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Sumec Firman Generator Buyers Guide-Online and offline

This secret of the Sumec Firman generator buyers guide covers both online and offline. If you are thinking about getting an affordable, easy to use and a reliable generator, then you should be looking at this brand of generator called Sumec Firman as they are the most popular in the Nigerian markets.

The Sumec Firman generator sets have got great features like great voltage output, the stability of frequency, low or no voltage fluctuation that will harm gadgets or appliances and they all come with AVR built-in.

But the truth is that you can’t be too careful when you are trying to get an original Sumec Firman generator which will protect you from getting inferior or fake products.

This buying guide will give you insight and tips on all you should know when it comes to buying Sumec Firman generator sets whether online or offline.

These Sumec Firman generator buyers guide is to all customers who wish to buy firman generators either online, offline, or both.

The Needs for a Buyer Guide for Sumec Firman Generator

Online and offline tips for Sumec Firman generator buyers guide

It is pertinent to read a buying guide on Sumec Firman generator because of the following reasons:

  • Sumec Firman Generator buying guide will simplify the purchasing process for you
  • You will get all the information you will need to know about buying a Sumec Firman Generator
  • You will be informed and inspired to make a sound purchase of your Sumec Firman Generator
  • It will enable you become a better buyer because an educated customers makes better purchases
  • You will get an in-depth knowledge about Sumec Firman Generator before purchasing one.
  • It will help you in spotting a fake, no matter how a seller tries to convince or persuade you to buy.

Facts you should know about Sumec Firman Generator Before Buying

  • You should know that Sumec Firman generator has no affiliation with any other company, it has no relationship with other company and any other company parading as an associate of Sumec Firman generator is fake. See how to identify the original Firman generator set.
  • Be aware that the Sumec Firman generator produces and sells only three brands namely FIRMAN, SUMEC, AND SUMEC FIRMAN.
  • The company only engraves FIRMAN as anti-fake markets on key parts. Other printed word apart from this is fake.
  • Also, note that the name SUMEC OR SUMEC FIRMAN may be printed and not engraved on other parts of the generator, you shouldn’t think of it as fake but see it as fake when the mentioned part above does not have the engraved Firman.
  • You can confirm online if the anti-fake sticker on your purchased Firman generator is original. To do this, you can use the following step to get your confirmation.

Steps to Confirm the Firman Generator Online Before or When Buying.

  • Step 1: Get your unified packaging
  • Step 2:  Access your anti-fake sticker
  • Step 3: Scratch the sticker to get your digitals
  • Step 4: Your digitals will be on display
  • Step 5: Log on the company’s web site at, then choose anti-fake
  • Step 6: Input your digitals on the site and press submit to get the result

The Buying Guide for Getting Original Sumec Firman Generator

  • If the anti-fake coating has been scratched or there’s no anti-fake label on the carton, it might just be what you think, a fake please don’t buy.
  • If the anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or the label is missing, then forget about buying the product.
  • An original Sumec Firman Generator has on it the brand logo engraved on these parts of its entire generator such as the automatic voltage regulator, the engine block, the muffler, the cylinder head-cover, the automatic voltage regulator, the air filter, the alternator rear frame, and the oil tank.
  • Buy your Sumec Firman generator from the manufacturer’s representative to be sure you are buying from the original sellers or you buy from the online site even though it might be more expensive, it will be worth the buy.
  • If you spot a fake logo other parts or do not have the logo at all on the generator that is claimed to be Sumec Firman generator, please don’t buy.
  • Look out for “F” in the name Firman, it should be used or written as a dot and it should be placed in the middle than in a short horizontal line.

Where to Buy Original Sumec Firman Generator Online

The following sites sell the original Sumec Firman generator of different variations and KVAs. So you can go window shopping on these sites and make your choice according to your need and budget.

Where to buy Original Sumec Firman Generator Offline in Nigeria

  • Sumec Firman flagship store in Uyo 164, Nwaniba Rd, Uyo  Akwa Ibom State
  • Sumec Firman flagship store in Port Harcourt 27, Rumuola Rd, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Sumec Firman flagship store in Apapa 292, Wharf Rd, Apapa, Lagos
  • Sumec Firman flagship store in Ikeja 19, Olowu street, off Awolowo rd, Ikeja Lagos

Check Here to find full information on where to buy Firman generators in offline stores in Nigeria.

Why you should insist on buying original Sumec Firman Generator

  • Buying the original Sumec generator means you are getting a generator that is built to last; all the components and accessories of this generator are resilient to long term use.
  • You will be buying a generator that will reduce your running cost. Original Firman generators are gentle when it comes to fuel consumption (i.e they consumed low fuel during operation).
  • When you get an original Sumec Firman generator, you are sure of getting a generator with a built-in AVR. This simply means that you are having a generator that will produce a stable voltage at all times. So you will be sure at all times that your electrical devices and appliances are safe when they are connected to the generator.
  • Getting your Sumec Firman Generator from the right source would help you pay less because Firman generators come at affordable prices. Of course, this is one area that will be attractive to you, the affordability of it.


Here you have it all the tips for Sumec Firman generator buyers guide. The Sumec Firman generator brand is a bestselling generator and as such criminals and fakers are out to clone the brand name to deceive unsuspecting buyers to make a fast gain.

So a lot of people walk home with fake Firman generators. If you don’t want your money thrown down the drain, then you should adhere strictly to the above tips and you won’t have to worry about purchasing a fake Sumec Firman generator.

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