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Review on Best 5KVA Generator To Buy in Nigeria

Are you looking for the top best 5KVA generator to buy? What about searching for what will a 5KVA generator run or what can a 5KVA generator power? The price or how much does a 5KVA generator cost? If all these questions are what you ask about 5 kva generator set, here is the answer.

5KVA generators are very versatile models when it comes to its operation. They can be used across a wide range of applications – in the home, in construction sites, at events, in small business shops, and many more.

Their level of power output makes them a great choice for all sorts of equipment from your home appliances, power tools, kitchen appliances, and much more. 5KVA generators are never too big or too small for any kind of use – they’re just perfect!

In this article, if you’re really searching for the top best 5 KVA generator to buy in the market wealther offline or online, or what can a 5KVA generator power alongside what it will run?

Read-on as you are in the right place. This article introduces you to 5KVA generators available from top generator brands.

It discusses their full features, specifications, full strengths, and weaknesses, guiding you through making this very important decision on the top best 5KVA generators to buy in Nigeria is the outcome of this article for you’ll get all the insight you wish to know.

The Top Best 5KVA generators to buy in Nigeria

Selecting from the list below are the top best 5KVA generators in the Nigerian market to buy. They are:

1. Honda 5.5kva EG6500CXS Electric Starter Generator

The first 10 best 5kva generator to buy is Honda 5.5kva EG6500CXS Electric Starter Generator

Honda’s exclusive iAVR technology ensures a consistent flow of power regardless of the load in the Honda EG6500CXS 5KVA generator. No need to worry about power fluctuations ruining your valuables. This exclusive Honda technology also lets the generator operate well above its maximum rating for up to 10 seconds to start high initial amp draw equipment.

The Honda EG6500CXS generator runs on Honda’s innovative iGX series engines which deliver exactly what you’ve always wanted: reliable, optimal performance. This new generation of intelligent computer-controlled engines operates automatically with much better, simpler, and faster controls.

Choose between using both 120 and 240 Volts, or 120 Volts only. This allows for the total generator output to be available through any of the 120-volt outlets, limited only by the capacity of the individual outlet. This enables you to power units with larger wattage requirements.

The Honda 5KVA generator keeps you working, all day long. The EG6500CXS runs approximately 11.2 hours at half load and 8.1 hours at full load. It features an electric circuit breaker, to protects the generator from being overloaded; an oil alert system, which protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected;  a recoil and electric starting systems; and a special muffler for quieter operation.

2. Yamaha EF7200E 5kva Generator

second 10 best 5kva generator to buy is Yamaha EF7200E 5kva Generator

YAMAHA generators are known for their legendary durability and reliability, and these features are not left out in the EF7200E. The EF7200E provides 11 hours of operation without refueling.

The Generator comes with an electric starter for hassle-free start-ups and is capable of carrying heavy load items such as refrigerators and air conditioners. Though it’s rated 5KVA, it’s maximum power output is 6KVA providing extra power for powering pulling devices.

Other features of the Yamaha EF7200E 5.KVA generator includes an eco switch that enables lower fuel consumption at lesser load, a brushless alternator, a fuel tank capacity of 28 liters, and 11 hours running time at rated load.

The Yamaha EF7200E 5KVA generator is easy to maintain: spare parts and servicing are available at CFAO Yamaha offices and dealer outlets nationwide.

3. Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator

Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator

The SENCI SC8000 is another 5KVA generator you should consider checking out. Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator is ideal for homes and offices that require an efficient and reliable power supply.

The generator comes with a variety of features such as the Electric (Key) starting system, which allows you to start the generator with ease. It also has other features such as a built-in AVR, float carburetor, overload protection as well as wheels and handles which allow for portability.

If you are looking to get the utmost value for your money and cut down the cost of maintenance and repair of your generator, the Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator is your best option.

The Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator is durable and affordable. It can be used to power televisions, DVD players, and air coolers. 

The generator also has an oil alert system that notifies you when the generator’s oil is low, thereby protecting your generator’s engine. The Senci generator automatically shuts down the generator once the oil level is below the minimum level.

