the lasting will be depleted.

Largest /Smallest Solar Generators

Solar generators come in a different size, there are large solar generators, medium solar generators alongside the small solar generators. There are large and small solar generators:

The smallest or portable solar generators are:

  • Maoak Bluetti EB150 solar generator
  • Jackery Explorer 500 solar generator
  • Renogy phoenix all in one solar generator

Largest solar generators:

  • Dotang solar power top runner
  • Kurnool ultra mega solar generator
  • Swelhan photovoltaic independent power generator
  • Tengger desert solar generator
  • Types and brands of solar generators
  • There are different types of brands in the market they are:
  • Paxcess
  • Renogy phoenix
  • Jackery explorer
  • Goal zero yeti
  • Colis

Conclusively, you can go for solar generators if you want to reduce your electricity bills because solar generators are durable and dependable. If you have what it takes then go for this renewable energy source you will be glad you did.

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