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Review On Electric Companies In Nigeria

All sectors of the economy now need a constant power supply, and electric companies know this and they have taken advantage to supply power to everywhere in the country which Nigeria is among. The truth is electricity has been one of the main issues for man and his environment. The good news is that electricity is here now and can be used in all offices, homes, and businesses.

The electric companies have the duty of distributing power to all areas in Nigeria and there are about 11 of them. This piece will enlighten you on each of these electric companies in Nigeria. See below a review on the 11 Electric Companies in Nigeria:

All you should know about the Electric Companies In Nigeria

The Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO)

The Kano electricity distribution company (KEDCO) is one of the 11 major electric distributing companies in Nigeria. The company was established in May, 2012. It had 5 other smaller electricity companies under it. The Kano Electricity Distribution Company covers and distributes power to states like Katsina, Jigawa and Kano. The population enjoying power from this company is recorded to be 20 million people from the three states and the geographical coverage of The Kano Distribution Company is 67,128 square kilometers.

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Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company

This is another major electricity distribution company that covers electricity to states like Kebbi, Zamfara, Sokoto and Kaduna. This company can be termed the down-stream operators. The population of people that enjoys electricity from this company is about 490,000 people. It is recorded to be the seventh largest distribution company in the country. Kaduna Distribution Company presently has 8 offices. The head of the company is Garba Hurana and has about 7 people as its directors.

Yola Distribution Company

Yola Electricity Distribution Company is one of the major electricity companies in Nigeria and can be said to be one of the main distributors of electricity in the country Nigeria. The power from this company covers states like Adamawa, Yobe, Taraba and Borno.  In 2013 Yola Distribution Company was formally privatized.

Abuja Distribution Company

Another major distributor of electric supply is the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).  The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company supply power to Kogi state, Nassarawa state, Niger state and the federal capital territory (FCT). The Abuja Distribution Company was privatized in November 2013. With Abuja Distribution Company the federal government of Nigeria still holds about 40% of company assets here. This company covers about 133,000 square kilometers.

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Eko Electric Distribution Company

The Eko electric distribution company seems to be the smallest of electric distribution company in Nigeria.  It is located at 25 Marina Rd, Lagos Island, Lagos. This electric Distribution Company covers Agbara, Lagos and Ogun states. Eko Distribution Company is divided into ten districts and three circles for ease of operations. They can be reached at customercare@ekedp.

The Ibadan Electric Distribution Company

This major electric distribution company in Nigeria was established in November 2013.  Its corporate headquarter is in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state.

This company was established as a plan for unbunding the energy sector of Nigeria. The services of distributing power by the Ibadan electric distribution company covers  the largest franchise area in Nigeria which is about 7 states which are Osun state, kwara state, Oyo state, Ogun state and part of Kogi, Ekiti and Niger states.

They have 5 business hubs in Nigeria. The Ibadan electric distribution company has a strong strategically partnership with Meraico Company, which is one of the biggest distributors of energy on the Philippines.

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The Ikeja Distribution Company

This is the largest electric distribution company in Nigeria; the Ikeja Distribution Company is situated in Lagos, Lagos state. The company started operation in 2013.  This company came to be after the handover of the defunct power holding company of Nigeria PHCN to NEDC consortium which was a privatization scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Ikeja Distribution Company can be said to be a major distributor of power in Nigeria. This electric distribution company gives power to more than 700,000 people. The Ikeja Electric introduced a debt discount initiative that offers different percentage discount options to make customers pay off their outstanding bills which will meet the financial obligations to the company.

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Enugu Electric Distribution Company

This is another significant electric distribution company in Nigeria. The Enugu electric distribution PLC is situated at no 1 Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Enugu state.  The Enugu electric distribution company stands as a pillar or stronghold that supplies perfect services of energy distribution in 5 states.

The 5 states covered by Enugu electric distribution company are Enugu states, Abia states, Ebonyi States, Imo states, and Anambra states. They can be reached on this email customerservice@enugudisco.com and the official website is www.enugudisco.com.

The Port Harcourt Electric Distribution Company

The Port Harcourt electric distribution company is located in Rivers state. The services of this company cover 4 states in the South south zone of Nigeria. The states under the Port Harcourt electric distribution company are Akwa-Ibom state, Bayelsa State, Cross-River state, and Rivers state.

The vision of this company is to offer high quality utility services for Nigerians that dowel on those 4 states it covers. The service offered by The Port Harcourt electric distribution company is devoted in developing the quality of services for more than 14 million people that uses it.

The Benin Electric Distribution Company

The Benin electric distribution company is located in Benin City of Edo State. The distribution company covers about 4 states which include Ekiti states, Ondo states, Delta and Edo States. The Benin electric distribution company covers about 55,770 square kilometers.

The Benin electric distribution company offers its services from 25 business districts across the country. This coverage includes 4 million households and 13 million people.

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Jos Electric Distribution Company

The Jos electric distribution company is located in Ahamadu Bello way, Jos in Plateau State. It’s another major distributor of electric power to states in Nigeria. The states that get these services are Plateau, Gombe, Benue and Bauchi. The license was issued on September 4, 2020 which will expire in September 3, 2022. It will be extended to September 3rd 2027.


The light situation in Nigeria has warranted the country to have different electric power locations. These companies have been helpful in supplying power to the different states in Nigeria. The above listed electric power supply companies in Nigeria are great electric supplying companies to those their services are onto.

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