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How To Apply For Kaduna State Electric Prepaid Meter

Are you in search of how to apply for Kaduna state Electric prepaid meter? Your search ends now. In this article, I will guide you through the step-by-step ways to apply Kaduna state prepaid meter online or offline.

About Kaduna State Prepaid Meter Application

Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company is also known as KEDCO is one of the 11 electric supplying companies in Nigeria. Their service is mostly for those in the northern part of Nigeria. 

KEDCO has the prepaid meter readily to distribute to those that are in Zamfara, Kaduna, Kebbi, and Sokoto. If you need to enjoy your privacy with your electric power then getting the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company prepaid meter is the best bet.

All you need to do is to apply for Kaduna State prepaid meter online or offline. You can achieve this by doing the following methods.

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Steps to Apply Kaduna State Prepaid Meter

If you want to get access to the Kaduna State prepaid meter, the Kaduna state prepaid meter application process is outlined below:

How To Apply For Kaduna State Electric Prepaid Meter

How to Apply Kaduna State Prepaid Meter Offline

Looking for how to get a prepaid meter in Kaduna State, all you need to do here is to go online and download the form to fill it offline. You can also go to any Kaduna State Electricity outlet to collect the form here.

After that, so use the below steps to apply KEDCO prepaid meter:

  • You go to www.kadnaelectric.com
  • Get to the new account application form menu
  • Print and complete the form using the guideline stated ( just follow the guideline as stated on the form)
  • Then fill the form correctly and you return the form to the closest Kaduna State Electricity customer service center
  • If you need further information, you can mail KEDCO customer care here: Email @info@kadunaelectric.com
  • You would be attended by the officials in the business center

How To Get Kaduna State Prepaid Meter Online

If your question is how can I get prepaid meter in Kaduna application, see the process below:

  • You login to www.kadunaelectric.com/map application
  • Fill the form to request to be metered
  • You will then fill in all the information as required by the document, you need to read the terms and conditions before filling the form
  • Pre-installation survey: when once the request form is filled, the customer apartment will be visited by the Kaduna electric officials. This is to ascertain the readiness of the premises for metering
  • Debt repayment plan: This stay is the pre-payment stage; the customer will be expected to clear all outstanding electric debt. Then if needed work out, acceptable flexible repayments options.
  • Meter payment: when once the payment schedule is in place or the debt settled then following to the next level is it. The repayment plan might also be approved for existing customers. The next level is the payment of the cost of the meter. The single-phase is N36,991 while the three-phase is N67,005 which excludes VAT. Payment will be made into the designated map bank account. When payment is done the evidence should be presented to the MAP after payment
  • Meter installation: This will be the last stage; the KEDCO meter will be installed when payment has been confirmed. This is always done within the next 10 working days.


You have it now the easiest ways to apply for your Kaduna electricity Distribution Company prepaid meter online or offline. The world has evolved and anything can be achieved at a snap of a finger.

But the choice is just to go for the method that you believe will be okay for you. However, any method you decide to use the bottom-line is that you will get your Kaduna electricity Distribution Company prepaid meter installed.

It’s about you just making the appropriate payment and your needed Kaduna State prepaid meter will be installed.

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