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Get Your PHED Prepaid Meter Activation

PHED Prepaid Meter Activation – The PHED prepaid meter is an electricity prepaid meter that gets its electric power from the Port Harcourt electricity distribution company. When once you get your prepaid meter from PHED, you need to get it activated before you can use it.

So if you have needed this information. This guide is here to furnish you with all the right details you needed to know on how to activation the PHED prepaid meter.

Activating your PHED prepaid meter is a seamless process especially if you would love to do it online. You would be saving yourself the stress of wasting your time, energy or transport fare going to the PHED office nearest to you.

You just need the following to get your PHED prepaid meter activation code:

  • PHED meter number; check the body of your meter to extract them
  • An internet enabled device either your Smartphone or a PC
  • Your mobile phone number to receive the token
  • An email address
  • Then your visa or master card to make payment

VERY IMPORTANT: Interesting fact about using the PHED prepaid meter, you can borrow unit whenever you runs out of credit on your PHED meter. See steps on how to borrow unit from PHED prepaid meter.

How To Activation PHED Prepaid Meter

The following are process to get your PHED prepaid meter activation:

PHED prepaid meter activation
  • Login to www.nepa.ng
  • Click on the Port Harcourt electricity company prepaid (PHED)
  • Then enter your meter number correctly
  • Go to the field and input your phone number and email address correctly
  • Key in your visa or master card details correctly in the field provided
  • Now, type in the worth of credit units you want to purchase in naira
  • You would receive a generated token on your phone within seconds
  • Lastly, enter this token correctly on your prepaid meter.

You would have your PHED prepaid meter activated with the units bought automatically

PHED prepaid meter activation Method two

  If you are still activate your PHED meter without doing it online. You just need to follow the below steps:

If you have registered your PHED prepaid meter from the electricity supplier board. You should receive your activation token by SMS on your phone within duration of 48 hours.

But if this time elapses and you haven’t gotten this token, then you would need to visit the PHED office nearest to you.

But if you have gotten the token, to activate your PHED prepaid meter you do the following:

  • Input your meter number as shown on your meter to your electric prepaid meter and hit enter. Note: if your meter starts with 04, you need to type #046# plus the meter number as indicated on the meter before hitting enter
  • Now, pick the token sent to your phone, first, you would input the 1st 20 digit of the activation token that was sent to your phone, then you press enter
  • Next, input the 2nd remaining digits (20 digits of the activation token) and then press enter
  • Once you complete these steps, you have successfully activated your PHED prepaid meter.

The next thing you need to do is to load your meter with credit units to have light in your home.


Getting your PHED prepaid meter activated doesn’t take much time or energy. You just need the right information as stated here to get it right.

With the above information, you can activate your PHED meter either online or offline. Just follow the guide given and you would be done in no time.

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