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How To Apply For AEDC Prepaid Meter

Have you been looking for the correct and safest guide on how to apply for AEDC Prepaid Meter?

This content is for you and also your stopping point as you won’t have to search further on how to apply for AEDC electric prepaid meter because I have come up with this article after thorough researches just for you.

Now let’s get down to business.

What is AEDC?

 Abuja Electricity Distribution Company acronym as AEDC is a power distribution company as the name implies. AEDC distributes electricity to Niger State, Kogi State, Nassarawa State, and FCT the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

It was privatized and handed to another set of investors in 2013 with the Nigerian government holding only 40% equity.

AEDC was established after the realization of having a simplified means of electricity distribution came in, in 1997.

What is the cost of AEDC prepaid Meter?

Before even knowing the guide on how to apply for AEDC prepaid Meter it is beneficial you know the cost of an AEDC prepaid Meter first.

See the price of AEDC prepaid meter below:

Anyone interested in purchasing an AEDC prepaid Meter, would have to pay the sum of NGN36,991.5 Naira which is approximately NGN37000 Naira for a single phase Meter while you pay NGN67,055.85 Naira for a three phase Meter.

After knowing the cost of both meters featured by AEDC, I strongly know you are very confused on which to buy between the three phase AEDC meter and the single phase AEDC meter but you don’t have to fret I have you covered with a solution.

Between a Three phase Meter and a single phase Meter which is best?

Both of the meters are designed for specific uses, for a big family living well I suggest you go with the three phase AEDC prepaid meter and for a small home or a single person living alone you can purchase a single phase AEDC prepaid meter as it will suit your needs.

In general, I recommend both as they are both ok and suit specific situations. Our next article will be a detailed write-up on the differences, uses, advantages and disadvantages of using a single phase meter to using a three phase Meter.

Now that you have known and have made up your mind on the type of AEDC prepaid Meter to buy let’s quickly look into a step by step guide on purchasing AEDC prepaid meter.

How to Apply for AEDC Prepaid Meter?

Apply For AEDC Prepaid Meter

Looking for AEDC prepaid meter application guide, here is a step by step guide that will work you through AEDC prepaid meter application online:

  • Step One: Visit and initiate a request.
  • Step Two: Fill in the required information as requested on their web portal which includes your phone number, email address, and other useful information about you.
  • Step Three: Disturb includes verification. This is where they determine the type of prepaid meter you want to acquire.
  • Step Four: You are advised via email or SMS to pay through proper payment channels using the correct instructions.
  • Step Five: In step five, you are only required to make payment.
  • Step Six: Your AEDC prepaid meter will be ready within Ten (10) working days.
  • Step Seven: This is the last step. After your AEDC prepaid meter is installed then sign up with instant energy using this link or better still go to Google Play Store and get the app.

Congratulations! Now you have a working AEDC prepaid Meter installed for you.

Note: After acquiring your AEDC meter, ensure you copy/write down your AEDC prepaid meter number as it’s going to be used for future use like purchasing the AEDC prepaid meter token either online or offline.

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