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A Complete Review On PHED Prepaid Meter

A review about PHED Prepaid Meter: The Port Harcourt electric prepaid meter is one essential machine for each home. If you do not need post payment of power bills, the best bet will be to get your prepaid meter so that you wouldn’t only take advantage of having a 24 /7 power supplies in your various locations but you can utilize it just the way you want.

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The PHED prepaid meter is made available for everyone that needs it. This comprehensive review on PHED prepaid meter will enlighten you from start to finish on how you can get and maintain your PHED prepaid meter. You can keep reading to get all the information herein.

Overview of PHED

PHED Prepaid Meter

PHED is an acronym for the Port-Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company. PHED is a private electric distributor that offers electricity to millions of people in four souths -south states in Nigeria. Their states are Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Cross-river, and Bayelsa. PHED was at first run as a government-owned enterprise before being privatized in the year 2013.

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So it is now owned by 4 power consortium Ltd and is headquartered in No. 1 Moscow road in old GRA in Rivers state. Looking for the PHED portal (office websites), the official website portal is

How Can I Get Prepaid Meter In Port-Harcourt?

Getting a prepaid meter in port-court will be for you to get to any PHED branch near you in Port-Harcourt. And you can book for your PHED prepaid meter. 

A PHED prepaid meter is an electric meter that receives power from Port Harcourt electric distribution company, then fill a form you will give to them and afterward submit the completed form within 5-8 working days.

Expect an inspection team from PHED to your premises for inspection before your prepaid meter will be issued to you.

VERY IMPORTANT: Learn how to get your PHED prepaid meter activation easily without stress or running around looking for a solution.

How Can I Recharge My PHED Prepaid Meter Online?

To recharge your PHED meter online will need you having the following in place

  • A phone, tablet or pc that is internet enabled
  • Your meter number ( check the body of your meter to see it there)
  • Phone number and email address
  • Master or visa card issued by bank to make payment

Now to recharge:

  • go to
  • Click on PHED prepaid
  • Then enter your meter number, your phone and email correctly
  • Fill in your payment details correctly with your masters or visa card
  • Enter the worth of units you need and confirm your order summary
  • Within few seconds, a token is generated and sent to your phone
  • Lastly, enter the token correctly on your prepaid meter to have your prepaid meter credited automatically and you have recharged your meter online successfully.

How Do I Borrow A Unit From PHED?

So if you just realize you have run out of power unit on your PHED prepaid meter, you don’t need to freight, just do the following and relax still the next day to recharge fully. Also, you’ve to ensure that your PHED prepaid meter activation correctly configured.

Just get to your PHED meter and dial #414# and your meter will be automatically credited with 5 units. But note that this is not free; the 5 units will be deducted from your next recharge as usual. See full review on how to borrow a unit from your PHED Prepaid Meter here.

How Much Is Port-Harcourt Prepaid Meter?

To get your Port Harcourt prepaid meter, you need to identify the phase you need. For a single phase the amount need to install it is NGN38,841.07 to NGN50,000.00 while a three phase meter is NGN70,408.64 to NGN85,000.00.

What Are The Requirements To Make My PHED Prepaid Meter Read Slowly?

You will need the following items:

  • A screwdriver
  • A plier
  • Safety gloves and boots as well as a solid metallic wire


  • Wear your safety gloves and boots to turn off your meter, press the turn off button
  • Using your screw driver, unscrew the nuts from the front case cover
  • Gently pull up and down the bluish plastic or attachments and pull it out
  • Get off the solid metallic wire and use it to tie the first pair of fuse at the back of the meter
  • Tie the wire at the first pair of fuse not the second one
  • Put back the counter device from where you pull it from, take out your screws and screw the meter back and your meter is ready for slow reading. You can recharge the amount you need and use for a very long time but don’t overload high voltage consuming appliances at a go.

PHED Prepaid Meter Codes

The following codes below are use to check the activities that is going on in the PHED meter. They are as follows:

  • To check total energy consumed press 01 + enter
  • To check voltage: press 04 + enter
  • To check total purchased energy: press 06 +enter
  • To check energy BAL: press 07+ enter
  • To check daily usage: press 031 + enter

Easy Pay PHED

Easy pay is a utility service provider that offers payment solutions and services for electricity and it is currently handling cash office management for PHED across the 4 states under or controlled by PHED. So it helps makes PHED payment for customers seamlessly easy. It is both offline and online for 24 hours. So to make payment as a customer becomes very easy.

  • Just go online and click on the pay your bill option
  • next, fill your email address and phone number on the field provided
  • Then, fill in your PHED account type and your meter number too
  • Input amount of units you intend to buy
  • Click on confirm to make payment.

PHED Customer Care

If you need more information or just want to make inquiries you can contact their customer care via 09087838800 or 070022557433. It is a 24-hour customer care service. You can as well write them to this address: PHED company head quarters, No 1 Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

PHED Meter Number

Your PHED meter number is printed or stamped at the bottom of the face plate in bold black numerals. The meter number is always about 10 digits or you press 65 + the blue button and your digits will appear on the screen of your meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about PHED prepaid meter:

How to borrow unit from PHED prepaid meter?

PHED allows you to borrow up to 5 units watt which will be deducted from your next recharge as this is not a charity gift. To borrow credit on your PHED prepaid meter, the following methods are used:

  • To borrow a unit from PHED prepaid meter using the USSD code, simply go to your PHED meter installation point and dial the following code #414#. Once typed-in correctly and successful, you will hear a little beep and immediately your PHED meter will be credited with 5 units watt which will be deducted on your next recharge.
  • For Disco prepaid meter users, the following are secrets are used to borrow credit. Text ‘*Disco*,*meter-no*amount to borrow*pin#’ then send to 946 (note, not case sensitive) e.g. *PH*01423650078*5000*1234#.

How do I activate my PHED Prepaid Meter?

PHED meter activation is very easy to achieve, all you got to do is look for the PHED prepaid meter activation code to get started. Check out our guide on steps to get your PHED prepaid meter activation easily.

Who owns PHED?

PHED is owned by four (4) Power Consortium Ltd which are Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Cross River State, and Akwa Ibom State.

Is PHED a government or private owned electricity distribution company?

PHED was owned and managed by the government until 2013 when it was privatized, PHED is now run by the private sector. Hence, it’s a private-owned electricity distribution company.

What is the PHED Official Website?

PHED has it official website to be

Where is PHED Headquarters located?

PHED Headquarters is located at 1 Moscow Road, Old GRA, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

What is the estimated number of people using PHED?

PHED electricity distributor provides electric power supply for about a total of 14 million people in four (4) states of Nigeria including Bayelsa state, Rivers State, Cross River state, and Akwa Ibom state.


This piece had sought to furnish you with all the information you needed to know about PHED prepaid meter. So here you have them and you can do the best with the information given in this review. They have been well researched and documented to give you the best information needed to know about the Port Harcourt prepaid meter.

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