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How To Borrow Unit From PHED Prepaid Meter

How to borrow a unit from PHED prepaid meter must come to your mind when you run out of credit on the PHED meter during emergence time.

Sometimes you might step into your home or office to realize that you have gone off supply of your light. This mostly happens if you’re using a prepaid meter.

So it isn’t abnormal to run out of your PHED prepaid meter credit. If you don’t have money on you to top up your unit immediately you can borrow from the PHED electricity company and pay it back once you get it to recharge fully.

The below are the steps you would need to take to have back light into your apartment even without cash using the PHED borrow me credit code.

PHED Borrow Me Credit Code

Borrow Me Credit Code is the name of code that you would need when you have the need to borrow units of power from a PHED prepaid meter. It just a simple way, just input the code into your meter, and you are done.

Your meter will automatically be credited with 5 units at least you can use it for a while before doing your actual purchase.

This unit isn’t free though, you would be made to pay when you are recharging your meter the next time.

So how do you get the borrow me credit code

how to borrow unit from phed prepaid meter

The thing is that you can only be able to use the code only when you have activated the PHED prepaid meter and configured the PHED meter either online or offline.

So first get to any of the disco outlet to configure your PHED prepaid smartcard. This will enable you have your prepaid meter to yourself alone.

Now you can recharge your meter using the smartcard. To achieve this do the following:

  • Head to any phed office near you
  • Give the smartcard to the officer available
  • Ask for a credit for your meter (you have to make some payment)
  • Your account will be credited and you would be presented with a slip containing a 20 digits code
  • Input these numbers into your PHED meter at home
  • Make sure you are entering the code correctly, if you have done it correctly, your LCD screen will show accepted or credit. But if not, you will have the rejected or incorrect words display
  • Repeat the process till you get it right, you would be automatically connected once you get it right.

PHED Prepaid Meter Unit Borrowing Process

Now you are familiar with the recharging process, then you are good to go. If you run out of your PHED power supply. Just go to your meter and key in #414#. When once you have typed this code correctly, you will get a beep sound and you will have your meter automatically credited with 5 units supply.

As earlier stated, this isn’t free units; you would be deducted at your next recharge


Here you have a very simple process to borrow units from your PHED prepaid meter. When you are not having a power supply in your home, you should first check if your credits have been exhausted.

You can check your balance by pressing “07” on your PHED meter keypad and then press the blue button.

If you don’t have the money to top up at the moment, you can borrow from the PHED electricity board using code. It is very easy to achieve that. Just use the PHED borrow me code as stated as #414#  and that’s all.

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15 thoughts on “How To Borrow Unit From PHED Prepaid Meter

  • Ibrahim yakubu

    Pls I have the new meter how can I key in # on it,

    • joseph abayomi

      No #on my meter how can I borrow

    • Toslorenzo Creations

      Use 5566 them press enter. You will be credited with #500 unit.

  • Joseph omori

    Please am using the new meter how can I key in #.

  • Joseph omori

    Please am using the new meter how can I key in #.thank you

  • Philip

    Please, how can I key in # on my prepaid meter

  • Owei Anthony

    Pls I am using the new meter how do I key in the #botton on it

  • Owei Anthony

    Pls I am using the new meter how do I key in the # botton on it so I can borrow units

  • Monday kakuubari

    Please, how can I key in # on my meter because I’m using new prepaid

  • Iniabasi Uko

    Please I am using the new meter how can I key in the # key please

  • How do i click the # button on my meter
    Am using the new one and it doesn’t have the # button

    • Use the curved arrow button that if you can’t find that, use the straight line arrow button. This will enable you key in instruction on your prepaed meter. Any of this key represent the # button in a new prepaid meter that doesn’t have the # button.


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