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The PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat: How to Make Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

If you’re looking for the trick on the PHCN prepaid meter to make your prepaid meter read slowly, we’ve caught you on a ride.

Bypassing or interfering with an electricity meter involves moving, connecting, and disconnecting live electrical wires from the meter but we would not advise this in this article because it is against the law.

There we’ll show you some ways to avoid the PHCN Prepaid Meter from reading fast rather than cutting the live wires.  If so, then you’ve come to the right blog.

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Over time, many keep on complaining that their PHCN prepaid meter is consuming too fast, hence keep on looking for a solution to that. In this regard, we have decided to write a review on PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat in relative to how to make your PHCN prepaid meter read slowly so as not to consume your unit easily when recharged and been in use.

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Ways to Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter

There are different ways on how to recharge PHCN meter, See our guide on Ways To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter, Check PHCN meter number, and Check Balance as well.

About the PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat and How to Make Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

I say, who wouldn’t love a slow reading of their prepaid meters?

I’ve tried and tested this PHCN Prepaid Meter hack and it’s always proven to work, no matter which PHCN Prepaid Meter model you use. Let’s get down to it, do we?

Note: This applies not only to PHCN, but also to other prepaid meters like PHED electricity distribution company out there, and others.

See PHCN Prepaid Meter Cheat To Make Your Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

PHCN prepaid meter cheat is provided below to make your prepaid meter read slowly. The following are:

1. Power Conservation

We Nigerians are used to letting all of our appliances switched on even when we don’t use them. Daytime running bulbs is one of those bad habits, too (I’m guilty of that one).

I strongly believe that your prepaid meter will last longer if we can only develop the habit of switching off all bulbs and appliances once the lights go out and turn off all the appliances until they are needed to be use.

2. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Just like one car is more fuel-efficient than the next, certain electronic appliances are made particularly with low energy consumption. Seek out those and make a deliberate effort to buy these types.

3. Use Solar Water Heaters Instead

I’m taking to every one of you who want to use energy to heat up water to bath. The truth is that when plug-in to power source it absorbs a lot of electricity!

On the other hand, solar water heaters have proven to turn 80% of the radiation into heat so that once installed, you can use free energy to cook your bathing water utilizing the electricity.

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4. Throw Your LCD Television Away

You just heard me right. If you want to slow the reading of your PHCN prepaid meter, the truth most unknown is that LCD TVs consume three times the energy of LED TVs.

In reality, using its built-in ecologically friendly mode, you can reduce the LED TV’s electricity consumption even further. You know, right now. Throw your LCD far far away from your home to enjoy the prepaid meter.

5. Led Bulbs Are Lit

Like the LED TVs, when in use, LED bulbs also consume far less electricity. So if you’re one of those people who still use those poverty looking yellow light bulbs that not only consume ridiculous energy (you probably thought bulbs too small to chop your Prepaid Meter credit, right?), they also make you look poor (sorry for that).

3. Don’t Be Dirty, Clean Your Air-Conditioning Vents

Fun fact: Air conditioners often overwork, and when the vents are dirty, they use more fuel when using generator sets and the same on the electricity source. So if you have an A/C unit at home, please I beg you (I ‘m literally begging with my knees on the ground) to clean those vents at least once a month.

Air conditioners consume electricity on a normal day, and talk more about when they are forced to work overtime.

How To Bypass Phcn Metre.

You can’t really, just in case you haven’t noticed yet. This is because it requires physical reconnection which is contrary to the law and will be caught easily if done (except perhaps you know of a Dark Web hacker who can do that without reconnection).

And here’s some food for thought we’ve got for you: In 2017, Punch News reported that the Federal Government-backed Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) assured anyone caught trying to bypass their PHCN meters will be forced to pay the sum of N450,000 as a fine.

Still, you can still go and try to see your luck.

Conclusively, if the above is taken into consideration, the result would be magnificent for you to enjoy your PHCN prepaid meter all the way through while using it.

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  • Can I add a separate dedicated meter to a part of my home (boys quarters) I use for my small business

  • conrad.smith

    My meter is defective
    My electricity is 3x more than normal.
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