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Elemax SH7000DX Generator Review

Are you interested in the Elemax SH7000DX  generator, Do you want to know the Elemax SH7000DX  generator price in Nigeria, Are you interested in how good is Elemax SH7000DX  generator, Do you know that Elemax SH7000DX  generator features dozens of specifications. If all this you wish to know about the Elemax SH7000DX generator, then you are in the right place. Here is detailed information you may wish to know about Elemax SH7000DX generator review.

Overview About Elemax SH7000DX Generator

I never knew that the Elemax SH7000DX generator is a good one until I went into lucrative research about it. Elemax SH7000DX generator falls on the “Elemax Dulux Series” is a highly powerful Japanese generator featuring new design control panel, 2 AC Outlets, V meter, 17 Liters Large Capacity Fuel Tank with Fuel Guage, Operate on a Silent sequence/steady running, DC Output and also has a rugged full frame.   

Elemax SH7000DX generator is a reliable, cost-efficient, durable, and affordable generator in the country. SH7000DX generator is mainly a manual starter generator. It has the KVA capacity ranging from 5.0KVA – 7.2KVA which makes it crucial to power heavy load without failure of power. Elemax SH7000DX generator has the power and ability to carry up to two refrigerators, a single air condition and other home appliances like Tv, DVD, Fan, Bobs and more. It is a low budget option generator for those welding metals (for welders).

Features and Specifications of Elemax SH7000DX Generator

  • Ignition System: Transistor
  • Oil Alert System: YES
  • Starting System: Recoil (Optional Electric)
  • Models (HONDA): GX390
  • KVA: 5.0KVA – 7.2KVA
  • Displacement (CC): 389
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (By liter) 17 liters
  • Type: Self-exciting, 2-pole, field rotating type
  • Voltage Regulation System (AVR)
  • Singe phase
  • AC Output Rated 50Hz – 60Hz which 60Hz is the maximum
  • 4-Wheel Kit (Optional)
  • Sound Level at [dB(A)/7m]
  • Rated Voltage (V) 220,110/22(60Hz only)
  • DC Output (V-A) 12V8.3A
  • Rated Power Factor (cos0) 1.0
  • Length: 679
  • Width: 511
  • Height: 496
  • Weight: 88kg

Maintaining Elemax SH7000DX generator

The maintenance involved checking the oil if its guage, cleaning your Elemax SH7000DX generator to avoid dusty particles from entering into any of the parts that may course damage to your Elemax SH7000DX generator, checking if there is fuel in the fuel tank to avoid unnecessary shouting down which may lead to destroying some of your appliances at home, office or business.

It is advised that you should take your Elemax SH7000DX generator to a good generator mechanic for servicing when it is due to avoid fluctuation of power supply that may attract damaging your appliances also damaging things in your Elemax SH7000DX generator such as reducing the engine strength.

What Can Elemax SH7000DX generator Power

Elemax SH7000DX generator can power up to 3-4 bedrooms with a full load including a refrigerator, air-condition, Tv, Fan, Bobs, DVD and more. In a business such as computer shops, Elemax SH7000DX generator can power up to 5 desktop computers, printer, copier, and more.  

Note: Check balancing the power when using your Elemax SH7000DX generator will help in prolonging the Elemax SH7000DX generator life. Therefore, avoid overloading your Elemax SH7000DX generator to overcome breakdown issues.

Elemax SH7000DX Generator Price

The price of Elemax SH7000DX generator varies from dealer to dealer, city to city, state to state, country to country, platform to platform and so on. For example, the price of Elemax SH7000DX generator in the dealer’s shop “A” may differ from that of the dealer’s shop “B” also the price Elemax SH7000DX generator on Jumia online shopping website will defiantly be different from that of Konga shopping website and more. Note, the same applies to different towns, cities, states, country etc. To know the fixed price for Elemax SH7000DX generator is not an easy task, but can be given a rough estimate to be between the range of 350, 000 – 450, 000 naira. That is to say, the price of Elemax SH7000DX generator in Nigeria is estimated to be 350, 000 – 450, 000 thousand nairas and this is different from that of the United State of America, Pakistan, and other countries.

What is the KVA of Elemax SH7000DX Generator?

Want to know the KVA capacity of Elemax SH7000DX generator, good you are in the right place. Elemax SH7000DX generator has KVA capacity ranging from 5.0KVA – 7.2KVA.

How Good is Elemax SH7000DX Generator

With the great features and specifications that Elemax SH7000DX generator has, and also the ability for it to power and carry the appliances at the home, office and most in your place of business. This makes it clear that Elemax SH7000DX generator is a good one to buy and use.


Elemax SH7000DX generator is a good one when planning to buy Elemax generator product. Its features and specifications are made just for you especially its higher KVA capacity ranging from 5.0KVA – 7.2KVA, the Elemax SH7000DX price is pretty cool compare to the work it performs. Elemax SH7000DX generator is durable, reliable, and highly powerful to perform all day operation on a steady running. Consider buying Elemax SH7000DX generator for you will enjoy value for the money spends buying it.

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