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How To Borrow Unit On AEDC Prepaid Meter

Are you in search of how to borrow unit on AEDC prepaid meter? You’re welcome! Not too long we came out with a solution for the registration challenges facing interested buyers of AEDC prepaid meter by listing out the various ways of getting your AEDC Registration done the right way.

We have also discovered that there are lots of people facing the challenge of having units in their AEDC Prepaid Meter run out sometimes at night or during an emergency period. The question is how you can borrow AEDC prepaid meter credit in such a situation?

Before we get started, if you haven’t registered for your AEDC Prepaid Meter and would like to, kindly visit the link below to see our latest update on AEDC Prepaid Meter registration.

Now to the main business on how to borrow unit on AEDC Prepaid Meter if you do get your unit exhausted and without any way out for you.

Don’t fret, luckily you arrived here at genguide.com.ng in a short while we will be discussing how you can borrow a unit on your AEDC Prepaid Meter.

How to borrow unit on my AEDC prepaid meter?

How to borrow unit on AEDC Prepaid Meter

It is necessary you know that units can also be referred to as credit energy so we are going to be also using credit energy in this article. Often times we face the problem of losing track of our credit balance until we are finally out of it.

To borrow credit energy on your AEDC prepaid meter in Nigeria you only have to dial #414# on the AEDC meter UIU keypad and you will immediately follow the prompts that appear after.

After every successful process, 5 unit energy credit will be allocated to you till your next purchase of more credit energy.

Congratulations don’t have to worry of situations where you will be in that next because of any emergency again.

 However before using this service there are few things you must know and do off course we has it listed below:

  • It works only for prepaid customers and not postpaid users. You can visit this link to see the differences between prepaid, postpaid and smart metres.
  • It works only after every recharge in other words; it is a one-time service a one-time service. 
  • Borrowed it credit energy will be deducted from next recharge.

This process of borrowing using USSD code is temporarily not available due to some trivial issues and it will be back soon hopefully.

How to Recharge my AEDC Prepaid Meter?

After knowing how to borrow credit energy on your AEDC Prepaid Meter, due to the service being a one time service, it is necessary you know the various ways of getting credit energy into your AEDC Prepaid Meter as it will save you the stress of having to search further on the web for a solution.

Here, we recommend two ways to recharge your AEDC prepaid meter which are

  • JumiaPay 
  • POS agents

To use JumiaPay visit their website to sign up or login >> select electricity from the list select your contact type >> select electricity board >> enter meter number and amount to be topped up >> complete payment with a debit card or bank account.

 To use a POS agent, kindly visit any of their shops with the following to have your AEDC Prepaid Meter easily recharged and without stress.

  • Meter Number
  • Phone Number
  • Customer Name

After the two processes, a 20 digit number will be generated, proceed to your AEDC meter punch-in the numbers, and your prepaid meter will be credited.

Congrats that’s all.

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