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A Comprehensive Review You Should Know About Victron Inverter – Prices, Specs & Features

Review on Victron Inverter – The power situation in some parts of the world leaves room for the need for a good backup power supply. The energy industry has come up with a better back-up for uninterrupted power supply.

The inverter is one of such back-up product and different brands have manufactured theirs to meet the overwhelming demands in the market.

Victron inverter is here and you will be furnished with all the information you need, should you want to get one either for your home or office.

Where to Buy Victron Inverter

Konga Nigeria – See Offers

About Victron Inverters

The Victron inverter is a product produced by Victron Energy, a leading supplier of autonomous off-grid installation for different sectors. Victron inverters are widely known to be the professional option for independent electric power.

Victron Inverter Reviews, prices, specifications and features

The producers of Victron inverter are based in the Netherland and Victron inverter is made for home and industrial use. It can be used to power electronics at home like television, phones, computers, refrigerators based on the capacity and also use in powering industrial items like lifts, machinery, and other heavy-duty applications. They are said to be easy to install and maintained.

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Victron inverter is characterized by the following features:

  • They have hybrid capabilities
  • Victron inverter can be used with a battery bank or solar panels
  • They are mostly pure sine wave inverters
  • Victron inverters are mostly in blue color
  • Some of this brand of inverters has marine capabilities, which simply means you can use them on yachts, ships, and boats.
  • Victron inverters have UPS abilities too. They turned their selves ON without gadgets going off.
  • It comes with a warranty which is up to 5 years when purchased directly from the company.


A typical Victron inverter comes with the following specifications (specs):

  • Capacity range: 1200VA – 5000VA per module
  • Input capacity: 12V to 48V
  • Protection abilities: voltage too high, temperature too high, output short circuit, 230V AC on inverter output
  • Comes with cloud monitoring and computer devices applications
  • Built for professional duty

Office in Nigeria

The service partner office of Victron inverter in Nigeria is at No 27 Iyamu street off Billingsway, Oregun, Lagos state. Nigeria.

Victron Inverter Prices In Nigeria

The Victron inverters can be said to be relatively expensive but you are sure of getting the value for your money. Victron inverter is topnotch and has advanced functions too. Note that the prices for Victron inverters vary.

You will be able to get one Victron inverter as low as NGN95,000 and higher up to NGN2,300,000. This will depend on your location and the series you need. The price cost for the Victron inverter might go higher above NGN2,300,000 when other peripherals attached to it like inverter chargers, batteries, solar controllers etc.

Victron Inverter Prices

  • Victron EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 (Inverter Charger + Solar Controller) – ₦900,000.00
  • Victron Pure Sine wave Inverter Charger Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 – ₦1,547,000.00
  • Victron Energy Quattro Inverter/Charger 48/5000/70-100/100 – ₦ 1,211,000
  • Super Rugged Quattro Victron 5kva 48v Inverter – ₦ 985,000
  • 15kva Quattro Victron Inverter – ₦ 2,600,000
  • Solar Powered 20kva Victron Inverter (Installation) – ₦ 15,000,000
  • Victron 10kva Inverter (Charger With Lithium Iion Batteries) – ₦ 1,750,000
  • Solar Powered Quattro 10kva Victron Inverter (With Solardeka Batteries) – ₦ 9,000,000
  • 3kva Victron Inverter – ₦ 750,000
  • 10kva Victron Inverter – ₦ 2,000,000
  • 8kva Victron Inverter – ₦ 1,500,000

For more products and latest price, Click Here.

Victron Inverter Battery

Victron Inverter Battery

There’re various Victron inverter batteries you can get for your Victron inverters. You can get them online and offline as well. The Victron inverter battery series include:

Types/Series of Batteries

The following are types of Victron inverters batteries:

  • AGM Super Cycle battery
  • Gel and AGM batteries
  • Lead Carbon Battery
  • Telecom batteries
  • 12,8V & 25,6V Lithium SuperPack
  • Lithium battery 12,8V & 25,6V Smart
  • OPzV batteries
  • Peak Power Pack
  • Battery Balancer

Batteries Capacity by Voltage (V) and Ah

  • Victron LIFePO4 Battery 12.8v/100Ah smart
  • Victron LIFePO4 Battery 12.8v/200Ah smart
  • Victron LIFePO4 Battery  12.8V/300ah smart
  • Victron LIFePO4 Battery  12.8V/40Ah
  • Victron Lithium Superpack 12.8V/20Ah

Victron Inverter Solar Panel

The Victron inverter solar panel is a product from the Victron brand that you can use in charging your batteries. Though there are on the high side but they give the best solution to your charging needs.

It generates electricity with good enough sunshine. So that supplying power to your home and other places is in a flip.

Victron Inverter Series

The Victron inverter has the phoenix series: The phoenix inverter series are all pure sine wave inverters and includes the following: phoenix inverters, phoenix inverter compact, the inverter smart, and the phoenix inverter VE. Other series include the EasySolar, EasyPlus, MultiPlus, Quattro, ECOMulti, and Multi Grid.

Go Shopping For Victron Inverter

Konga Nigeria – See Offers

List Of Victron Inverter to Buy For Home Use

The following are Victron inverters for home use:

  • Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 VE.Bus inverter costing $1,284. This is great sine wave inverter
  • Victron Energy Multiplus 3000VA 12—volt pure sine wave inverter 120 amp costing $1,300
  • Victron energy Quattro 48/3000/35-50/50 120V VE.Bus inverter costing $1,855.55

List of Victron inverter to buy for office use

If you are going for a good Victron inverter to buy for your office, then you can go for below ones:

Victron Multiplus compact 12/2000 50 120V ve. BUS Inverter

With $1,155 you can get this powerful inverter for your office use. It has a high speed AC transfer switch to help you power all your office gadgets and equipment.

Victron multiplus -11 GX 3000VA

This is another product you can get for your office use. This inverter comes with a USB port, a VE direct port and a Ethernet port. So you are sure of getting power for your different needs in your office.

Multiplus 11 -5000VA inverter

You will enjoy having this inverter in your office, as it will take care of all your power needs. This is an upgrade from the Multiplus inverter. The output capacities of this inverter are high. They come with hybrid capabilities to aid your solar changing needs.

List of best Victron inverter to buy for industrial use

Victron Ecomulti 3KVA/24V inverter

When it comes to industrial needs, it needs a stronger and dependable inverter, which this inverter has got to offer. This hybrid inverter comes with wall-mount capabilities which will create space on the floor. It will serve your industrial need with its three-phase operation.

Victron Quattro 3000 inverter

This is another industrial use Victron inverter which is a hybrid inverter. It does accept two AC inputs like the generator ad grid power. So you are sure of powering your industrial equipment and other machineries without fear. With $1,245 you can get it for keeps.

Victron Easyplus 12V/1200 Inverter

Victron Easyplus 12V/1200 Inverter is a relatively expensive inverter but will serve your industrial power need better. You should rest assured that you are getting a sophisticated inverter that will be able to perform advanced functions that will help you power your industrial equipment


The Victron Inverters are designed to meet your power needs to aid you to achieve an uninterrupted power supply. This brand of inverter is powerful and has hybrid capability which is an added advantage, as you will take advantage of it by charging it using the solar panel. You can get any of the inverter produced by this brand. You will be having value for your money.

If you’ve any question regarding the Victron Inverters, we’re always here to help out, just message us via the contact form or use the comment box below we’ll respond to you ASAP.

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