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How To Apply For EEDC Prepaid Meter

Are you in search of how to apply for EEDC prepaid meter? We have it covered from beginning to end in this article.

If you are in Enugu and its environs, you can enjoy electricity power now by owing your prepaid meter. You just have to apply for it from your EEDC Company and you would have it done within a breeze.

However, if you’re looking on how to apply for it, then you are on the right page. Below are the two easy ways of applying for your Enugu Electricity Distribution (EEDC) prepaid meter.

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How to Get EEDC Prepaid Meter

How To Apply For EEDC Prepaid Meter

Want to know how you can get EEDC electric prepaid meter? You can apply for your Enugu electricity distribution prepaid meter either online or offline. So you make your choice, see the steps below:

Applying for EEDC prepaid meter online

If you’re searching on how to apply for EEDC prepaid meter online, this section is for you! See steps below:

  • Visit EEDC official website at www.enugudisco,com
  • Then you click on the contact us button. You can find this by the top left of the site
  • You would have a drop-down menu, then select request for a meter
  • Fill in your details appropriately i.e. your name, contact address, telephone no, email etc
  • Submit it. You would be contacted by them as soon as possible


Another ways for applying EEDC prepaid meter online:

  • Log on to www.enugudisco.com
  • Then click on map meter request on the top right
  • Click on the request for meter menu to fill the form.

Note: This form has four stages: the Applicant, account, apartment and summary stages. See describtion below:

On the applicant stage, you would need to fill in your personal details, and then you move to the account stage to get to the next page of your form, you just have to click on the next button at the button right of each page.

You have to enter your account number as displayed on your bill in the field offered. When done click on the search button to get your account information from the database.

The apartment stage will be you filling in the details of your apartment. Then the summary stage will be you viewing all your details before you hit the submit button to actually submit your form.

When once you have completed your form correctly, you would get a notification on the next steps through your email address you had provided on your filled form.

Apply for EEDC Prepaid Meter Offline

You can still apply for your Enugu electricity distribution prepaid meter offline if you do not like to go through the online process as outlined above.

Here, EEDC prepaid meter application form is required. So you can complete a hard copy form but you need to download the copy online or go to any EEDC office close to you and collect a copy.

To do this, see step below:

  • Visit www.enugudisco.com and click on map meter request
  • Click on the download application form menu
  • Fill your downloaded form
  • Then submit it at your district office.


It is very easy to apply for the Enugu electricity distribution prepaid meter. You either make the application online or offline.

So just follow the outlined steps for any method you want to take. There’s even an application on the official website that can help you fill the form correctly.

So here you have it, go apply for your EEDC prepaid meter today.

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