The Senci SC8000 Generator has a maximum power of 5KVA. Senci SC8000 5KVA Generator works with gasoline and also includes a fuel meter which allows you easily check fuel levels.

If you are looking for the best cost in 5KVA generators, then the Senci SC8000 is probably your best bet.

4. Lutian LT6500 6.9kva Generator

Lutian LT6500 6.9kva Generator

The maximum output of the Lutian LT6500 is actually 6.9KVA. It features a remote starting system, it’s a very strong and reliable generator made to carry loads. The Lutian LT6500 generator is capable of carrying 1.5hp air conditioner and still carry all other home or office equipment all at the same time.

if you are looking for a generator that can pump your water without stress, this is the generator for you. if you are also looking for a generator that can carry your duplex house and still consumes less fuel, look no further, this is it.

The Lutian LT6500 generator is made with a full 100% copper coil and alternator. It comes with key starting system, and also a recoil starting system. The noise level is very low compare with other generator of this size and output.

You don’t need to fear imitation or fake like other generator brands in the Nigerian markets as this generator is imported by the very manufacturer to avoid faking the product and above all, it has been certified by STANDARD ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA.

With the remote control system, you don’t need to go out when there is power off or on: just relax in your sitting room or bedroom and control the generator as you like. Other features of the LUTIAN LT6500 include a fuel tank capacity of 25 liters, a very low noise level, and 82KG weight. Running time is up to 18 hours at rated output.

5. Sumec Firman SDG5000SE 5kva Diesel Sound-Proof Generator

Sumec Firman SDG5000SE 5kva Diesel Sound-Proof Generator

Sumec Firman 5KVA Diesel Soundproof Generator SDG5000SE is a diesel generator that cost-effective, SDG5000SE generator can be for your home, office or large business. Sumec Firman SPG SDG5000SE diesel is a value for money. With 9.4Hp, your houses and offices are fully powered plus a 15L diesel tank capacity and an electric starter all for the best prices anywhere.

Other features in the FIRMAN SDG5000SE diesel generator include direct injection, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine; a 4-wheel kit; and a brush alternator.

Sumec Firman has other higher or equivalent rated power output generators like Sumec Firman Generator 5KVA and 5.5KVA SPG8000E2, Sumec Firman 6.5KVA Key Start Generator SPG8800E2, Firman Diesel Silent Generator SDG7000 6.5 KVA, Sumec Firman Diesel Generator 8.5KVA (100% Copper Coil).

It’s also important to know that all Firman diesel silent generator rated from 7.5 KVA above features 100% copper coil, it can carry AC, fridge, low diesel consumption availability, spear parts with oil warning circiut protector, and other home appliances all at the same time.

6. Elepaq SV2200E2 5KVA Generator

Elepaq SV2200E2 5KVA Generator

The Elepaq SV22000E2 Generator is a 5.5KVA generator that will work for your air conditioner, 1.5hp or 2hp, freezer, and other home appliances. It has a standard 2 wheel for easy movement of the generator from one point to another.

The ELEPAQ SV2200E2 generator also combines an electric and recoil starting systems, has a 25 liters fuel tank capacity, and is a single phase. This is a generator you can rely on for your constant power supply as Elepaq generator brand has built its reputation as a reliable generator brand in Nigeria.

Other features of the ELEPAQ SV2200E2 generator include a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV engine; a runtime at tankful and a half load of 13 hours; and a brush, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole alternator.

7. Elemax SH5300EX 5.3KVA Generator

Elemax SH5300EX 5.3KVA Generator

The Elemax SH5300EX 5KVA model is a powerful generator that runs on Honda’s 4-stroke engine, which guarantees high power output, outstanding fuel economy. The fuel consumption is nearly 30% less than comparable side-valve engines.

It features an Automatic Voltage Regulator which smoothens power output fluctuations to enable operation of sensitive electronic equipment, a 28-liter fuel tank capacity for longer operational hours, and an improved frame design.

You can have your very own Elemax Petrol Generator 5.3 KVA SH5300EX for the proper running of your home or working place when load shedding problem is on a high rise. This is a dual Petrol & Gas supply Generator at the most reasonable price ever.

