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Conlog Prepaid Meter Activation and Related Issues

The call for an electric prepaid meter is due to the high billing from the electricity authority. With this, the use of prepaid meters is gradually taking over as one can only pay for the electricity that they consume without enforcing payment (on like the postpaid) that may or might not have been used by them.

One of the biggest challenges most Conlog prepaid meter users face is the activation of their meter after being registered and commissioned. And also the rise in trouble using the conlog prepaid meter occurs mostly. This is why activating the Conlog electric prepaid meter seems to be very tricky especially to newbie’s or first-time users.

Therefore, if you choose Conlog prepaid meter as your preferred meter supplier, before it can be used, the activation process must be done first, in doing this, requires conlog prepaid meter activation code. After this, follows the loading (recharging) of the conlog prepaid meter.

In this article, is a detailed guide on different ways to activate conlog prepaid meter for the first time as well as how to load a token on the conlog prepaid meter.

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Activating Conlog Prepaid Meter

Conlog Prepaid Meter Activation Guide

In the activation of conlog owned electric prepaid meter for the first time, conlog prepaid meter activation token is required. The activation token is given in two pairs; 1st 20 digits & 2nd 20 digits. Conlog meter activation token is sent via SMS within 48 – 72 hours of commissioning.

If the conlog meter activation token did not send after the said 48 – 72 hours of commissioning, don’t worry you can still get it either reaching to electricity authority nearest to you for a complaint.

You can as well log on to the IE portal. Input your conlog meter number and click the submit button. The conlog activation token will be displayed instantly.

For conlog meters that do not require activation token, an error message will be displayed saying “Your meter does not require activation token or meter has not been activated”. After this, the following steps below must observe:

How To Activate Conlog Prepaid Meter for the First Time

To activate conlog prepaid meter, you’ll need the conlog owned activation token, conlog prepaid meter activation code (#046#) then pair and match the conlog meter to its UIU. See steps below:

Step 1: Ensure the UIU (User Interface Unit) has been successfully paired with the conlog meter. If this has not been done, please follow the steps below:

Activation, Matching and Pairing of UIU with Meter

To match & pair the conlog meter to its user interface unit (UIU) alongside the activation, carryout the steps below;

Conlog Meter Activation Method One

  • Input #046# and the meter number as shown on the conlog meter card (04xxxxxxxxx) and press enter
  • Input the 1st 20 digits activation token, press enter
  • Input the 2nd 20 digits activation token, press enter
  • Meter will display successful message

Conlog Meter Activation Method Two

  • Generate a new conlog prepaid meter activation code for your meter.
  • Punched-in the meter number followed by #
  • Enter the first 20 digits, “cch” will display on the conlog screen.
  • Then punched-in the next 20 digits and “cch done” will display.

After the above steps have been completed, purchase your energy token to be load into the conlog electric prepaid meter.

Note, in some latest conlog prepaid meter, after generating a new activation code, punch-in the meter number, here # is not required just continue by entering the first 20 digits code, “cch” will display then punched-in the second 20 digits code and “cch done” will display and that’s all.

VERY IMPORTANT: To check if your meter has been activated, read our guide on prepaid meter activation, troubleshooting codes and token loading problems.

How to Load Conlog Prepaid Meter Token

See the following guides on how to load your conlog prepaid meter token:

To Load Conlog Prepaid Meter Method One

  • When purchased, input all 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Conlog meter will display success. That’s all.

Load Conlog Prepaid Meter Method Two

Buy the energy token, punch-in the meter number followed by # then the token (20 digits).

Note as well, in latest conlog prepaid meter, just buy the electricity token, punch-in the token, after the last digit, the unit will display and energy will restore.

How to Check Conlog Meter Unit

To check conlog prepaid meter unit, simply input 009, press enter and the current unit on the conlog meter will be displayed.


We’ve tried our best to treat the issues of conlog prepaid meter activation, UIU matching, and pairing as well as different ways of loading/recharging conlog prepaid meter of any kind.

Do let us know if there’s any area you’re lagging regarding these issues on conlog prepaid meter activation, UIU matching/pairing alongside loading the conlog own electric prepaid meter.

If you find this guide helpful, please share to help others as well. Thanks for reading.

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19 thoughts on “Conlog Prepaid Meter Activation and Related Issues

  • Okotete Omojefe Lucky

    Pls I need the new 40Digit number the old one you gave me did not work on meter number:04277942613

    • Okotete Omojefe Lucky you’ll have to visit any of your meter provider outlet close to you and get it done

      • Yusuf Balogun

        Pls I need the first 40 digit token to activate my prepaid metre..my metre number: 04278419967

      • I am Anthony Mundia .I have an issue of activation problem a canlog. Second In my house children have misplace a canlog . I need a new one with the same meter number

        • Stanley Okemezi

          my conlog with metre number
          04178998276 keyboard is not working. screen shows a hand on the left and I can’t load token. it happens a day after phed staff came to inspect my metre with a machine
          please help me.

  • Please my meter is showing “PFCON” what does that mean

  • Olatunde Onanuga

    I haven’t receive my first and second 20 digit activation code
    my meter No 04277818227

    • Olawale

      Please I have an issue loading my prepaid meter no :-04277558799 thanks

  • chinazor ilomuanya

    Please help out, I am about to activate/load my Conlog prepaid meter for the 1st time, all effort proved abortive.😔
    My Meter no is: 04254560339
    Activation code1: 21873256063494804378
    Activation code2: 69748108318086070576.


    • I recharge since yesterday and I haven’t getting a token

  • Yusuf Balogun

    How can i get this two tokens on my prepaid meter for activation or the app I may login..pls I need assistant

  • Afolabi Samuel

    AAAAAAA error on Conlog prepaid meter is simply due to change in tariff by ikedc. it has nothing to do with any codes.
    Thank you.

    • Kenneth

      so in this situation how can the error be rectified since i cannot load my token and it displaying that AAAAAA? my phone is 08183510271, my email:ugokenventure@yahoo.com

      Thanks and i waiting response

  • Olubodun Olusola Michael

    Please I can’t load my prepaid token it displaying AAAAAAAA

  • I need token for my newly installed prepaid. Meter Number:04286261070

  • Benjamin adehsina Joseph

    Please how can I get this con log meter by

  • Emmanuel

    Pls after loading and actuating my meter, spanner is showing on the meter and I don’t have light.what can I do

    • When a Conlog prepaid meter shows spanner icon anywhere, it indicates a need for maintenance. And if the light is orange, get the prepaid meter service as soon as. When the light is red, call a certified technician now to service your meter, and please don’t use the appliances during time.

      If the prepaid meter unit had not automatically shut off the electricity, you have time to arrange for the servicing technician, but don’t hang around, phone as soon as practical i.e during working hours.


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