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How To Apply For Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

Are you in search of how to apply for Ikeja electric prepaid meter? Welcome! Stop right now, this article is for those of you that live around Ikeja and its environs and wanted to apply for your IKEDC prepaid meter either online or offline.

If you’re looking forward to knowing how to get your Ikeja prepaid meter application form done, then you on the right page that will help you out on this.

Ikeja electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) headquartered is in Ikeja, Lagos state is still in the business of selling out prepaid meter. You just have to use the simple steps that are listed below to get it done.

Note: If you are searching for neither how to apply Ikeja prepaid meter online in Lagos nor how to apply Ikeja electric prepaid meter offline in Lagos, all is covered here.

Let’s get started!

Before diving in, let’s discuss the process involved in applying IKEDC prepaid meter.

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Process Involved in Getting IKEDC prepaid meter in Lagos

There four (4) basic process for both new and old customers that want to apply for Ikeja electric prepaid meter in Lagos. They’re as follows:

  • Know your customer (KYC)- This will show you have no outstanding debt
  • Then you go for account and field surveying
  • Make payment
  • Then the installation will follow.

How to Apply for Ikeja prepaid meter

Looking for steps on how to apply for Ikeja prepaid meter in Lagos, stay upright now as we proceed. The process of applying for your IKEDC prepaid meter is outlined below:

Apply For Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

But before we start, I will like to tell you that this is the online process you would follow when applying for your Ikeja electric prepaid meter.

To ensure you know your customer (KYC) process, you do the following:

  • Visit the Ikeja electric prepaid meter official website at map.ikejaelectric.com
  • Then you enter your meter account number (new customers). If you are old user then you need to enter your old meter number so that your profile will be viewed
  • Then you can complete your KYC process here. You would have to fill in your personal details correctly. This will enable you initiate the account survey process. Once done will take  you to debt settlement.

Debt Settlement

This is mostly for old customers; you would need to clear all outstanding debts by taking advantage of the listed repayment options before paying for the new meter.

Make Payment

You can go ahead to make payment for the new Ikeja prepaid meter at the authorized banks provided by MAP. 

Also, note that you are not expected to pay cash to any of the company’s staff or individuals in Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company.

So you pay for the phase you want. Ikeja has a single-phase prepaid meter and a three-phase prepaid meter. The cost of the Ikeja electric prepaid meter for a single-phase is #38,850 while the three-phase is #70,350 with vat inclusive.


When once you make your payment upfront, then your Ikeja electric prepaid meter will be installed at your residence.

This installation is done within 10 working days, but if you paid in installments then you would have a different schedule for your IKEDC prepaid meter installation.

You will be metered in accordance with MAPs installation schedule. If you are an old customer with outstanding postpaid bills then your balance will be rolled into your prepaid accounts.

Then you need to pay up either upfront or install-mentally before getting your new meter installed.

Apply Ikeja Prepaid Meter

Lastly, you can also apply for Ikeja prepaid meter online by sending an email to them using this email address customercare@ikejaelectric.com or you call them on 0700-0225543, 01-448-39000 and provide all the necessary information you need for your Ikeja prepaid meter online registration to get done.


There you have it, simple steps you can take to apply for your Ikeja electric prepaid meter. If you cannot apply for it online, you can send them a mail or just call them with the numbers listed above.

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    Good Afternoon,
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        We don’t administer prepaid meters, we only advertise and write reviews for the said companies.

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        I need the prepaid meter now, i have gone through your map.ikejaelectric.com, i have seen your kyc form, what should i do now?


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