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Elemax SH2900DX Generator Review

Are you looking for a long-term, fruitful and stable generator to buy, here is the Elemax SH2900DX generator for you to buy. Before buying Elemax SH2900DX generator out there, looking forward to knowing more information about Elemax SH2900DX generator is the first thing at is advised to do, this includes looking for its features and specifications, power, capability and more. Here is the coolest Elemax SH2900DX generator review for you to read in order to know more about the Elemax SH2900DX generator.

Overview About Elemax SH2900DX Generator

Elemax SH2900DX generator is one of the best generators in town. Elemax SH2900DX generator has unique designs, appearance and function, they are advance in technology, it is said that Elemax SH2900DX generator is perfect for outside activities in order to backup electric power supply when a power outage occurs any event where the Elemax SH2900DX generator is in use.

This generator is fuel efficiency, long life using and less maintenance cost. Elemax SH2900DX generator has automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which protects solid-state equipment, a convenient control panel featuring 2AC Outlets, 1 DC outlet, V meter, and oil alarm system that course the Elemax SH2900DX generator to shutting down when there is low oil level in order to protect the Elemax SH2900DX generator engine from damage. Elemax SH2900DX generator is portable, having a compact open structure, it is equipped with 10-inch wheels and stationary handle for easy portability carrying and moving.

Features and Specifications of Elemax SH2900DX Generator

Elemax SH2900DX generator has compactable features and specifications that will tend the Elemax SH2900DX generator to last longer than any other generator brand in town. Below is a list of features and specifications that Elemax SH2900DX generator has:

  • AC output: 2.0KVA
  • Max AC output: 2.4 KVA
  • Voltage: 220v / 240V
  • Single Phase
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Starting system: Recoil start only
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17L
  • Continuous operating hours: 20Hrs on a full tank under a heavy load
  • Dimension: 605mm X 422mm X 474mm
  • Dry weight: 42Kg

How Many KVA is Elemax SH2900DX Generator

Elemax SH2900DX generators have the KVA ranging from 2.0KVA, 2.3KVA, 2.4KVA, and 2.9KVA. Most Elemax SH2900DX generators have an AC output of 2.0KVA and Maximum AC output of 2.4 KVA, this may differ from other Elemax SH2900DX generators out there.

What can Elemax SH2900DX Generator Power?

Elemax SH2900DX generator can power a fridge, pumping machine, Electric heating systems such as cooker, boiler, heater, oven, kiln (furnace) and other home appliances, office or business equipment.  Note, all these appliances or equipment cannot be use together for it will breakdown your Elemax SH2900DX generator. Therefore, power management is very important when using your Elemax SH2900DX generator to power your home, office or business appliances or equipment.

Maintenance Measure Elemax SH2900DX generator

Is your question what are the measure to take why maintaining Elemax SH2900DX generator? Here is the solution, in maintaining your Elemax SH2900DX generator, first always check the oil pump if there is oil in it before putting your Elemax SH2900DX generator into operation.

Elemax SH2900DX Generator Price

To determine the price of Elemax SH2900DX generator has been a difficult task ever since. This is because the price of Elemax SH2900DX generator varies from dealer’s shops to dealer’s shop, city to city and also platform to platform. The price one may get Elemax SH2900DX generator from shop “A” will not be the same from shop “B”. The same applies to online shopping websites like Jumia, Konga, Jiji and other online shopping websites out there. 

Are Elemax SH2900DX Generators Good

Elemax SH2900DX generator is a rugged full-frame generator with new design control panel having 2 AC Outlets and V meter, it has a fuel tank capacity of 17 Litre Large capable of lasting up to 20hours with a fuel gauge, is silent in operation and a DC Output. It can power a fridge, and other home appliances. With all these features and specifications, this makes it to be clear that Elemax SH2900DX generator is a good one.


What you are planning to use Elemax SH2900DX generator for will determine if it’s the best option for you. Before looking out to buy Elemax SH2900DX generator, calculate and see if it’s going to salve the purpose of why you are buying it for. Elemax SH2900DX generator may have all this good features and specification and still may not be the best for you home, office or place of business.

Thus, Elemax SH2900DX generator is powerful but you still have some role to play in the power management to avoid breaking down or damaging your Elemax SH2900DX generator engine due to overloading. Therefore, it is advised that you should monitor your Elemax SH2900DX generator, know the capacity of load it can carry and power at the sometimes without fluctuation of power or interruption of the Elemax SH2900DX generator when it uses.

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