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How To Purchase EKEDC Token Online And Offline

Are you looking forward to knowing how to purchase EKEDC token either online or offline? Stops right now let’s discuss how to get your EKEDC prepaid meter token using either the online or offline method.

EKEDC which stands for Eko electricity Distribution Company, it is a licensed electricity supplied company.

This company oversees distribution of electricity within the Lagos mainland of Lagos state, Nigeria. These areas include Lekki, Orile, island etc.

Now to generate electricity in your home you need to purchase the EKEDC own electricity token.  Below are possible ways you can purchase EKEDC token:

Ways To Purchase EKEDC Prepaid Meter Token

How To Purchase EKEDC Token

The two (2) methods outlined below are major ways of purchasing your EKEDC meter token:

  • Offline (by using a smart card code)
  • Online (by using any smart device i.e. phone or PC)

How To Purchase EKEDC Prepaid Meter Token Offline

Purchasing EKEDC meter token offline is by using a smart card code and this entails visiting any of the EKEDC business centers or disco office nearest to you with your EKEDC smart card. The smart card do contain your meter number.

See steps on how to generate EKEDC prepaid meter token offline:

  • Present your EKEDC smart card at the office
  • Ask for credit units and pay for it
  • You would be generated your token after payment (a 20-digit number code) with a receipt to confirm your payment
  • Next, is to key in the EKEDC token into your prepaid meter. So using your UI keypad key in the 20-digit numbers
  • When you enter it correctly, you would get the message accepted on your EKEDC LCD prepaid meter screen but if the screen display reject, it automatically means there’s a failure or your recharge failed. So you need to repeat the process or check for any error that must have caused that before pressing the enter key again.

Note: Remember to always carry your EKEDC smart card with you anytime you want to buy your EKEDC token offline

Generating EKEDC Prepaid Meter Token Online

Purchasing EKEDC meter token online is by using any smart device which can either be smartphone or computer system (laptop or desktop) and most have an internet connection.

You can buy your EKEDC token online without any issue or hassle. Infact this is the most convenient way of purchasing your EKEDC token. All you need is an internet-enabled device as mentioned before.

See steps on how to purchase EKEDC prepaid meter token online:

  • So using your internet-enabled device, visit www.nepa.ng
  • Click on EKEDC from the list of different discos displayed on the site
  • Enter your details like your phone number, number of electricity units, meter number, and email. You then press the submit button
  • Next page review and confirm your order summary. Choose your payment options whether through credit card or bank transfer. You can now enter your card (ATM) details if you are using your ATM card.
  • Instantly the platform will accept your payment details if done properly, you would land on the last page which will show that your order has been confirmed. Now, your EKEDC token has been generated and will be sent to your provided mobile phone or email.
  • Check for your token on your phone or email, then input the number into your EKEDC prepaid meter and you would be credited immediately.


In generating EKEDC prepaid meter token, discussed above are the two easiest and simple ways by which you can purchase your EKEDC token.

You can do this both online or offline. You just have to go for the one that you prefer. The online purchasing is a lot easy because it saves time, energy and even cost of transportation to the nearest electricity distribution company.

But the choice is still yours to make. So go use of them now.

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