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Sumec Firman SPG2500 Generator Review

What do you have to say about Sumec Firman SPG2500, do you have one for yourself today, want to really know the features and specifications that Sumec Firman SPG2500 possesses. It motivates me to know that Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator is the best affordable generator to buy. In this post is a highly recommended Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator review for you to read and understand more about Sumec Firman SPG2500.

Overview of Sumec Firman Generator SPG2500

The Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator falls on the SPG series with two other relations “SPG2500E1 and SPG2500E2”. Sumec Firman SPG2500 is one of the best affordable, reliable and cost-effective generators for your home, office or small business, it normally comes in YELLOW and RED colours. Sumec Firman SPG2500 is one of the best values for the money power factor generator, it has a low noise level, fuel tank capacity of 15L and overload protection. This generator is small in size compare to Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 and others. Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator has 2.2KVA and a maximum rated KVA of 2.0KVA, 1.0 power factor.

Difference Between Sumec Firman SPG2500, SPG2500E1 and SPG2500E2

The difference between Sumec Firman SPG2500, SPG2500E1 and SPG2500E2 is not quite confusing. At this point, we are going to show you a few things you will know about Sumec Firman SPG2500, SPG2500E1 and SPG2500E2. Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator have recoil starting system, no key starter, wheel (tires) and handle, Sumec Firman SPG2500E1 has recoil and Key starting system no wheel and handle while the Sumec Firman SPG2500E2 has all which includes recoil/Key starting system, wheel and handle for easy movement and carrying.

Sumec Firman SPG2500 Generator Price

Checking for the price of Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator is somehow critical for there is no fixed price for Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator. This is because the price of Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator from dealer to dealer, city to city, platform to platform, state to state and more differs.  Sumec Firman SPG2500 price is between 85, 000 – 100, 000 and may tend to be above.

To Identify Original Sumec Firman SPG2500

To know if your Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator is original, check to see if the name “FIRMAN” is engraved in the following parts: fuel tank, alternator rear frame, engine block, air filter cover, muffler cover, AVR, carburetor and cylinder head cover. Note, if the name “FIRMAN” is not engraved in any of the following parts, let it be for that Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator is spotted fake.

Features and Specifications of Sumec Firman SPG2500

Sumec Firman SPG2500 has the coolest features and specifications. In this table below are features and specifications of Sumec Firman SPG2500:

Brand Sumec Firman
Model SPG2500
AC Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated AC Voltage 110V , 120V , 220V , 230V , 240V Single voltage or Dual voltage ( Depending on requirement)
Surge AC Output 2200W / 2500W
Rated AC Output 2000W / 2300W
Power factor COSΦ 1
Phase Single-phase
Engine Type 4-stroke ,single cylinder, air cooled, OHV
Displacement 163cc
Maximum Power Output 5.5HP
Ignition System TCI
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 L
Run Time(appr.) on One Tankful @3/4 Load 15 h / 13.5 h
Noise Level @ 7 m 68dB(A)
Carton Dimensions (L x W x H)  
Net/Gross Weight(appr.) 40.7 kg/42.9kg
Electric Starting System Absent  
Automatic Voltage Regulator Available
Fuel Meter Available
Oil Warning System Optional
Voltmeter Available
12VDC Output Optional
DC Charging Cord Optional
AC Circuit Breaker Available
4-wheel transport kit Optional(6″)
2-wheel transport kit Absent
Automatic Decompression System Available
Brushless Alternator Absent
Brush Alternator Available


Sumec Firman SPG2500 generator is the best of it kind, is powerful, reliable, affordable and value for money generator. It houses dozens of features and specifications which make it interesting to use.  If you are planning to buy a generator, consider buying Sumec Firman SPG2500.

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