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Complete Review On PHCN Prepaid Meter

PHCN prepaid meter seems to be the first and best-prepaid meter used by most Nigerians, the former National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) now called the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is an independent organization that is established mainly for the supply of electric power in Nigeria.

After National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) was changed to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the postpaid billing was replaced and the introduction of prepaid meters comes into play.

Using PHCN meter today will be of good advantage because you only pay what you use. When PHCN prepaid meters billing was introduced, they make use of key meter types, this uses a special electronic key that has customer’s tariff information programmed on it.

As at that time, most of the PHNC customers that got a prepaid meter were all given the key meter types but since the coming out of the DISCOs technology, they have been replaced with the key meters.

So, therefore, if you’re a customer still having the PHCN key meter type, don’t worry, you are still able to buy electricity on the old PHCN prepaid meter but only in designated places.

Keep reading because, in this piece, you would be furnished with all the necessary information you may need to know about PHCN prepaid meter alongside all its entails.

Let’s get started.

Before getting started, let me show you some little secrets you needed to know so as to make your PHCN Prepaid Meter read slowly.  

Review On PHCN Prepaid Meter

PHCN Prepaid Meter Online

If you are the type that doesn’t need time wastage offline to make your electric payment, you can quickly do this online from the comfort of your home. So you just need either a smartphone or a PC with an internet connection all together. After that, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the official site: www.phcnpins.com
  • Then choose your electricity supplier to continue
  • Key in your personal account and your meter number details
  • Next, select your online payment method
  • Then, you can key in your mobile number and your email address
  • Fill in the amount in Naira that you want to pay
  • Then you complete your payment by clicking on submit

PHCN Meter Problems

The PHCN prepaid meter might come up with some issues which you may encounter during the course of its usage. This problem includes but not limited to the following:

  • PHCN meter not accepting tokens: This mostly occur when one used a wrong meter number for vending, when there’s a change in tariff index , or the meter is faulty
  • Another PHCN prepaid meter problem is when the meter shows error 30, this might needs the help of a technician.
  • The PHCN meter might needs a reset from an issue confronting it
  • The PHCN prepaid meter begins to read at a faster speed
  • The PHCN meter becomes disconnected
  • The terminal cover open
  • Display overrun

N/B. These issues can be rectified, is either you contact PHCN prepaid meter customer care or you get a local technician closest to you and get fixed.

PHCN Meter Installation

The following steps are to be observed when installing PHCN prepaid meter:

  • To install your PHCN prepaid meter make sure there’s light in your area
  • Get your PHCN prepaid meter; it would come with your PHCN meter number with 2 token numbers (each is 20 digits)
  • Then connect the box to the one outside
  • Enter your meter no and press enter (you would see connect and then success after a few seconds)
  • Then you can now activate your PHCN prepaid meter

PHCN Prepaid Meter Activation Process

If have just gotten your PHCN prepaid meter, you need to activate it to be able to use it.  You would need your meter number and 2 activation codes to link your account number to the meter. You get all these from the PHCN office nearest to you. So you can now do the following:

  • Key in the 11 digit numbers that is your meter number into your meter. You would see connect message follow by a success message after you press the red button
  • Next is to insert the first activation code number which is 20 digit numbers and press the red button
  • Lastly, key in the second activation codes another 20 digit numbers and still press the red button.

At this point you would notice a connect message followed by a success message, then you would be sure, you have successfully activated your PHCN prepaid meter.

PHCN Meter Codes and Meaning

There are different codes you can use in operating PHCN prepaid meter. The following are the codes and what there stand for:

  • Using 65: Pressing this number on your prepaid will bring up your meter number. It’s an 11 digit numbers
  • Pressing 07: This will enable you check your balance on the PHCN prepaid meter
  • 07 + blue button: This will display the total credit used

How to Recharge PHCN Meter

To recharge your PHCN prepaid meter is a breeze now especially when it is to be done online. So if you want to recharge PHCN meter online. You would need the following:

  • An internet enabled smartphone, desktop or laptop computer
  • The PHCN prepaid meter number
  • Your payment card details
  • Your mobile phone number and your email address

So to buy your electric units do the following now

  • Visit the official website of PHCN
  • Select your electric supplier
  • Type in your name, location and meter name
  • Key in the one-time password that was forwarded to your phone to confirm payment

And you are done.

