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A Complete Review On EEDC Prepaid Meter

Are you in Enugu state and tired of using the postpaid meter with its estimated bill, then you should think of opting into the prepaid plan of EEDC. You can do this by first picking up your EEDC prepaid meter. Maybe you are yet to know about the EEDC prepaid meter, and then you are on the right page to get real information about EEDC prepaid meter. If you need to know more and what EEDC prepaid meter has got to offer then you need to keep reading.

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About EEDC Prepaid Meter

A Complete Review On EEDC Prepaid Meter

EEDC is an acronym for the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company that supplies electricity to Enugu and its environs. It is located at No 62 Okpara Avenue Enugu, Enugu state. EEDC offers utility services. It is managed and directed by Srinivas Jayaraman. The company can be reached with this phone number +234-42-250-632. EEDC prepaid meter is a special type of meter issued by EEDC that can be installed in any property with the pay as you go tariff.

With this meter, you pay for the energy before you use it. This kind of payment can be achieved by adding money either to a smart card or a key before inserting it into the prepaid meter. Searching for the EEDC official web page here is it. The official page of EEDC is


Using the EEDC Prepaid Meter, the following benefits are been attached:

  • You will keep track of the electricity you are using
  • You will be free from exaggerated power bills
  •  You don’t need to share power supply to your home with anybody
  • You will be able to manage your cash flow, therefore, managing your costs appropriately.

How Do I Load An EEDC Prepaid Meter?

To load your EEDC prepaid meter, you need to, first of all, configure your smartcard at any disco outlet or EEDC office closest to you. This configuration will be customized for your meter alone. So after the configuration, you can now go on to load your meter using your smartcard.

To load now:

  • Go to EEDC office closest to you and present your simcard
  • Asked for credit to your meter after some amount of money
  • Your account will be credited and you will be given some codes to use
  • Get home and key in the codes into your meter
  • If the codes are correctly entered you will see on the screen accepted
  • With this, you will be connected to light. However, the amount you recharged is what will appear on your meter.

How Can I Get Prepaid Meter In Enugu?

Following the below steps to acquire a prepaid meter

  • Visit any district office near you or the one indicated on your bill
  • Apply for a prepaid meter or fill an application online
  • Complete the form and submit
  • Once the process is completed, a pre-paid meter will be issued to you

How Do I Pay My EEDC Bill Online?

To pay your EEDC bill online, you just have to follow these steps below:

  • Login to
  • Click on the pay your bills menu to begin
  • If you are postpaid customer, click on postpaid
  • If you are prepaid customer, select prepaid
  • You can now make your payment.
  • When the payment has been confirmed, your EEDC meter will be credited or codes will be given go you just head to your prepaid meter installation point and enter the codes.

EEDC Prepaid Meter Price During Installation

Prepaid meters in Enugu come in 2 phases, the single and three phases. The single phase can be gotten between the price of N36,991.50 to N49,000.00 while the three phases cost about N67,055.85 to N75,000.00. So customers to get any of these, they need to visit the EEDC district office nearest to them to pick up the meter application form and fill.  

EEDC Customer Care

The customer care service of EEDC is 24/7, you can send an email to Give your account number and full address to enable your complaints to be resolved on time.

How Do I Check My EEDC Prepaid Meter Debt?

To check your EEDC meter debt, the following steps will be needed:

  • Insert your key and then press the blue button
  • You will be taken to screen S or 8
  • You will then see the amount you are owed

How To Make My EEDC Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

To make your EEDC meter read slowly you should do the following:

  • Use more of solar water heaters than the power consuming ones
  • Buy more of energy efficient appliances
  • Try conserving power by switching all light sources, appliances and gadgets when not in use
  • Use more of Led bulbs, they are energy conserving
  • Turn the temperature off in cold or winter session

How Do I Borrow A Unit From EEDC

If you run out of units on your EEDC prepaid meter then you can still enjoy light by borrowing from the company. You can use this code text *disco*meter no*amount to borrow*pin# and sent to 946

Advantages and Disadvantages of EEDC Prepaid Meter

The pros of using EEDC prepaid meter are

  • Buying of energy will be very convenient and straightforward
  • There’s no issue of disconnections, just top up and you are done
  • You have the advantage of borrowing units if you run out of power unknowingly

Disadvantages of EEDC meter

Even with the array of good sides the prepaid meter has, it still has the downside which are:

  • It is expensive to operate than the other type of meters
  • If your energy is depleted, then your light goes off
  • If you have borrowed units previously, it will take your repaying back and recharging for more money to get your light back
  • You must remember to top up your power if you are going on a long vacation and you need to leave your appliances like your refrigerator on to avoid food spoilage.


Here you have it the real information about EEDC prepaid meter, so if you are ready to have a change of your power meter, then you go ahead and try out the prepaid meter. Prepaid meter comes with a lot of benefits and as such getting it for your property will be worth the buy.

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3 thoughts on “A Complete Review On EEDC Prepaid Meter

  • Ifeanyi

    Please I paid for 1 single phase meter on the 14th January, and up till now I have not heard from EEDC to no when you people are to install my new pre-paid meter I paid for. Application no. 127757867388.

  • Ifeanyi

    Please as said I paid for single phase pre-paid meter no 14th January and up till now I have not had from EEDC to no when people are to install my new pre-paid meter I paid for. Application no. 127757867388

    • Visit the nearest EEDC outlet or better still contact EEDC online regarding the issue.


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