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Ways To Recharge Kaduna Electric Prepaid Meter

Are you in search of knowing the possible ways to recharge Kaduna electric prepaid meter? If so, let’s dive in.

In this article, I will show you all the possible ways to get your Kaduna state prepaid meter recharged anywhere without stress.

Are you residing in Kaduna state and the adjoining states then, you should know about the ways by which you can recharge your prepaid meter without stress.

The Kaduna electricity distribution company is one of the electric distribution companies in Nigeria. Those that can benefit from their service must reside in Zamfara, Sokoto, Kaduna and Kebbi.

How to Recharge Kaduna State Prepaid Meter

If you want to recharge your Kaduna electric prepaid meter, you can do it in two ways either online or offline. See steps below:

Ways To Recharge Kaduna Electric Prepaid Meter

Recharging your Kaduna electric prepaid meter offline

In recharging Kaduna State prepaid meter, this entails visiting any of Kaduna electric prepaid meter business centers or disco office nearest to you.  You’re to get your Kaduna electric prepaid meter smart meter card ready (this card contains your meter number) and other information.

Do the followings:

  • Give the smart card to any of the Kaduna State electricity customer care
  • Ask for credit units and pay for it
  • You would be generated your token after payment (a 20-digit number code) with a receipt to confirm your payment
  • Then, get home and type in the token into your Kaduna State prepaid meter. It is a 20-digit numbers
  • When you enter it correctly, you would get the message accepted on your screen. If the screen display reject it automatically means there’s a failure or your recharge failed. So you need to repeat the process or check for any error that must have caused that.

Note that to recharge offline always go with your smart card to the Kaduna State electricity office.

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How to Get Your Kaduna State Prepaid Meter Recharged Online

Before recharging your Kaduna electric prepaid meter online, the following requirements are need from Kaduna electric distribution company.

Since you will be buying Kaduna State unit online, you would need to have the following:

  • Your valid email address
  • You need to have an internet-enabled device (your phone or PC)
  • Your Kaduna electric distribution company meter number ( check the body of your meter)
  • Your card details for payment ( ether visa or MasterCard)

How to Recharge Kaduna State Electric Prepaid Meter Online

See the following step by step guide on how to recharge Kaduna electric prepaid meter online:

  • Using your internet –enabled device log into www.nepa.ng
  • Go for Kaduna electricity Distribution Company and click on it from the display of different discos listed on the site.
  • A form will appear then you fill in your meter number, email, phone number and the actual electricity units you want to buy. Then click on the submit button
  • The next page will open up for you to review and confirm your order summary.  Choose your mode of payment. Either bank transfer or credit card. You then enter your bank or card details correctly.
  • You need to enter your payment details correctly, then the system will accept your details and get you to the last page.
  • Your token will then be sent to your phone number and your email if you had provided the both of them
  • You will have to complete the process by keying in the token into your Kaduna electricity distribution company prepaid meter. When you enter the token correctly into your prepaid meter your meter will be automatically credited. And you are done.


Here you have it simple ways by which you can purchase your Kaduna state electricity distribution company prepaid meter recharge token.

You can do this both online or offline. You just have to pick your choice. Online recharging is a lot easy because it saves time, energy, and cost.

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