How do I check my PHCN meter balance

To know your PHCN prepaid meter total credits or the balance left of your credit, you can check it using code 07. You achieve this by pressing 07 on your keypad and then press the blue button, then the units you seek will be displayed. The format is always this way (120:32)

PHCN Meter Customer Care

You can contact the Phcn prepaid meter customer care on the official website www.nepa.ng. The customer care line: 07063921891 or email the support team on support@nepa.ng.

PHCN Prepaid Meter Price

The current price for PHCN prepaid meter for both single and three phases are as follows; Single phase cost #44,896.16 while the three phase cost is #82, 855.19 excluding vat which is about 7.5%. Note that this price is subjected to change anytime.

PHCN Meter Error Codes

The following are some error codes and their meaning in respect to PHCN meters:

  • #073# : This will show up for countless reasons like the meter is running out of allocated consumption, current is overloaded, power is overloaded etc
  • #079#: This is where manual reconnection is needed
  • #085#: This is when a consumer initiated disconnection manually

PHCN Meter Advantages

  • With Phcn prepaid meter customers will be given a fair bill than the usual estimated bills
  • Customers will stopped to be cheated, since it only what they consumed will be paid for
  • There will be no free of incessant disconnection by PHCN prepaid meter for users
  • It will bring more revenue to the company, as there might not be any illegal connection by people

PHCN Prepaid Meter Disadvantages

  • The purchase and installation of PHCN prepaid meter is expensive
  • Any time the electric credit is exhausted, a user will experience a total blackout

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about PHCN electric prepaid meter:

How do I apply for a PHCN prepaid meter?

There are several processes to which customers can apply for the PHCN prepaid meter, they’re as follows:

  • Going to the PHCN vendor’s office for the request of PHCN meter
  • By visiting PHCN’s official website to complete or update their details at http://www.phcnpins.com.
  • Those requesting the PHCN prepaid meter can also send an email to customercare@phcnpins.com or call PHCN prepaid meter customer care using the following numbers; 01-700-0250, 01-448-3900, and 0700-022-5543 for further information.

What is the cost of PHCN electric prepaid meter?

The predetermined cost of a single-phase PHCN meter is N38, 850 while a three-phase PHCN meter is N70, 350. Note that these are all-inclusive of VAT.

How can I recharge my PHCN prepaid meter Online?

To recharge your PHCN prepaid meter online, visit PHCN official website at http://www.phcnpins.com, select the name of your distribution company such as Ibadan, Ikeja, and Eko etc and proceed.

Next, choose an online payment method you want to use then enter your meter number or Account number. Ensure you type in your mobile phone number and your email address as well.

Input the amount to pay in Naira then click on ‘Submit’ to complete your payment. That’s all. See our guide on how Ways To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter and Check Balance

How do I bypass PHCN prepaid meter?

Bypassing your PHCN prepaid meter is against the law and if you’re seen in such an act will face the law but we’ll show you some legit ways to reduce your PHCN meter reading. Check out our guide on The PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat: How to Make Prepaid Meter Read Slowly.

How to check PHCN prepaid meter number?

Checking your PHCN meter number when lost/misplace your prepaid meter card is very easy, all you’ve to do is simply press 65 followed by the blue button. Your PHCN meter number is the 11 digit number displayed on the PHCN screen.


Here you have it, all the details you needed to know about PHCN prepaid meter. So if you need one contact the nearest PHCN office nearest to you and get it done.

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