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Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software for PC and Mac

Top 10 best free antivirus software for PC and Mac you should know about, it advantages and disadvantages – Every computer that is been use either offline or connected to the internet is susceptible to viruses, but the good thing is that you don’t have to pay a fees to keep your computer safe while surfing.

You can get an efficient, legal and quality antivirus software for free. In this post, I will be taking you through the top 10 best antivirus software you can use on your PC and Mac.

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top 10 best antivirus software in the market right now

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1.     Avast Antivirus

Normally one will expect that a free antivirus will come with basic protection features while the real and advanced features will be for the paid version.

This isn’t so for the avast antivirus software, it offers a lot of full scale features. The avast antivirus software gives more features that many other software that have a price.

Apart from the good protection that is offered, it still offers some other features like a network security scanner, password manager, browser protection. Its features are amazing considering that it is free.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Avast Antivirus

See below for the Pros and Cons about the Avast Antivirus:


  • Password security manager
  • Free
  • It has a browser protection against dangerous URLs
  • Network Security Inspector
  • It has good reviews from testing labs and its users.


  • You need to pay for some of the bonus features
  • The password manager has limited features
  • The full protection against dangerous URLs can only work on Chrome and Firefox.

2. McAfee

Mcafee is a popular name in the antivirus community, but it known as being an average antivirus. Over time, the company has done a lot of optimization to the software, it was separated from Intel and its interface was redesigned.

This has made it one of the best antivirus software out there, bringing it one level terms with other big antivirus software. It guards your computer and data against cyber threats like malware, spyware, unwanted programs and viruses.

The software comes with a feature called the advanced optimization tool, this helps your computer to run smoothly. The antivirus runs on almost all platforms PC, Mac, Smartphone, or tablet.

The software package also provide security against digital identity theft by protecting your sensitive files and deleting cookies. It offers other features like Parental control, Password management, Data protection etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mcafee Antivirus

The following are the Pros and Cons about the Mcafee Antivirus software:


  • Stellar support
  • Light on system resources
  • One license can cover up to 10 devices


  • Many of the features have to be downloaded separately.
  • There is no cloud storage

3. Norton Antivirus

The Norton security is an antivirus software produced by Symantec software industry. The antivirus software is one of the most popular antivirus software out there.

the Basic Package of the antivirus offers complete protection against viruses, malware, spam and various threats on the computer. It is compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile iOS.   

Advantages and Disadvantages of Norton Antivirus Software

The following below are said to be the advantages and disadvantages Norton Antivirus:


  • Excellent reviews for testing labs
  • It has a data protector against ransomware
  • It has online backup, firewall, exploit protection and password manager


  • Data protector was only fair during testing.
  • The paid version is very expensive
  • No multi license pricing

4. Bitdefender Antivirus

The Bitdefender antivirus is one of the most accurate antivirus out there. It is built upon a system that are often highly rated in the testing labs. The bitdefender antivirus package doesn’t only do the antivirus defense job; it also has a whole lot of features.

It has a multi-layer ransomware protection, and it also provides an anti-tracker browsing, this is to keep your privacy while surfing the net.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitdefender Antivirus

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Bitdefender Antivirus:


  • Decent anti-malware protection
  • Below average system impact
  • Reliable VPN
  • Easy to use and straightforward


  • It doesn’t have a good third party rating.

5. Kaspersky Internet Security

The Kaspersky internet security is one of the best antivirus software for Mac users. It has top notch malware defense and it has good ratings in the test labs. Over time, it is continuously rated as the best Mac protection software.

It has the ability to block malicious URLs, offer ransomware protection, and also provide countermeasures against webcam hijack. It also provides an encrypted browser that can be used for surfing the net.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kaspersky Security

The following are the advantages and disadvantages you will derived when using Kaspersky internet security Antivirus:


  • Password manager
  • Security and online support experts


  • Uses a lot of CPU resources
  • It’s a lot of time to scan the system.

6. Avira Antivirus

This is a lightweight antivirus software for both Windows and Mac. It has a wide range of features and easy-to-use tools. It runs on Mac, PCs, Android and iOS devices.

The Avira software has all the essential security tools that are needed for safe protection of the computers and other devices. Avira Antivirus has real time scanning features/specs, ransomware attack and web protection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Avira Antivirus

See below for the advantages and disadvantages you will derived when using Avira Antivirus:


  • Easy to use
  • Free and reliable


  • The option for the browser protection is limited. It is only restricted to Chrome and Firefox.

7. Intego Antivirus

The intego antivirus is one of the leading Mac antivirus software in the market. It is continuously rated high in testing labs and it offers a complete protection package.

Its features include firewall, backup, data protection, anti-spam and many more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intego Antivirus

Advantages and disadvantages of using Intego Antivirus include:


  • It has an excellent protection system, it scores very high in testing labs
  • It is a very lightweight software and runs very fast on the system.
  • It has a lot of bonus feature on it like parental control, firewall and the likes.
  • It can scan the iOS that are connected to it.


  • It is only dedicated to Mac users, the windows version does not a lot of features.

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8. Bullguard Antivirus

This is a simple software with a real time virus protection, malicious URL blocking and has an added feature performance booster for games and other full screen applications. Bullguard antivirus has a good customer support with round the clock live chat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bullguard Antivirus

The following are the advantages and disadvantages you will derived when using Bullguard Antivirus:


  • High quality design
  • Good user review


  • The Mac version has limited features.

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9. Webroot Antivirus

The Webroot antivirus has been able to get the attention of many of many experienced users who knows what to do to stay online with its features.

It offers real standard protection and anti-ransomware protection. Despite all the feature it has, it is a light weight software and runs well on the system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Webroot Antivirus

Advantages and disadvantages of using Webroot Antivirus are as follows:


  • Cloud storage and light weight
  • Advanced security features


  • Not well tested in the lab

10. Malwarebyte

The malwarebyte software is a cyber-security anti-malware package. It offers protection against malicious files and infected sites.

It detects and removes adwares, worms, trojans, dialers, spyware and the likes. It works best with other antivirus software to form layered security.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Malwarebyte Software

The following are the advantages and disadvantages you will derived when using Malwarebyte antivirus software:


  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to use
  • It is capable of detecting malwares that other software didn’t detect.


  • There might be issues while trying to update it.


There are the top 10 best antivirus software you can use; they were arranged in no particular order. I hope the guide was helpful? Feel free to contact us or comment below if there’s any question regarding this topic. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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