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Honda Elemax Generators Review

If you have ever thought of cutting down your electricity costs while consuming less energy or in the situation without a power outage, there you will know what it takes to own a good generator. If you’re looking for affordable, reliable and uninterrupted backup power supply for your home and office, Honda Elemax generators review is here to assist you for your best decision making.

Overview of Elemax Generators

Elemax is a generator brand that is among the best generators in the market produced by Japanese under Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd. It was found in the year 1908. As the first and foremost concept of the SAWAFUJI enterprise, the original name for Elemax brand of generator is Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd ELEMAX. Elemax manufacturing brand supplied to the industry, rental, construction and professional customer who requires the high-quality generator to be used in their own comfort zones all over the world today. Honda Elemax generators have the KVA power capacity range from 2.2kva to about 10kva. The price of Honda Elemax generators from lower to highest is between N50, 000 – N3,000, 000 which may tend to add or reduced depending on the market factors.

Are you wondering why the “Honda Elemax Generators”, does it mean that Honda Elemax generators have two body part? No, here is a review of Honda Elemax generators. Elemax generators feature Honda engine, strongly built by Honda and Elemax together which is why it was known today as “Honda Elemax Generators”. Honda Elemax generators are said to be affordable, uninterrupted backup power for your home, business, and office, Honda Elemax gives you the perfect combination of top performance in low pricing, with the use of Honda Elemax generator, breaking the YORK of power outage is made possible.

In Nigeria, Elemax brand is one popular domestic and low-power. These generators are popular in homes, offices, and small businesses and are known for their reliability, affordability, durability, and low price. As mentioned earlier, Elemax generator runs on Honda engine which makes it’s more reliable and efficient and they are available in different sizes with the ability to fit in any space.

Elemax Specialization

Elemax manufacturing company as a leading manufacturer of the generator in Japanese which specializes in the following three main categorized of products:

  • Automotive electrical devices for big commercial vehicles (trucks and buses).
  • Engine generators (up to 25kva), alternators, and control devices for generators
  • Mobile AC/DC refrigerator with a brand name “Engel”.

Note: Elemax manufacturing company also desires to create increasingly higher quality and value-added products for their entire products as mentioned above.

Identifying Original Honda Elemax Generators

Thinking of how to identify original Honda Elemax generators from fake Honda Elemax generators, stay tone for you’re not alone. One of the best ways to buy original Honda Elemax generator is knowing that Elemax manufacturing company stated it clearly on their official website that all their products are made in Japan, they also went further to state that the company has no overseas factories any other place that assembles their product for them. This implies that all Honda Elemax generators are made by mainly Japanese, and if you find anyone that is not made in Japan, then that Honda Elemax generator is spot fake. Therefore its advice when buying any Honda Elemax generator, ensure you buy one manufactured in Japan. Any other one than the Japanese product is FAKE. Take note.

In respect to the above, another way to know if Honda Elemax generators are original or fake is that the name ELEMAX is not writing correctly as it was on the genuine writing form. Note, the name ELEMAX might be changed to “ELEMAXX” or “ELAMAX”. Also similarly to that is the model number as it might also change from something of this nature “SV3600S” to something of this nature “SV3600D respectively. So beware of buying the fake Honda Elemax generator out there.

As stated above in the introduction at the beginning paragraph of this article, the original brand name for Elemax generator is Sawafuji Electric Co.Ltd., and all Honda Elemax generator products use the same engine So, therefore, you’re likely to see “Sawafuji” and “Honda Elemax” in any parts of the body of an original Honda Elemax generator.

Honda Elemax Mode Range

Honda Elemax has a range of generators intended for home and the general public. The ranges of these generators are productively designed to provide features that are opposite to the main operating function with respect to their ranges. Below are full List of Honda Elemax generator model numbers and their series line up:

Honda Elemax Standard Generator Models Range

Honda Elemax Standard generators model range generator series/line up featuring saddle type control box with 2 AC Outlets. This generator model series is known for its excellent performance, stable frame, good compact lightweight, portable and easy to operate. Considering the economical use, Elemax Standard generator model series all has low fuel consumption that will run for 8 hours without refueling when the fuel tank is full, it also has overload protection for safe running and easy maintenance with brushless alternator electronic ignition. Here are list of all Honda Elemax Standard Generator Model Series/line up:  ELEMAX SH1900, ELEMAX SH2900, ELEMAX SH4000, ELEMAX SH5000, ELEMAX SH6000. See Honda Elemax Product Line Up Specifications for more information.

Honda Elemax Diesel Generator Model Range

Honda Elemax diesel generators model range is powerful engine produce by Elemax manufacturing company with a 4-strokes liquid-cooler, 3 cylinders.  This generator type has low noise and vibration. Elemax diesel generators are said to have a good compact lightweight which enhances its efficient/excellent performance and also a 4-Wheel Portability which makes it Standard. Here is a list of all Honda Elemax Diesel Generator Model Series/line up: ELEMAX SHT25D, ELEMAX SH15D, ELEMAX SHT15D. See Honda Elemax Product Line Up Specifications for more information.

Honda Elemax Welder Generator Model Range

Elemax welder gasoline generator with model number SHW190 is a powerful welding generator produce by Elemax Manufacturing Company with the purpose of welding any metal parts. This generator is said to be the most powerful generator as it has two functions which are DC ARC welding machine function and AC synchronous generator function. Here is a list of Honda Elemax Welder generator model series/line up: ELEMAX SHW190. See Honda Elemax Product Line Up Specifications for more information.

Advantages of Honda Elemax Generators

Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd stated that provided you buy original Honda Elemax generators, you’re ensured to enjoy the following basic benefit as advantages:

  • Durability
  • Long-lasting generator
  • Easy to maintain (i.e low cost in maintenance)
  • Nice design structure
  • Readily available spare parts in the market and more

Other Honda Elemax Generators Includes

  • Honda Elemax Generator SHX2000
  • Honda Elemax Generator 3200
  • Honda Elemax Generator SH7600EX
  • Honda Elemax Generator 7000
  • Honda Elemax SH11000 Generator

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