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Review On Sumec Firman Generator Series

Sumec Firman generator is a popular generating brand and as such, comes with different model Series, all these generator series are said to be the best of the Sumec group of company, this is because when purchased, will have value for your money spend purchasing the product.

Firman generators are said to be affordable, reliable, and easy to maintain based on their capability. It is also important to know that any of this Firman generator series purchased from any Sumec Firman generator dealers are said to be Original Firman generator.

This guide talks about the Sumec generator model numbers and line up.

A review about Sumec Firman Generator Series
This image shows the different Sumec Firman generator series

Sumec Firman generator model series includes the following: SPG, Ruby, FPG, ECO, Industrial, and Rugged Series, all this is going to be discussed in the guide.

List of All Sumec Firman Generator SPG Series

SPG series of Sumec Firman generator sets are said to be the best affordable, reliable, and easy to use generating equipment build by Sumec Firman Manufacturing Company.

Firman SPG generator series features a one-cylinder petrol engine, Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI) system, and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which ensure that voltage output and frequency are stable throughout its running this helps to prevent voltage fluctuation, which can cause unnecessary problems to your appliances.

It’s important to know that Sumec Firman SPG series generator sets come with AVR built-in, also to all other Sumec Firman products out there which helps in maintaining generator output. Below is the list of all Sumec Firman generator under the SPG series:

  • SPG 2500E1
  • SPG 2500E2
  • SPG 3000
  • SPG 3000E1
  • SPG 3000E2
  • SPG 3800
  • SPG 3800E1
  • SPG 3800E2
  • SPG 8500
  • SPG 8500E1
  • SPG 8500E2
  • SPG 6500
  • SPG 6500E1
  • SPG 6500E2
  • SPG 5000
  • SPG 5000E1
  • SPG 5000E2

Firman Generators FPG Model Series

Sumec Firman generator FPG model series are mostly electric start generator that provides well-organized energy supply to homes and offices. The presence of two-wheel in the FPG series make it easy for movement as it enhances free movement in and out of the storage space.

In times of maintenance, the cost of maintaining the Firman FPG generator series is every low. This is done so that you can get value for money spent on your Sumec Firman generator FPG series when purchase.

All latest SUMEC FIRMAN generators are low noise, built mainly for Nigeria market bearing in mind the epileptic power problem in the country. FPG series of Firman generator sets are built with 100% copper enameled wire to help carry and power all appliances at home or offices. Below is the list of all FPG generator series:

  • FPG 2800
  • FPG 2800E1
  • FPG 2800E2
  • FPG 3800
  • FPG 3800E1
  • FPG 3800E2
  • FPG 4800
  • FPG 4800E1
  • FPG 4800E2
  • FPG 5800
  • FPG 5800E1
  • FPG 5800E2
  • FPG 6800
  • FPG 6800E1
  • FPG 6800E2
  • FPG 7800
  • FPG 7800E1
  • FPG 7800E2
  • FPG 8800
  • FPG 8800E1
  • FPG 8800E2

List of Sumec Generator Ruby SPG Model Series

Sumec Firman generator Ruby SPG series is the best of its kind and also value for money powered generator sets. Ruby SPG series are affordable, reliable, easy to use, and maintain. In colour, all Ruby series of firman generator comes with red and black colour. Below is a list of all Ruby SPG generator series:

  • SPG2600
  • SPG3600
  • SPG3600E2
  • SPG4600
  • SPG4600E2
  • SPG5600
  • SPG5600E2
  • SPG6600
  • SPG6600E2
  • SPG7600
  • SPG7600E2
  • SPG 8600
  • SPG 8600E2

Sumec Firman Generators ECO Model Series

After the above series, the next in line is the Sumec Firman generator ECO series, this generator types are the best of it kind. ECO series of Sumec Firman generator sets are affordable, reliable, durable, easy to move from point A to B with the help of its wheels/handle, and also easy to maintain.

ECO series of Sumec Firman generators are valued for the money spent on the generator set as they can perform their work effectively without breaking down easily. Here is the list of all ECO series firman generator set:

  • ECO2990/2990E
  • ECO3990
  • ECO3990E
  • ECO7990E
  • ECO8990E

List of Sumec Firman Generator The Industrial Model Series

Industrial Sumec Firman generator series are generator set used mainly in all kinds of manufacturing industries. Industrial series of Sumec Firman generator has the power to power all types of machinery used in any manufacturing industries.

These generator sets have both diesel and gasoline types. In the list below are all Industries series Sumec Firman generator industrial series:

  • SPG15000
  • FPG15000SE
  • FPG15000STE
  • FPG12010

Firman Generators Rugged Model Series

Sumec Firman Rugged series generators are another powerful generating equipment build by Sumec Firman manufacturing company.

Firman rugged series generators are said to be powerful because it has the ability to carry and power all the appliances at home and offices in a smooth running at a good long period of time, they are also portable, durable, reliable and easy to use and also maintain. Below is a list of all Sumec Firman Rugged series generators:

  • RD3910
  • RD3910E
  • RD2910
  • RD2910E
  • RD8910
  • RD8910E

Tips: It’s very important to know that all of this Firman generator series above are value for money generator set as they are all affordable, reliable, portable, durable, easy to use, easy to maintain and can fit in home, office and industrial use base on their features, specifications, and model types.


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