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Complete Review On Mojec Prepaid Meter

Mojec is a great metering company that has been in existence for over 20 years. Mojec prepaid meters have evolved tremendously from smart card type to STS prepayment type. The Mojec meter is designed in a way that tampering by customers is reduced.

It is mostly used by Nigerian electricity DISCOs. They are a team that their prepaid meter is developed to meet the advanced metering infrastructure system that this era needs.

This piece is here to furnish you with all the information; you would need to know about their prepaid meter.

Mojec Prepaid Meter Problems

The truth is that, no matter how good a thing is, it might be marred with some challenges or issues. The following are some of the Mojec meter problems one might faced with while using the mojec prepaid meter;

  • The customer interface unit tends to have a week communication link with the meter, which is connected to the power source
  • The batteries that are used for the customer interface unit are weak
  • The customer interface might not be in good connection with the meter
  • The might be no power supply indication on the meter

Mojec Meter Installation

To install your Mojec prepaid meter, you should do the following:

General review on Mojec Prepaid Meter

N/B. Ensure that your meter UIU (user interface unit), has been successfully paired with your Mojec meter. But if you have not done it, then you can follow these steps: 

  • In your Mojec prepaid meter, input the meter number and press enter (allow meter to display successful before continuing).
  • Then confirm that you have loaded your mojec meter with the activation token, though this mostly applicable to meters that would need the activation code.
  • A text will be sent to your phone 72 hours after installation if it was successful, for you to activate your meter.

Mojec Prepaid Meter Activation Process

To activate your mojec prepaid meter, you should do the following on the meter:

  • Enter the first twenty (20) number of your mojec meter token digits and press enter. Wait for meter to display success
  • Then you key in the next twenty (20) numbers and press enter again. The meter needs to display success again before you continue
  • Then you can go ahead to buy your units of power or energy

Now if you want to know if your mojec prepaid meter has been activated then do the following:

Wait for a text to be sent to you after your meter has been installed but if you haven’t gotten any message after this time has elapsed then you can do this:

  • Login to the IE portal which is: www.ikejaelectric.com/keychange
  • Then type in your meter number and hit the submit button
  • You would be able to see your activation token displayed instantly but if your meter does not need activation token then you will get an error message.

How to Recharge Mojec Meter

It is easy to recharge your mojec prepaid meter or load your credit token on your meter. To do this, see the following steps;

  • First, you need to get your credit unit token, you can get this from their cash office nearest to you. You can do this either with the use of quick teller, inter switch or any other payment channel available to you. 
  • The token will have your details, meter number and the electric token number which is always 20 numbers.
  • Now to recharge or load: just input the 20 numbers rightly into your meter
  • Next, press the blue enter button
  • You will get a feedback message should be “accepted”

N/B. Hitting the 01 numbers on the mojec meter and press the enter button will show the units you have loaded or recharged in your meter (this will help you to know if your mojec meter has been successfully recharged). And that is how to check you Mojec prepaid meter balance.

Mojec Customer Care

The mojec meter customer care can be contacted through the following means:

Lagos Office

  • 244/246 Apapa Oshodi Expressway , Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tel: 014537736, 08174589132

Abuja Office

  • Plot 1335 Close Alexandra Crescent Off Mallam Aminu  Kano Crescent, Zone A7 Wuse 11, Abuja , FCT
  • Phone: 08174589132 and 014538015

N/B. You can as well email mojec meter customer care via support@mojec.com

Mojec Prepaid Meter Errors Codes

Some of the errors you would encounter on your mojec meter and what they mean are:

  • Error 6:  This shows that you are using a wrong key or the key to the meter has stopped working. So you would need to contact the mojec customer either online or offline for solution.
  • Error 1: Means meter RAM failure
  • Error 2: Shows meter EEPROM failure
  • Error 3: Means power supply diode failure
  • Error 10: This means that there’s wrong meter number on key or there’s dirty contacts on key
  • Error 12: Simply means keypass error
  • Rejected Tokens: This simply means you are using the wrong meter number

The fact is that you are likely to be confronted with any of these errors at one point or the other. So you need to have a good technician to be able to correctly help clear the errors in no time.


The following are the importance (advantages) of using mojec prepaid meter

  • With mojec meter, a user is able to determine the level of its power or energy consumption
  • A user will be able to allocate its costs appropriately
  • Management of cash flow will be easily done by a consumer


See the following disadvantages of mojec prepaid meter:

  • It is more expensive than other type of power meter


The mojec prepaid meter is here in Nigeria to give power to individuals that will need a separate meter for their use.

The mojec pre-paid meter comes in these phases: three phase split keypad prepayment energy meter CL730s1, a single phase split keypad pre-payment energy meter CL710K11 and the MS600-240 CT operated prepayment meter.

So you have all the information you need now to get your mojec prepaid meter if you need one.

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  • Kassim Lukman okanlawon

    Good morning sir, I’m so sad and angry to inform you that some of your workers are fraudulent. A N20,000 was collected from me by transfer in order to fast track my spoilt Mojec prepaid meter repair by Ogunnubi Sunday and Odetayo Afeez A. I reported my spoilt prepaid meter of thunder strike and the Ikeja electric officials came to check and told me they will report it so that they will come to take it for repair.
    I called Ogunnubi Sunday, because he was the one that installed it, he told me he will fast track the repair but I have to pay N20,000 which I paid on 20th and 21st of October, 2021 to Odetayo Afeez A. Gtb account. So that the meter will be repaired as soon as possible.
    But till now I haven’t see anyone, I called Ogunnubi Sunday severally but he refused to pick my calls.
    Kindly help out on this sir.

    Best Regards

    Kassim Lukman

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