This SH5300EX Petrol Generator has 5.5KVA power capacity that is ideal for joint families residing. With just 46KG weight, it can be easily moved according from one point to another, to your convenience. It’s not just compact in size but it is very fuel efficient to give you long hours of trouble free electricity supply all day or all night long.

8. Thermocool 5kva Big Boy Max 4400 Electric Starter Generator

Thermocool 5kva Big Boy Max 4400 Electric Starter Generator

Unique, Stylish but rough Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400 generator is designed to have a 1000hour continuous running life span. It is further designed with unique features to give consumers optimum value for their money.

Ease of use and power are combined in the Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400 generator. Starting up has never been easier with the easy button –a small push and all the power is at your fingertips. With wheels and handles for easy movement, slot this amazing Thermocool generator into your home or office life, and high power output will always be guaranteed.

All Thermocool generators are protected by an oil alert system, have Electronic circuit breaker (protects the generator from being overloaded), Manual start, Electric start, Remote start, 100% copper coil, 100% Power output, Wheel & handle for easy movement, Oil alert lamp, Key Start, Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Their engines are designed to be rugged, durable and efficient, and can run continuously for 1000 hours straight without turning the engine off.

The Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400 generator works with Smart throttle for better fuel efficiency. Smart Throttle is a device specifically designed to supply the Generator with an accurate amount of fuel required to support each additional load demanded from the Generator by consumer home appliances. Thus eliminating wastages and improving fuel efficiency by 10-15%.

Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400 generator also features Smart Choke for Easy remote Start. Smart Choke enables the generator to turn OFF or ON with the aid of remote control from a distance of 40meters without any human intervention. This generator is also designed with reduced noise levels, reduced engine vibrations and excellent fuel efficiency to give users maximum relaxation and benefit for their money.

The Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400 also comes with 3 in 1 digital meters designed to give a real-time reading of Total Run Hours from First Usages, Total time of Current usage, frequency, and Output Voltage. Data gotten from this is expected to help users develop a proper servicing plan.

9. Tiger EC8000AE 5KVA Generator

Tiger EC8000AE 5KVA Generator

Tiger is one of the most popular generator brands in Nigeria known as “I Beta Pass my Neighbor”, but the brand owes its popularity to its below 2KVA power rating generator which is very popular with small businesses like Electricians, Beauty salons, small business centers, homes and so on.

The Tiger brand has however continuously produced high quality, fuel-efficient, and affordable generators of higher capacity and output, with power rating ranging from 700watts to 8kva. One of these is the relatively unknown TIGER EC8000AE 5KVA generator.

The Tiger EC8000AE Gasoline generator is a force air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV non- contact transistorized ignition, with rated output 16HP maximum power output 6.5KVA.  The gasoline generators have CE, ISO, CQZX approved. It has an AC Frequency of 50 Hz, output voltage of 220 producing a rated AC Output of 5.8kva

Other features of the Tiger EC8000AE generator include the presence of both the recoil and electric starting systems, fuel tank capacity of 25 liters, a noise level at 7 meters of 71dB, and an oil tank capacity of 1.1 liters.

The Tiger generator model EC8000AE is a higher capacity generator compared to the popular Small TG1250 or I Pass My Neighbor. It is a very popular Tiger generator model for clients who want a higher generating power output, good enough to power more electrical appliances and electronic gadgets.

The Tiger family of generators has been around in Nigeria for many years and the EC8000AE model is not left out.

10. Maxi E50KWH Gasoline Generator

Maxi E50KWH Gasoline Generator

MAXI E50KWH key starter generator with copper coil  is essential for every home. This product meets the required standard of quality, durability and maximum utility. With guaranteed optimum performance, this product is bound to meet all of your home, office or small business needs.

Manufactured by MaxiGen, the Maxi E50KWH possesses the basic features most 5KVA generators on this list boast of. These features include 6.2kw / 5 KVA maximum output, electric (key) and recoil starting systems, oil alert systems, 25-liter fuel tank capacity, 2 wheels transport kit and handles.


Here you have them all, the top best 5kva generators to buy for home, office and small business. this generators are said to be the top notch in the Nigerian markets. Making your selection from the list will give you value for the money spent purchasing the product.

The choice is yours now!

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